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My Deck Story



Hello There! It's Van here.

Today i'm gonna share the story about how i got my first deck and what i'm currently doing with it.

Everything started with a visit on my mom's friend house, she was about to help him with something in his family tapestry business, keep in mind his family runs the business in my town so they come here very often but they don't stay too much, and me and my sister decided to go together, idk if you i know but here in Brazil the gypsy community is strong and quite large so it's pretty common to see and interact with them (they majorly live in the north of the country but there's some in the south, where i live, too). So we got in to his house, my mom and his wife started to chat about the shop and sales, while i was looking into the ceiling which had this massive tapestry with a lot of signals and stuff (i really don't know what it was), i'm a really curious person so i questioned about it and they said that it was a representative image of their gods and stuff and i started to get even more curious and started to questioning more, but well they didn't fell comfortable enough to share more in detail, i guess, then i got quiet. After a while their granny entered the room and approached us and started to talk with my mom about the shop and how to keep their business while on road and how to avoid being robbed stuff like that, i'll admit i got bored and i decided to keep starring at the ceilling because the tapestry was too beautiful and it seemed to be alive, like there was blue and red then green and some white and flowers and threes, it was one of those things you can't stop looking even if you want. After doing the financial stuff and helping them with the system of online sales and shopping (apparently my sister build their online sales shop and she's helping since 2019), we were invited to take a break and eat, the hole family was together (pretty large one with six or eight brothers and all sharing one house) and my mom started to chat with the granny and she was talking about reading something and my sister told me she reads Tarot and that's how they found my mom and decided to keep her as their financial and legal consultant for about six years. In the past i was curious and studied about Tarot but i never felt the urge to keep studying, so i got close and started to listen more and more, granny was telling about this dream she had with me and my mom on my birthday that i had the entire universe in my hands and that if my mom didn't feel offended she would like to present me with a deck. Well, my mom was shocked but glad, she said it was okay, then she passed me this yellow box with a brend new deck and told me that she buyed this one in 2015 without knowing why, and perhaps the reason was to give it to me. I was pretty scared, but at the time i accepted in order to be respectful and kind since all the members of the family are kind to us. She look right into my eyes and said: "I'm so sorry, darling! I'm not gonna be present to see the beautiful path of your life, but i'll watch your steps when you left by this door." By the time i had no clue what that means, today i understand after a lot of things happend (she lefted the country to come back where she was born, my mom's friend told me the reason is she's going to die soon).

Ok this happend in 2020, they left the town one mouth after this and right now we don't have any contact, besides the little messege my mom's friend sended her in June telling about their granny. For two years my deck stayed my bookshelf, adimiting to myself that i was fucking terrify of it made part of my process to be close (don't get me wrong, things happend in the day brought the deck to my house, things that had never happen in my entire life. We got in 2023, i was walking in the city at night with my mom on the side walk in our left side there was this old lady, she got really close to me, put her arm on my and asked me to help her, i couldn't see her face and she was smelling roses, i accepted and then we walked a little bit ( i live in a town crossed by a river and at night my mom and i like to got into the border of the river so we can clean our feet, it's pretty normal, and no, it's not a polluted river) after we got into our spot which is basically the start of the river she left my arm and said: "Don't be afraid, touch once and you'll feel courage and curosity. Don't be afraid of my calling, because if i'm calling you there's a motive." My mom at this point put herself in front of me and started praying and telling her stuff, i fucking scarred, it was dark, i couldn't see nothing and the only light we had was from a old made from wood street light i was shivering and almost running away, this fucking lady entenred in the river and FUCKING DISAPPEARD, right in front of my eyes. This river in my town is known for have a lot rocks in the bottle and have a dangerously flow, i almost pissed my self, we didn't even stayed at there, my mom grab my hand and we started to run into one of the fisherman houses, after a while we got home. She sat with me and said: "Are you using that stuff that Miss Yasemine gave to you?" I said no and she replied: "Do it or things like these are gonna keeping happening."

Guys keep in you minds i'm not the type of person who believes in those things, honestly i always thought this **** is for crazy and for people who belive in astrology and stuff but i almost **** myself out of fear. It took me one month to recover and i'm still afraid to be in the same place again. I got really into Tarot in end of the year and no, this was no magic, enchantment or curse from his family.

So in the end, i'm studying Tarot, a got a new box and i pretend to do some things that in my religion are necessery to keep it clean and protected!





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And i'm sorry if my english is not that good. I wrote in Portuguese and translated after lol.

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@Vanyar13 we love our members writing and telling their first deck stories and totally get you are translating from your native Portuguese, but please put some spaces into your writing! Make paragraphs with a space, then we can read what you are posting much easier 🙂

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In the next one, i'm gonna do this, Thanks ☺️

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I'm curious. What deck did the old lady give you? 

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This is a fascinating story, and I am also curious about the deck! 

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Hello Vanyar13,


I hope you aren't terrified like the face that is depicted in your chosen identity image. It is good you are adding some personally trusted spiritual protection to your work, and have added a few new and different decks. I hope this experience doesn't stop you from "having fun" with cards. In my experience, it all works most smoothly if it isn't "spooky."


Forgive me if my response seems like I'm butting in. I know there is no way for me to really understand your sense of these things when you reflect back on them. But hang onto your sense of humor. Thanks for sharing the story.


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