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March (15–31) 2023 — Bi-Weekly Tarot “Money”




Pick a card. :D

For this reading, you will pick a card (choose a jewelry item) and that will be your message on today’s topic. Now let’s begin to reading. ❤


What did you pick? :D

What do you need to know in regards to money/financial concerns for the next 2 weeks?


Moon Earring — Strength, tells me that this month will be an important time for you. I see new career opportunities and more money coming your way. You’ve been working really hard, applying to jobs and doing what you have to do to grab life by the balls and make things happen. I’m sense very strong baddie boss energy and I feel like soon there will be a positive twist and new beginning for you in the career place where you succeed in significant way.


Rose Earring — Ace of wands, shows me that movement is happening and soon. Within 1 week from now, I get things will be improving for you. You may be offered a promotional opportunity or get a pay raise. For some its a new job offer. For others, new clients. Either way, new doors will open and new avenues for money will arise this month.


Wolf Ring — The Hierophant, is a powerful message when it comes to money. This card tells me that you are wise, educate and prepared. I feel like you know what to do in order to thrive in any work environment. You are confident, you are strong, and you are capable. Above all else, I feel like right now you need to believe in yourself because there is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it.


Thank you for your time, I’ll see you again in 2 weeks! :D





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Happy Anniversary Leila al Tolkien!


In about one day, you will have been a member here for exactly a year. Will there be cake and coffee?


These are very vivid and stunning cards you've chosen for this layout, and it's interesting that you include jewelry or charms along with them. I also like the choice of using brief layouts as a viable choice, not that you should care what I like but it might be nice to hear agreements from honest strangers.


The 10-card spread can be a little laborious if used all the time, and I feel I need a shot of Geritol after them. I do two-card draws for myself in the mornings, but I do three of them in a row. It's astonishing sometimes that out of 78 possibilities I often get the same ones, some of them even three times in a row, which feels as though the teacher is yelling at me, "Zig! You're not listening!"



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Welcome to the community @Zig:animated-smileys-signs-085:
if you ever feel like would like to introduce yourself, you are most welcome to start a thread in our introductions section here🙂 
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