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  • Behind the Scenes of The Tarot Forum

    Tarot, Tea, & Me was originally created with the intention of providing a home for those people displaced upon the closure of  the Aeclectic Tarot Forum.  As it's grown, it's purpose is to serve as a welcoming community full of people who are interested in Tarot Reading, Divination, Spirituality, and more. 


    It's always been my intention, as the forum creator, to provide a space for people to explore and learn their tarot reading methods, learn tarot techniques from one another, and make new friends with one another.   We are always looking for more ways to support people's tarot journeys!


    The forum is run on Invision Community, hosted on GoDaddy, and generously paid for by our supporters, those who have donated, and even a little with Google Adsense.  We try to be transparent, while also keeping people's privacy as a priority.  Thank you for being a part of our family!


    With love,

    Little Fang


  • Tarot Forum Staff

  • Little Fang

    Little Fang IconA 30-something tarot enthusiast and cat mom, Little Fang created this forum as a place to keep former AT'ers, herself included, together and connecting over our common interest.  Having learned how to read the cards over at AT, this was her way to give back to the community, and continue that growth for her and others.  When not slinging cards, LF is an artist, a flight attendant, and perhaps slightly obsessed with makeup and tea.  

  • Raggydoll

    Raggydoll IconA Scandinavian tarot-, and oracle reader in her late thirties. She has been reading cards for close to 25 years and she is now also working on creating her own deck (HER tarot). She has a love of the Moon and the Sacred Feminine. Aside from tarot, she likes to be creative in any way possible. 

  • Endy
    Deck Librarian | Moderator

    Endy IconEndy dove into the world of tarot in early 2019 and quickly became an avid tarot and oracle reader. She enjoys reading the cards as a tool for spiritual growth as well as creative expression. Outside of the relaxing and meditative life with the cards, Endy is a scientist and a triathlete.

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