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March (1–14) 2023 - Bi-Weekly Tarot "Money"




Pick a card.

For this reading, you will pick a card (choose a jewelry item) and that will be your message on today’s topic. Now let’s begin to reading. ❤


What did you pick?

What do you need to know in regards to money for this week?


Garnet Ring — 4 of coins tells me that your finances will be stable during the next 2 weeks of this month. I see you are working hard, saving up and doing well. Key advice for this month is to focus on main expenses only and save the rest. Try not waste money on frivolous things; or over spend because that can cause financial instability. If you can be frugal, I see you being stable and well off for the next 2 weeks.


Rose Earring — 5 of cups, tells me that lately your money had been affected by your emotional state. You may be dealing with personal issues that interferes with your ability to focus on work. Whether you are dealing with a toxic environment in the workplace or just struggle with day to day issues; I sense you need to deal with your emotional problems if you want to be more financially stable in the upcoming 2 weeks.


Wolf Ring — King of Cups reversed, is some who is stable financially but makes foolish investments. You are allowing emotions to get in the way of your goals, you may have money but spend it recklessly on vices to soothe your emotional wounds. Now is an important time to learn how to cope with distress in healthier ways instead of spending money on things you don’t need that won’t help you in the long term.


Thank you for your time, I’ll see you again in 2 weeks! :D





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