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March (15–31) 2023 — Bi-Weekly Tarot “General”




Pick a card. :D

For this reading, you will pick a card (choose a jewelry item) and that will be your message on today’s topic. Now let’s begin to reading. ❤


What did you get? :D

What do you need to know in in general for the next 2 weeks?


Moon Earrings — 2 of wands, I see things becoming more stable for you. Sort like a calm period after a hurling storm. You will notice you are becoming more mentally prepared and you are doing things that are best for you. Overall, I get the vibe that things will be okay for you and this is going to be a good time for you.


Rose Earring — 4 of coins, tells me that you are prepared to overcome bullshit. I see there will be issues this month but you are ready to handle it with a calm approach. You may have been stressing a lot lately, overthinking, worrying, being afraid, but despite the odds you saw through the bullshit and now you are living with a clear mind knowing what to do next that helps you stay on the right path.


Wolf Ring —The Tower, indicates that changes are meant to happen. I feel like a **** storm is coming your way, and this month has hit you like a pile of bricks. Expect the aftermath of a chaotic experience to help you grow, the last week of March will be your silver lining in this messy month.


Thank you for your time, I’ll see you again in 2 weeks! :D




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