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March (1–14) 2023 — Bi-Weekly Tarot “Love”




Pick a card. :D

For this reading, you will pick a card (choose a jewelry item) and that will be your message on today’s topic. Now let’s begin to reading. ❤


What did you pick? :D

What do you need to know in regards to love for this week?


Garnet Ring — The World reversed, tells me you’re not doing what’s best for you. You may be dealing with an unhealthy situation and instead of standing up for yourself or walking away, you keep quiet and stay. Sometimes we have to understand if someone is mistreating us constantly, that isn’t love, its abuse. And its time to walk away. I get strong energy that you are feeling like your world is falling apart and you are losing control so do what you must to regain control.


Rose Earring — 2 of swords, tells me that you are stuck. You know what is right logically but your heart wavers. Now is the time to weigh both options and make a proper decision; you can live in limbo forever. My advice is to choose logic not love in this case because I feel whatever situation you are dealing with requires common sense not misguided emotions.


Wolf Ring — 8 of swords, you feel trapped in a toxic or loveless situation. You may be frustrated or annoyed with yourself too. I get for some you are dealing with a toxic/abusive relationship that you can’t walk away from due to complicated reasons. For others, I’m getting you are suffering from stress/anxiety about past traumas that you haven’t healed from. I feel now is the time to get help, be it from a friend, relative, police or a doctor but something tells me you need help and its okay to speak up to people you trust.


Thank you for your time, I’ll see you again in 2 weeks! :D




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