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The Magic Within: How a Digital Tarot Journal Transforms Your Practice




I wanted to start my first post with bringing awareness to the tarot community about something that has genuinely transformed my spiritual journey and deepened my connection with the cards.

And that is - Notion, a remarkable digital tool, that has not only redefined the way I engage with the tarot but has the potential to ignite a newfound passion and inspiration within the hearts of fellow tarot enthusiasts. Its impact on my practice has been profound, and I believe it has the power to unlock a world of possibilities for anyone who embraces it.

I must confess, I've always been a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my tarot readings. The mere idea of keeping a tarot journal, meticulously noting down each card drawn, the positions, and my interpretations, always fascinated me.


For years, I used a traditional written journal to record my readings, but it always felt like something was missing. That was until I discovered the powerful world of digital tarot journaling.

In my quest to find the perfect phone application that could efficiently record and organize my tarot readings, I embarked on a journey of app downloads that left me wanting more. I craved a tool that would not only store my readings but also provide the freedom to customize, search, and visualize the magic of my tarot journey. That's when I stumbled upon the game-changer – an application called Notion.


Notion, to put it simply, is like spreadsheets on steroids. It's a digital workspace that allows users to create and customize databases, task lists, notes, and more. When it comes to tarot journaling, it's a dream come true for the modern practitioner.


Here's why:


  1. Customization Beyond Imagination: Notion's greatest strength lies in its ability to adapt to your needs. You can create your very own digital tarot journal from scratch, tailoring it to your style and preferences. Add tables, tags, links, and images as you see fit, making it a truly personalized experience. Say goodbye to the limitations of physical notebooks and hello to a world of limitless customization.

  2. Searchability for Insight: One of the most frustrating aspects of traditional tarot journaling is flipping through countless pages to find a specific reading or insight. With Notion's powerful search feature, you can instantly locate any reading, card, or keyword you desire. It empowers you to connect the dots between past and present readings, enhancing your understanding of the cards and their messages.

  3. Real-Time Visualization: Digital tarot journaling brings your readings to life in ways that pen and paper never could. You can instantly see your readings unfold, complete with card images. This visual aspect adds a new layer to your understanding of the tarot, allowing you to absorb the energy and symbolism of the cards as they appeared in your spread.

  4. Insights Through Graphs and Stats: With Notion, you can also track which cards you pull most frequently, as well as which suits or themes dominate your readings. The app offers the ability to create graphs and statistics that give you a deeper insight into your tarot practice, helping you identify patterns and trends in your readings.

If building your own tarot journal seems daunting, fear not! There's a vibrant community of creators on platforms like Etsy who sell beautifully designed tarot journal templates for Notion.

Notion has completely changed the way I read and journal the tarot personally. This application has become a trusted companion on my journey, allowing me to explore the cards and their messages with unprecedented depth and clarity. I highly recommend you check out the app Notion. It's more than a tool; it's an enabler of your tarot magic. With its boundless customization, searchability, real-time visualization, and insightful statistics, you won't regret making the switch to a digital tarot journal.

Your tarot practice will flourish in ways you never thought possible, and the magic of the cards will come alive like never before.


If you're curious to witness the true capabilities of Notion and how it can elevate your tarot practice, I invite you to take a look at my own digital tarot journal...

Which You Can Check Out Here:


My Tarot Journal


Ultimately, whether you choose a written or digital journal, the act of maintaining a journal is profoundly beneficial for your soul, and it has the potential to enhance your skills and overall well-being. It's a valuable exercise that should be incorporated into your daily routine. The simple act of reflection, whether through words or digital records, not only strengthens your connection with your chosen practice, be it tarot or any other discipline, but it also nurtures personal growth and self-awareness. Daily journaling offers you a space for introspection and the opportunity to refine your skills while promoting a sense of balance in your life.

But this is a journey I'm excited to share with you, and I hope it inspires you to embark on your own path of discovery with this or some other remarkable digital tool to enhance your own tarot experience!





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I've been using Evernote for many years, and I'm very happy with it. Notion reminds me a lot of Evernote, but it's slicker and more visual. Also some nice tools. Maybe Evernote will make a little update now that they have competition 🙂 


I have by now a real tarot encyclopedia in Evernote. I can recommend a digital journal, too, but having a hand-written journal is also great. The important thing is to journal at all, and to find the tool that suits you. 

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thanks for sharing your digital tarot journal @italktarot

Mine is not so pretty but like @Nemia it's also in evernote. I have pages of my ideas and notes and also all my readings and even an important section for text for this forum. It keeps me organised.


@Nemia Unfortunately there is a bit of a problem with Evernote now. I have been following the story online and it was bought by a European company in Italy, as it was in a financial bad place and needed rewriting as software to meet modern standards. The company that bought it in the last year has upped the subscription costs by at least 50% for everyone 😭. I was on a cute legacy package on it which has done me well for years but had a message that I will be transferred to the Personal Tariff. This is £79.99 or €99.99 a year. I was paying like £40 before and for many years around £29. You get an email 30 days before your renewal with your new price and they began in May. I haven't decided what I am going to do yet but many customers are jumping ship and Notion is one alternative. I can't decide if it's worth it or not, it's a huge increase but I hate importing, exporting, saving, moving all my files 😞 . I've got a few months to think it over.

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Wow, I didn't know that. I'll have to think now what to do. I wish Notion had a tool to transfer files with ease 😉 I've been using Evernote for many, many years and have a humungous amount of material there. I'll think about it, thank you for the heads-up. 

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I also love digital journalling. I’ve tried pen and paper but couldn’t stick to it because I’m a busy person. I type much faster than I write by hand. Also, I can update my journals from anywhere and at any time, whereas I really wouldn’t want to bring a physical journal to work for example. I’ve tried journalling here in this forum, but I found it too messy as I couldn’t easily find certain readings, plus I couldn’t edit my posts, which meant my feedback was all over the place. Also I’ve been doing some shadow work which is best kept private.


I tried Evernote many moons ago but quit it quickly because of storage limits - I really didn’t want to pay, especially being in my teens. No way my mum would let me use her card for something like this.


I’ve tried Notion as well, and for me it didn’t really work. There is way too much there! Making fancy pages was fun at first, but once I got over the novelty, it was a bit annoying to keep up with everything. I stopped bothering filling in my trackers etc. I ended up having too many pages all over the place because it tends to create a new page for every little thing, plus there is a bit of a learning curve. I remember tables being so annoying to create.


I tried Goodnotes on iPad but the rest of my tech is Samsung and Windows, which meant I could only journal on my iPad. No thanks.


I settled with OneNote. I’ve been using Word ever since I could use a computer pretty much, and OneNote is like Word but less restrictive. I like it because I have complete control over customisation. I have all of my dailies in one page, presented in a linear fashion so I can scroll through them quickly. I can use it on all of my devices. It is also completely free. I made mine minimalistic so I’m not too overwhelmed with keeping it up. I have a 2023 notebook. Within it I have pages for each month. I also have a separate notebook for study stuff. I might make another notebook with deck-specific pages. It’s simple and does the job. However I wish it had tags like Notion, so I could easily find readings by tag. But for now I will settle with making a separate page for each deck and copying and pasting readings from my dailies page into the deck-specific page. Shouldn’t take too long!

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Notion looks very interesting, but seems a little too complex for very boring me. 🙂   I have used a personal tarot wiki on Miraheze for my online journaling love it because its simplicity.  It uses MediaWiki software just like Wikipedia and I donate $5 a year.  I also tried Penzu in the past but the free version didn't offer the right editing features and I came to rely on Miraheze instead.

Every morning, I do a little ink and paper journaling (following a 1 card draw) over coffee before I turn to the Internet.   I've found that the combination of both works fabulously for me.  My virtual journaling is more academic with me loading pictures and looking up links/information.  I think if something did happen to Miraheze, I'd probably turn to Notion and love it once I got over my ever so common anxiety over new tools/new ways of doing things.  


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Notion seems a little too complicated to me.  I like Day One which which has many benefits.  It can run on Android and iOS devices.  I like to use it on my iPad. 

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I found this thread yesterday. I had never heard of Notion before.


I've only just started looking into it so I've barely touched the surface of possibilities. But I have already started creating a solution for my "Card of the Day" (that can be reused for a larger journaling solution as well).


It's very easy to connect tables and use relationships and rollup properties, and get statistics. So now I quickly made a table for my decks, and another table for my meanings of each individual card. Then I have a third table where I can enter my daily card, and this table connects to the other tables and get info from them. Similarly, it is easy to add value later with other tables/databases for things such as numerology, tree of life, astrology and so on.


Notion is a clever system. Me like. Thanks for the advice, you have definitely inspired me @italktarot  🙂:stick_amok:

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Thank you all for sharing your considerations! I started journaling in OneNote, probably not the most luxurious option but we pay for Office anyway, so why not use what's available. It is convenient enough for me. i tried hand journaling but realized I was failing, so now I only make short hand written notes now and then. And I am journaling in my mother tongue, proved to be so much easier (or rather it is a mix of Russian and English). I guess I need to do what's easier now, otherwise obviously I am not getting things done at all. 

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i was literally asking about something like this here recently. amazing! thanks for sharing this @italktarot

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