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The 4 Worlds part 2(Spiritual Planes)



If we look at the idea of the 4 worlds there is a wide historical timeline of events connected to that unfolding on Earth. From Dee and Kelley and the enochian calls and the ritual to "go back home", to the G.D. and "opening of the watch towers" to the theosopphy and the ascended masters, the "link" that must not be Severed, to the Avatar of Synthesis and much, much more. There is no way to cover all that, sadly, even small parts of it will need much to be presented and written.

Instead lets just look at it, as if we have no idea what happened and we just observe humanity and the effects of what happened on them.

The idea is to understand Atziluth. The so called Spiritual Plane.
That in todays world seems easy to get information on. There are people in near death experiences, that often arrive in a place that fit to all descriptions of the Spiritual Plane, and describe in great detail the laws there, how incarnations are chosen and what we decide to learn, so we come in dense physicality for it. In great numbers, some studies have recorded more then 20% of the people in the studied groups, had experience of that in some way. That is 1 of 5, now.

However, near death experiences, are just one way to research that. Work of people like Michael Newton and the people that followed his work at Newton Institute(https://www.newtoninstitute.org/) is even more structured way, even more so if we are curious about trance states. As this time its same message from probably hundreds of thousands of people given in trance and to more then one practitioner, as his students show the same.
There are others that do similar work, but his work is good beginning.


So learning how the Spiritual Planes work, lowest part of them, anyway, as that is where its accepted the Soul levels are, is easier then ever before. We just get books and read or meditate on it, its very open to access now.

And that describes the same ideas that some people also remember, now. Souls learning "divine emotions" like Love, Openness and all sorts of other stuff, come down to physicality creating physical body in co-creation effort together with the Earth and the Structure to experience events they themselves choose, often together with their Soul Groups.
Angels and Archangels is one of the systems that help the study and learning process, by taking different parts of how its unfolding.Supporting that.
That is the lowest part of ATZILUT then. And that is us, also that is why we are here on the lowest level of it, it seems.

As far as what we studied, higher levels follow the same ideas, only instead of merging experiences in the Soul, they merge in higher levels(Souls merge in the Oversoul, then in Monad etc.)
At the top, the Monad(pure spark of Sources essence) expand until it includes more and more, working together with the 12 Co-Creators at the initial parts of the Cosmic Day. When ready it becomes one of the 12 for a cosmic day and after it identify with all the other 11 with time, its ready to create its own Cosmic Day, as a full Source on its own.But that is going too far ahead.


If we look 100 years ago, that didn't seem to be understood at all from any system or tradition. While much has been written about the Soul, it seemed it was much more "simple" thing called by that name, they were describing, often connected to emotions and YETZIRAH, not much to do with the Souls that create their whole life and choose every event in it described in so much detail in the present day sources.

Suggesting something happen somewhere in the last half a century that gave access to what was not possible to access before and to much more then that. Now, the average person(at least 1/5 of them, maybe) can access and remember the spiritual planes. Something that the most advanced masters did not seem possible to do before, very clearly, anywhere in the Earths history we have, with very, very few exceptions.


Basically,the Earth has changed. And humanity together with it. And that change seems to have happened not long ago.
Now, all that are very vast topics, so lets stop here. The idea is, to point that when I mentioned to be careful with G.D. materials and what came from them, one of the reasons is because in my understanding, average person right now, potentially, can access more then they ever could.
That means all that work can hold one back, much more then help them move forward unless its realigned to the Structure that they kinda saw, yet didn't understood.
As far as I'm aware, they could access only lowest 2 worlds, all above that they only saw as "reflections" in YETZIRAH. Basically, meaning they had emotions(what they call "intuition") that provided that connection to Mental and Spiritual concepts, ideas and understanding. Today is different.

Anyway, hopefully this can be helpful as a starting point of people interested in the Spiritual Worlds to find material to learn a little, of the lowest level there, the Soul Level.
Hopefully with that, one can also see why the Rods are attributed to it, as "opportunities". Directly from there to the world around us is something world looking into, at most times.



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