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Tarot Netivot Star of the Week Reading Sunday September 10 through Shabbat September 16, 2023

Natural Mystic Guide


This reading gives us insight into specific energies that we can focus on during specific days of the upcoming week as well as throughout the entire week as a whole.

Today’s reading will use the Spirit Keeper’s Revelation deck created by Benebell Wen.


Questions, comments, feedback are welcome.


Here are our focal points for meditation:



Sunday:          How Can I Express Generosity?                                                              THE BEREAVED Three of Swords

Monday:         How Can I Set the Emotional Tone for My Week?                                 THE CONTENDER Five of Scepters Rx

Tuesday:        What Do I Want to Manifest?                                                                   THE POLITIC Three of Scepters Rx

Wednesday:   What Wisdom is Coming to Me?                                                            THE GOLDEN SHIELD Sanctum of Splendor Rx

Thursday:       What Do I Want to Develop?                                                                   THE DESTROYER Ten of Swords

Friday:            How Can I Connect with Romance, Friends and Nature?                     ARCHANGEL OF MYSTERIES Angel Who Illuminates the Shadow

Shabbat:        How Can I Rest?                                                                                        THE ROGUE Seven of Swords






Edited by Natural Mystic Guide


Recommended Comments

I'm curious how you read 3 swords in express generosity?

Like help someone who has a broken heart? Or give to charity? Or?

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Natural Mystic Guide


I view the 3 of Swords, upright, as 'The Peacekeeper'  or 'Tolerance' card.  The three swords represent divergent opinions, or perspectives, or viewpoints.  We can express generosity by -- when we encounter an individual, who has a very different way of looking at things than we do, by listening with patience and tolerance.  We can even ask intelligent questions to better understand why they think the way that they do.  This open minded listening may not convert us to their way of looking at things, but it will broaden our own understanding.  They receive the gift of being heard, of being taken seriously, of receiving respect and tolerance.  Sometimes people just need to be heard.  We don't then argue with them, or try to change their mind.  We simply listen respectfully.  I believe that tolerance is a way to bring peace on both a small and large scale.


Thanks for asking, @Misterei

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