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Strand of Pearls

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Our dear villain from the series which was hard to overlook – either you had children yourself, or friends who read it (who had children), maybe it was by your grandchildrens influence, or you were a child yourself – here in the west, it was a phenomenon of our age, those books.


Right now, on topic. You-Know-Who.


His underlings instill fear, are shocking, frightening even.

He, on the other hand, does instill horror, drives people beyond panicking, and brings them to join his ranks.

That is 'to subdue by force'.

It is the Emperor, followed by the Devil.


He is an expert in marketing.

Flash-marketing, to be precise.

Do something outreageous and leave your mark on it for all to see.

It is the Magician, followed by the Devil.


He knows the hidden ways, he treads on them, step by step, meticulous yet daring.

He uses them to amass power.

He is the Hermit.

Followed by the Devil.


There is this saying:


"Only the Fool and the Sage do not change their ways.

To not change his ways is the Fools sagacity.

To not change his ways is the Sages foolishness."


I do not know where to put him.


He is a teacher.

On dogma and convention, he teaches by his moniker, "You-Know-Who".

He is the Hierophant, followed by the Devil.


On the fragility of the human psyche and mind, he teaches by force.

He is the Star, followed by the Devil.


On what can become of talent if churned, he teaches by his past.

Tom Vorlost Riddle, who became Lord Voldemort, by abandoning what abandoned him - humaneness.

He is the Sun, followed by the Devil.


He teaches on self-love.

What happens once it is conflated with self-indulgence.

He is the Lovers, followed by the Devil.


He teaches laws of Justice.

On the heigth of his power, he stumbles upon a Potter's son.

He is the Devil, followed by the Tower.


He is a villain to the bone, designed by his author, who he follows without ever knowing her.

He is the Devil, followed by the Wheel.


He is a sacrifice for the sake of others, obviously oblivious of the fact, painted in the colours of immorality so that others may shine in vanquishing him.

He is the Hanged Man.


Harry Potter would not have been as interesting a read without Lord Voldemort providing the fuel.

And when they realise each other, finally, upon revelation he perishes, soon followed by an ending of the tale itself!


That is Judgement, followed by the World.


And then, there are the movies.

For the topic ("you-know-what"), the 7th and 8th suffice, for there, finally, he emerges in his glory.


While watching, there was a strange sensation.


There was love to be felt.

The real kind, for those around him.

Along with refinement, so close to perfection yet still alive - god himself could not hate him.

And emotion, so deep!


Was that still Lord Voldemort?


It was not.

It was the actor, Mr. Fiennes, who did bear with a masquerade hard to endure.

For the first and last time in grandeur, he played a role to be no more at the end of the story.


And how he did play!


From the ecstasy of finally being able to enter the stage, to the naked feet walking on a reddened floor, to the hand which holds the wand, ever so gently, as if one therewith.

Finally, eyes opened wide in disbelief and recognition of the end alike.


A dark flower blossomed there.

Just like Sakura in the colour of dust.


Words do not describe the actors last dance with his role, freeing him from its shackles.




More apt.


So what of it for us as readers?


Let my Devil be cruel.

Let my Reaper bring an ending.

Let my Tower's lightning strike, suddenly and strong.

Let my Hermit tell of paths perilious.


Let my Empress be my wife.

The Star my nuturing source.

The Sun my child beloved.

And the World my soul.


For I am but a reader, hence none of it and all.


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