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Tarot Astrology Full Moon Nisan 5784 Jewish & Western Hermetic Correspondences according to the Tarot Netivot system

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The Wheel of the Western Hermetic Calendar makes a major shift as we leave the month of Aries and enter the month of Taurus represented by Major Arcana card V Tzovah ‘Sacred Servant’ on April 21.  The first decan of Taurus also begins on April 21, represented by the Five of Discs.


The bottom row, representing the Jewish calendar according to the Tarot Netivot system now features Major Arcana card XVII for the month of Nisan, which began April 9; and Major Arcana card X Mazal ‘Fortune’ which ties to  the beginning of the week of the Full Moon April 21.  It is interesting to note that, according to the Tarot Netivot system, this Full Moon marks the end of the Winter/Summer season and the beginning of the Spring/Autumn season (depending upon whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere).  So the Ace of Cups replaces the Ace of Wands in the bottom row.


The top line features Tarot cards as they relate to today’s Western Hermetic Astrology using primarily the Tabula Mundi Tarot Silver Edition by MM Melleen.  These work with the Solar Calendar.  These are the correspondences that Benebell Wen uses when working with the SKT and astrology.


The bottom line features Tarot cards as they relate to the Hebrew calendar according to Tarot Netivot.  I am using the Lurianic Tarot by Basilikon — one of the few truly Jewish Tarot decks out there and certainly one of the most beautiful; and the hand painted Illuminated Tarot Starlight Rainbows Edition.  These work with the Lunar Calendar.


The middle cards are animal, crystal, and plant correspondences according to T. Susan Chang in the book Tarot Correspondences.  These are tied to the Major Arcana cards as they appear in Tarot Netivot representing each Jewish month,  Jewish holidays, and major lunar and solar events as well as to the Western Hermetic Major Arcana in the top row.  These are taken from various decks in my collection.


New additions for the month of Taurus:  Beaver; Bull; Tiger; Sapphire; Topaz; Sage; Hawthorn; and Dandelion.  It is interesting to note that two of these correspondences do occur together on the same card — Garnet and Cherry (for Fruit Trees for the month of Nisan).  This is the Eight of Pentacles for the Tellurian Tarot deck.

The one overlapping correspondence that is shared by the two systems:  Garnet. Two properties associated with Garnet are vitality and balance.  It is linked with the heart chakra.  It was a large Garnet crystal that provided the only light to guide Noah’s Ark safely to land during the Biblical flood.


Existing cards will be exchanged with new incoming cards as the wheel of time turns.  Lunar phases change every 3 - 4 days; decans change every 10 days.  Months change every 28 - 31 days.  Note:  I am working with 2 different systems to mark the months, one solar and the other lunar.  I shall try to post a new board every time there is significant movement.


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Hi, thank you for being so active, knowledgeable  and sharing with the community. 


Do you know of any alternatives to Lurianic Tarot by Basilikon?  With Jewish/Hebrew or even Kabbalah, Gematria, etc elements?  I can't get the Lurianic Tarot by Basilikon.

I'll trying to get the Tabula Mundi Tarot Silver Edition by MM Mellee but if not, do you know of any alternatives?


Also, do you by any chance have any recs on Lenormand or Kipper deck with expanded cart set up to 52 or so?  Or a Gypsy deck? 


Thank you so much for any help and again for your great contributions 🙂

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You might want to ask about the decks in their areas @ggoldman-khan. You might get more advice rather than asking it all of one person in their blog 😀

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