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About this blog

A place to write some thoughts or ideas about Tarot that I think are interesting.

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The 4 Worlds part 3(Astral/Psychic Dimensions/Vijnana/Lower Waters/Emotional Levels etc.)

Lets look at the "astral" then. This is the favorite levels of most of the western schools. Yet we can see a great deal of eastern masters carrying the idea its very unhealthy to work with.  I do have to say I'm not impartial here, as it happens most traditions I followed have a very lowly opinion of practices working primary with the Astral. While I try to stay away from that point of view, as I do belief it has its place, its difficult to not show up at times. So try to ignore if it doesn't se


Deian in Structure of Tarot

The 4 Worlds part 2(Spiritual Planes)

If we look at the idea of the 4 worlds there is a wide historical timeline of events connected to that unfolding on Earth. From Dee and Kelley and the enochian calls and the ritual to "go back home", to the G.D. and "opening of the watch towers" to the theosopphy and the ascended masters, the "link" that must not be Severed, to the Avatar of Synthesis and much, much more. There is no way to cover all that, sadly, even small parts of it will need much to be presented and written. Instead let


Deian in Structure of Tarot

The 4 Worlds and the Suits

The Four suits are an interesting topics. As mentioned before my approach is to see what different systems and traditions have seen the same way from around the world, then dig into difference of what they saw. It works very nice to expand the meaning sometimes. When it comes to the 4 suits, there is another switcheroo that could be recommend... But since the last change in arrangements, was not accepted very enthusiastically, will change the approach. instead of writing a potential answer t


Deian in Structure of Tarot

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