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Sharpening Your Tarot Arrow vs. Piddling a Puddle



One of the biggest problems I see new Tarot users encounter is the inability to understand what the cards are saying in their spread even though they know the card meanings fairly well.


First of all, just wondering about the question in general isn't going to give you any real information.  If you wonder about a situation in general and then just draw a few cards, trying to interpret them is like throwing an un-knapped piece of flint into a lake and then trying to figure out what the ripples are saying. It's going to be far more helpful by giving some deep thought to exactly what you want to know and then using named card positions and paying attention to the art work of the card.


I'll offer a small illustration. I do relationship readings a lot so I'll use a fictional relationship as my example:


The Sitter is wondering how a man she met is thinking about her after their first date.  He hasn't called her as he said he would.  She "piddles a puddle" by just randomly drawing 3 cards using the Universal Waite deck.  The cards drawn are 4 of Cups, 10 of Cups, and the World.  The 4 of Cups seems to her to say that she's the one offering a Cup to the man in question and he's ignoring it, but then the 10 of Cups she interprets as "happily ever after".  The World card she's just stumped by.  The first two cards seem to say two diffferent things to her. One says he's rejecting what she represents while the other she interprets as a long-term happy love and family life.


Now let's have a look at what a pinpoint reading would tell her.


Specific question with named positions:


Why has X not called me?


1. Does he feel emotionally connected to me?  4 of Cups


2. If not, why not?  10 of Cups


3. What should I do now?  World





1. No, the emotional connection is not there.  His arms and legs are crossed and he's not even looking at the Cup being offered.


2. He already has a relationship and children.


3. Move on and explore other possibilities. There's a big world out there full of them.


See how much more clearly the second example answers her wondering about him and why he hasn't called?  (I actually drew those cards from the Universal Waite to answer the imaginary question, by the way.)  So sharpen you Tarot arrow, don't piddle a puddle.










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Thanks fo sharing this! 

Since I started to be specific with my questions, understanding the cards has been a little bit easier! 

I’m trying to apply the same when I read for friends and family as they sit and ask generally that they want to know about love, or money, or “this situation”, and obviously most of the times it gets confusing! 


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Thank you for this!  I think it's a good idea not to just flap cards down at random and expect them to 'speak.'  Of course occasionally they can, when the layout isn't specific.  But by asking a specific question of each card position you're so much more likely to get a clear answer to the dilemma.

I'm also very much a fan of including an 'advice' card in just about every reading I do.  Even if the reading is very negative, an advice card can indicate a way forward.  It gives the querent something to do, or to warn them against something they might be considering.

In your example, The World card makes so much sense.  He isn't interested because he already has a family, but there is a world of opportunity out there for the querent to discover, once she's accepted that 'he' isn't the one.

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I'm very glad this has been helpful.  I'll be posting more of these little tidbits as I can when my internet is cooperative.  I understand we've been having sun flares a lot recently so maybe that's been the culprit.

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Thank you, Nemia!  I'll see if I can come up with some more helpful little nuggets soon.







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