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Tarot, Magic, the Divine and all the rest.

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We don't need any more decks!

Except, of course, if it is a well made cat deck. Or something with dragons. Or... no, really, i don't need any more decks.    My inventory of both tarot and oracle decks has grown immensely. Initially, we stopped buying decks about 10 years ago due to house hunting (less stuff to transport) and general lack of space. After moving, we bought decks worth about $700 from LoScarabeo, then a few from elsewhere and we thought we were done for at least 10 more years.   Then there w


Arania in Tarot + Oracles

We need new words for "pagan," "heathen" and even "witch."

Yes, I know it is unlikely to happen, but still. It irks me.   In this modern world of supposed inclusivity and diversity, it is strange that we still use outdated and insulting words and thought concepts to refer to certain religious practices. Now, you might be thinking, "Nothing wrong with "pagan" and "heathen - they've been around forever!"   Firstly, there are the origins of the term "pagan." It stems from the Latin word "paganus," meaning a rustic or a country-dweller.


Arania in Spirituality

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