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Strand of Pearls

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People participate in things special to feel special.
Thereby, they indeed become "special".


Growth comes with perception of limitation and develops into limited perception.
Once perceived, perception becomes limitless.


If we keep us from proceeding without confirmation given by others, we are nothing but a hermit to ourselves.


A gate once opened does not stay so, nor can it be passed by everyone.


Words can not name what truly is essential, for they are a means of escaping namelessness.


The mind can not be without perception, yet perception does fine on its own.


If people do not link with the earth they inhabit, the ground beyond their feet will be unsteady, for it is the soul of the living which gives sustain to the world.


The very first quest of any human - be they female, male or diverse - is for breasts, yet as they mature, only the female can grow a pair.


Once the lock is replaced, the old key becomes useless.


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