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About this blog

This will be a chatty and hopefully helpful, collection of whatever is on my mind.  Things like deck reviews and experiences with my pro endeavors of Tarot-related nature, and who knows what else?  I'll rewrite this when I've established the blog more.






Entries in this blog

Yesterday was the Worst. Today is Much Better in Multiple Ways.

I had thought the internet couldn't get worse, but I was wrong.  Yesterday it was horrible and couldn't be used at all.   There's apparently a silver lining, though.  Today it's actually useable so maybe they fixed somerhing.   Aside from the internet, my need for transfusions seems to be on its way out.  My red blood cell count has been 6 and I had to have a transfusion twice now.  This time, though, my blood count was 10.  The healthy blood count is 12 on average, so I'm only a littl


Grizabella in general

Sigh---This Woke Me Up Today

The sound of giant helicopters woke me up this morning.  I was hoping this year wouldn't bring forest fire alerts since we got a lot of rain and snow over the fall and winter but so much for my hopes.  We aren't under evacuation alert yet but it's been windy lately so that could change any time.  The giant helicopters are dipping water from the river near us to go back and dump on the fire. The fire is a few miles from Oakridge.  Oakridge is 4 miles from us and the fire is several miles from the


Grizabella in general

OMG---that old lady is back!

Hello, my friends. 😁Bet you thought I was history, huh?  But I'm finally able to function pretty normally again post-covid and all that came with it.  I miss my Tarot friends and socializing this way, so I figured maybe I could kind of come back in the back way real quietly and take a seat again.  I promise to behave.  


Grizabella in general

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