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Yesterday was the Worst. Today is Much Better in Multiple Ways.



I had thought the internet couldn't get worse, but I was wrong.  Yesterday it was horrible and couldn't be used at all.   There's apparently a silver lining, though.  Today it's actually useable so maybe they fixed somerhing.


Aside from the internet, my need for transfusions seems to be on its way out.  My red blood cell count has been 6 and I had to have a transfusion twice now.  This time, though, my blood count was 10.  The healthy blood count is 12 on average, so I'm only a little bit low this time.  I did some research myself and found that people who take Prilosec (omeprazole) long term can become anemic.  I've taken it for 30 years.  I told my doctor, he switched me to Pepcid (famotadine) and I'm actually feeling much better, in addition to improvement in my blood test.  The rate for acheiving a normal red blood cell count after stopping Prilosec is from 4 to 8 months, so I'm hoping that will be true of me.  Pepcid can also cause anemia but I'm going to be watching for any sign of it this time.










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I'm so glad that things are looking up on several fronts!  Stay positive and be well!

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I feel for you. I was very anemic on and off for several years. I never got quite to 6, so no transfusions.  Still, it is amazing the difference I felt when my hemoglobin got to 12 and could stay there. I hope your journey there is swift! Take care of yourself, and be well!

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Hey, haven't chatted at you in a long time. My RBCs are usually high but if i take Nexium before a blood test, my RBCs drop to normal. I take cimetadine (spelling may be wrong) mostly when needed, Its in the same class as pepcid, just can't remember the brand name. Had brain surgery in March, and can't always recall a word when i need it, a few hours later yeah, when i don't. 😉 glad you are doing better.

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Not been around for a while . . .

Know what its like to have chronic issues, and have dealt with prescription side effects too. Glad to hear you have a direction and a better option.

Did the emergency room route in July, all due to side effects + stress. Took some down time to get things in order - glad I have understanding clients.

In the end it was getting my chronic pain under control and showing my doctor I didn't need Ozempic & Jardience to get my A1C in order - just regular monitoring, put diet in order, & wife's support (watching me like a hawk 😄). Ditched the 2 meds and my blood sugar is where it should be.

Shows that we can take control of some of our health concerns . . .

Take care and I hope things improve for you.


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May you be better, Grizabella.  


As someone who was on Prilosec, Nexium  (both were prescription only when I was on them) among others for acid reflux and I have a hiatal hernia, I can understand when things don't go quite the way you wish.  Just fyi, I started reading these types of drugs do have some rather nasty side effects, I started taking digestive enzymes.  I KNOW these may not work for everyone or even many, but they're what I take now.  Occasionally I will take a tums, but it's usually because I forgot to take the digestive enzymes.


I wish you ALL THE BEST in being the healthiest you can be and as I am also on other meds, which of course have side effects, I know we often have no choice but to take prescription meds.  


Through trial and error, I have tried different things.  I know not easy.  BUT MAY YOU FIND ALL that works best for you.



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Thank you so much, everyone.  I haven't been online very much till just recently when my son bought me a booster for the internet we have here where I live.  Now my internet is actually pretty reliablle and I'm catching up.  I'm sorry it took me so long to read these and thank you.  I actually just had my third transfusion after going almost a year without needing one.  Now it's been diagnosed as an anemia elderly people sometimes get and my doctor will put me on IV iron supplement.  I may need to get a permanent port installed eventually, but finally there's a solution.

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