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About this blog

A memoir and collection of experiences, questions, and connections on tarot from a place of displacement and orbit in space.

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I'm not a Business Owner

Hello, friends it is crucial to clarify that I do not have an establishment or corporation and therefore does not make me a business owner or own any business. However, from experience I do operate with a business plan and foundation. The full intention behind the use of the word "business" was meant to go into detail about structure and process earnings from tarot associating to a business. I'm sorry for any misinformation or misguidance this may have caused you. Thank you for your support thus


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A Disconnected and Discouraged tarot reader

Dear friends,   Hello, how have you been? I've been not okay nor good and now am facing some difficult decisions as a tarot reader. When I began my journey in the Spring of 2021, I remember how diverted I was from attempting to create a personal brand to connecting with the people that I felt was right for that commitment although the spark from the match lit quickly it ended just as quickly. Therefore I left most of the communities and connections I've joined previously and discontinu


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