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Tarot Netivot Star of the Week reading Sunday February 4, through Shabbat February 10, 2024

Natural Mystic Guide




Feedback, questions, and comments are welcome.


This reading gives us insight into specific energies that we can focus on during specific days of the upcoming week as well as throughout the entire week as a whole.

Today’s reading will use the Eastern Ink Tarot by Ling Zhong, Sasha Graham & Zikang.


Here are focal points for our meditation:

Sunday:            How Can I Express Generosity?                                                Seven of Pentacles                     ‘Evaluation’

Monday:           How Can I Set the Emotional Tone for My Week?                   Two of Swords                             ‘Knowledge’

Tuesday:          What Do I Want to Manifest?                                                     Nine of Swords       Chalamot     ‘Dream Time’

Wednesday:    What Wisdom is Coming to Me?                                                Person of Wands                         ‘Entertainer’

Thursday:        What Do I Want to Develop?                                                       IV, Rx                                            ‘Sovereignty’

Friday:              How Can I Connect with Romance, Friends and Nature?       Six of Wands          Netzach        ‘Victory’

Shabbat:          How Can I Rest?                                                                          Person of Cups                            ‘Visionary’

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HI Natural Mystic Guide. I've looked at this post a few times without responding, and decided I should finally say something, one "Natural" to another. This deck has fabulous images. I can't tear myself away from the Pamela Colman Smith deck. I know that's not very cosmopolitan of me, but the images are too firmly established as part of my Tarot language.


I'm embarrassingly new here. I only just now learned what Rx means (I thought there was a pharmacy deck). A key feature of this post is that it reveals what's important to you. I'll just mention the first question aimed at Sunday the Fourth. "How can I express my generosity?" which would be tied to social risks for me. Yes, you'd think it would be easy to be generous without regrets, but it's not. A good question for the cards.


Revealing yourself and inviting any kind of response is generous.



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Great idea for a spread to do every day of the week!  I looked through the Deviant Moon deck for your 7 Pent




So cute! Look at her! A little bit of work, one little spell and now you've got 7 shiny coins!  I see this as you spent last week tying up a few loose ends and now you're sitting back and seeing the spectacular results.  In terms of the question, how can you express generosity this week?  Pick the fruits of your labors and give them away to others that need it.  


Just my amateur interpretation.  You've written a wonderful post with a great spread that I'm going to put into use every week.  Thank you! :)

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Natural Mystic Guide


On 2/4/2024 at 1:39 PM, Zig said:

"How can I express my generosity?" which would be tied to social risks for me. Yes, you'd think it would be easy to be generous without regrets, but it's not. A good question for the cards.

How nice of you to respond, Zig.  We are all learners here!  The Seven of Pentacles is an interesting card to draw as relates to 'How can I express generosity'.  To me the card connotes several choices:  timing -- now or later; and how should I be generous -- here or there and with whom.  I do pretty quick hit responses when I write my answers (which I have not been sharing on the blog).  This card is often an agricultural allegory.  I kept it right on my big gardening project for Sundays -- my outdoor orchid garden with more than 300 plants!  Which do I prune or throw out.  And which new ones should I buy when I travel to several orchid nurseries in Java next week.  I'm evaluating my garden and making some determinations in advance to guide my decision making.


I love the colors of this Eastern Ink Tarot.  I have to finally admit that I am a deck collector.  The images stay close to RWS.  The color scheme is just so lovely and unique.  I had to have it.  And there you have it:  Tarot decks and orchids, my two mild obsessions (along with my 2 poodles!)


Thanks for your response, Zig.

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Natural Mystic Guide


On 2/4/2024 at 8:01 PM, OTarot said:

So cute!

Yes, very.  For sure, I've been tying up loose ends in preparation for a mini vacation starting Friday when I go to Java for more gardening magic!  I'm so glad you like the spread.  Inspiration for the idea comes from @Nemia.  Check out her positions for the days of the week, too.  You will come up with ones that work really well for you.  Mine are based on the seven days of creation; seven sephirot on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life; astrology; and contemporary mysticism.  Have a beautiful day and thanks for responding @OTarot

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