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observations on the suit of cups



NOTE: This was originally written as a journal post, however I decided to include it here since I've decided to start this blog. The intro has been rewritten a little.


I recently picked up a copy of Theresa Reed's "Tarot: No Questions Asked" and I am really enjoying the thought-provoking and informative content in easily digestible and easy-to-read chunks. She suggests placing a suit in a line and observing them through the lens of what the suit represents. I've decided to write these observations down, as it will be a great resource to come back to in the future to track my growth.


I thought I'd share my observations with you all for the suit of cups. I'd love to hear what you think - whether it is feedback or simply observations of your own. It's all exciting to me!


I'm using my RWS deck, Weiser Tarot.


Ace signifies peaceful prosperity - a full cup, willing to share (signified by it's fountainlike quality). 

Two shows two individuals, who appear to be equals in how they meet each other's gaze - close friendships; the power of alliance.

Three shows three women celebrating amongst a lush harvest - they are content socially, but are also satisfied in what they are able to share with one another. 

Four is where I can start to see a more obvious progression in the suit's journey - the cloud on the left offering 3's bounty, but the figure is ignoring it, deep in contemplation. The specific emotion is ambiguous, but I think that's on purpose.

Five shows, perhaps, the result of 4's contemplation. Now a figure, head bowed almost as if in mourning. They are ignoring the two cups behind them, and instead focusing on the three that have been spilt. I think there is an interesting connection to the two/three of cups here. 

Six moves on from this - an old figure in the back taking their exit, while two children share in one another's happiness regarding the growth and possibility that is abundant around them. 

Seven shows how the possibilities abundant in six, can grow into an even larger variety of opportunities - both positive and negative.

Eight reminds us that eventually, you need to move past the variety of opportunity present toward us move on, and commit to one path.

Nine shows someone content with what they have - proudly presented behind them while they look forward.  It's unclear whether the figure is smug, or simply content.

Ten shows that there is much more to life than simply being content with what you have - being able to share what you have with family/loved ones so that you may look forward with hope and share in opportunity.


Court Cards

The Page seems oddly detached from the remainder of the court, focused on what is going in inside their cup 

The Knight, in contrast, holds their cup firmly forward while they look straight ahead as if offering their cup to the queen in front of them. The knight's horse mimics this action, bowing.

The Queen appears to be in deep reflection or contemplation, observing her unique and ornate cup. Her seat is at a complementary angle to the king, allowing for a large field of view over the ocean when working together.

The King confidently holds two cups as he gazes forward, unphased by (or perhaps commanding) the ships in the distance behind him. 


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Interesting perspective. The King looks a little concerned to me, at least I would be if my throne was founded on water 😁

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