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    Come and get acquainted at the Tippy Tea House! Welcome to all. As I learn more about how to work the club, things will get very interesting and I'll have a lot in store for everyone. I've reopened this club and I hope the members who joined before my break will re-join now if they're still interested. I also welcome any and all others who would like to join. I'm learning how the club controls work so please be patient.

    • Milkeyedmender
    • Little Fang
    • FLizarraga
    • Strength8
    • RunningWild
    • Leena
    • Marguss
    • Onibaba
    • Saturn Celeste
    • Miguel
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    A place to discuss Black and the Moon decks, freebies, discounts, faq

    • ruchi
    • ayuryogini
    • venusinaries_
    • Genevieve
    • blackandthemoon
    • TarotReadingsFromABitch
    • ashtoreth
    • thesibylqueen
    • Saturn Celeste
    • Sweetest Cin
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    Let us build a map of your personal journey!

    • Eldritch Flame
    • DanielJUK
    • Leena
    • Babblingpsycho
    • Endy
    • Kays
    • LFTest
    • Miguel
    • Little Fang
    • Grizabella
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