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About this blog

A space for me to share my projects and thoughts about using tarot and oracle decks to inspire creativity.  (Blog space is currently a work in progress...)

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How I Use Tarot And Oracle Cards Creatively

Hello!  Welcome to the first entry in my little blog area on here!  I hope you enjoy it 🙂 I'm still learning the features of the blogging area here so please bear with me while I play around and see what features are available!   How I Use Tarot and Oracle Cards Creatively As you might expect from someone who runs the Creative Circle here on TT&M, I really enjoy using the cards in creative ways.  They help me to generate ideas and give me inspiration for starting points o


stephanelli in Creative Inspiration

Stephanelli's Creative Fool's Journey (updated 1st July 2023)

In the Creative Circle, we are slowly working our way through the major arcana via The Fool's Journey.  I wanted to document my own journey in its fullness here.  This blog post will be updated each time I post a project to the Creative Circle so do check back regularly if you're interested.   0 The Fool For the Fool, I represented the fresh start and taking a step of faith into the unknown by making some moccasin shoes.   1 The Magician I decided to represent


stephanelli in Creative Projects

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