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The Hierophant and asking in the card for clarification



A little different direction this time inspired by the Interview topic.

Lets look at how asking in the card can work and what the limitations may be, in my humble view. If we view people working with out of body experience a lot and in a more scientific way, we can see when it comes to how verifiable information is obtained, its not always reliable. They have developed different methods to check. For example, if we see a person, we ask something. They provide an answer. We can ask right away again something we know. If the answer is meaningless or a lie, then previous answer very well may be as well.


Here my humble theory is that it depends on the context. A factor that the scientific path can sometimes cut out, while it could be needed.


Lets look at the Hiarophant for example.

If we look at Waites deck, here for example:



We can see two pillars behind him. In some schools out there its taken that that are the 2 polarities of physical existence, male/female, yang/yin, dynamic/receptive etc.

We can see dots and dashes flowing through that pillars, representing the Souls coming from the Spiritual Dimensions to come deep into physical existence, gather a life and experiences and move back up to the Spiritual Planes.


Now, logically, the Spiritual levels are behind his back, we may decide we can ask anything about the spiritual levels in the card from the Hierophant by itself!We imagine/project and we enter the card and ask... But...

Problem is that this carries contradiction in meaning. As he doesn't see the pillars. So while we have the idea of "bringing down the light" in a social/group way, as an opposition to the Hermit, that looks for it within, in his own path, here we also have the idea that that light is reflected, the real understanding of the Pillars is happening behind his back and he doesn't see it(the Spiritual Movement of the Souls coming down and back up).


Suggesting if we go in the card and we ask the Hierophant, can't really receive much about the Spiritual Dimensions as the "story" of the card, suggests he can't know that. In my humble view, that wasn't a "cheap shot" at religion, it was the simple idea that if something is suited for large masses of people, it may be much more polished and on the surface then it would be for the ones that see it individually before it reaches most people. Sometimes called exoteric vs esoteric.

So the position of the Hierophant becomes similar to the Fire Trigram in I Ching. There is light outside to the people, but there is darkness and yielding within(Yang Lines outside, Yin Line Within). So he is teaching them, but he doesn't really see the essence of it all.

Yet we can see the Water in I Ching, as the Hermit. Outside all is dark, but there is light within(Yin Lines outside, Yang Line Within)


Anyway, short idea here - if one wants to ask in the card, they have to ask keeping the symbolism of the card. If we ask the Hierophant for Spiritual Matters, they shouldn't be able to answer, if we resonate with that way of seeing it. If we ask the people in front of him, they may be able to, as even though they look at him, they also see the Pillars behind him.

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