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  2. Missed 2 days, but streaming again shortly! Please read the rules before asking a question! Tips are appreciated. https://littlefang.tv is where to go!
  3. Good evening family! For the month of April, I'll be doing free tarot reading streams over on YouTube! Please visit my page here: https://littlefang.tv/ (And perhaps pick up a fancy journal with my art on the front while you are there. )
  4. I loved this format! It’s so fun to hang out with you that way! I had coffee while you put on make up
  5. Great video! Yes it was a win but as you said you were cute before
  6. Where I put some makeup on and chat about tarot and some other things!
  7. Little Fang Tarot would love your feedback. Post a review to our profile. https://g.page/LittleFangTarot/review?gm Growing my business in the New Year! ❤
  8. What does 2020 hold in store for you? Come find out in Little Fang Tarot's newest reading: 2020 Vision! Glimpse the Energy of the New Year While a reading won't give you perfect eyesight, it can give you important insight into what the new year may hold for you. In this eight card reading, I cover last year's lessons, energy to leave behind, theme of the new year, challenges you may face, energy of your career/health/relationships, and then some advice at the end. Let's check it out!
  9. So, the themes came up for renewal all at once, and we are in dire need of donations or subscriptions. Continuing to pull from my modified Book of Doors for a donation of $5 to the forum!
  10. Raggydoll

    Spoopy Halloween Sale!

    Oooh!! *running to check it out*
  11. What a great reply! I can totally see why that would surprise you. And what an amazing thing to discover! It must feel so good to be comfortable making videos!
  12. Little Fang

    Spoopy Halloween Sale!

    Yes, I MEANT Spoopy!
  13. Click on over and use code THEVEILISTHIN19 for your 25% off of all readings in my shop!
  14. Sorry for the wait! I had to reflect on the second question a bit. My favorite thing is being able to use my intuition and skills in order to help others. It feels good to be able to make a difference! This question is tricky, so I'll do my best, but one of the most surprising things was that while I started with PDF and hotlines, I much preferred working through videos more.
  15. My very first deck that I started with was Crow's Magick! The deck I really truly learned the most from was the Tarot of Pagan Cats
  16. Oh, this is fun! When you’ve answered stephanellis question then I’d like to know: What is your favorite thing about being a tarot reader? and What surprised you the most when you started reading professionally?
  17. What was the first deck you learnt to read with?
  18. That's great to know. I find it interesting you look for a lack of cards. Thank you very much.
  19. I start out by combing the spread as a whole (looking for concentrations or lack of certain suits), then I go card by card based more on my intuition with a spatter of traditional meanings! Afterwards I comb the big picture again and check for other intuitive hits
  20. When you are looking at a spread for a sitter, do you read each card individually, relying on what the books told you the divinations are, or do you read the entire spread as one reading and use intuition based on the question to help the sitter with what they are coming to you for? (Asking for a friend)
  21. Saturn Celeste

    Get To Know The Reader! - Q&A

    You're doing a great job!
  22. I really hadn't thought about it. I like starting things up and creating communities (I have a couple of small Discord servers!) but it was more of an impulse decision in order to rescue the lost AT community. I learned to read tarot there, so I wanted to give back and keep us all together.
  23. Saturn Celeste

    Get To Know The Reader! - Q&A

    For how long did you want to own a forum before setting this one up?
  24. Ask me about my reading techniques, my beliefs, or any other silly tidbits! Let's sit down and chat!

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