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  2. Click here to check it out! Live interaction will allow you to participate and ask questions as we go along. These reading sessions will be mostly intuitive, however, I may opt for a spread if I feel the need. We can meet over the computer with live video or meet mobile using Instragram messenger. After purchase, I will email you so that we can arrange your preferred video method and time to meet up.
  3. Save the date!
  4. Kentaurus Designs creates such remarkable sistra. Mine arrived today and I just created a video review! <3
  5. The Netjeru, or Gods, of Ancient Egypt have messages and guidance for you. This package includes two readings. Your first reading will given with my Book of Doors oracle, which will allow us to speak to the gods and ask their wisdom on your situation. The second reading will use my Tarot cards to expand upon that reading and their messages. You will pick a part of the first reading to focus on and we'll ask questions to dig in deeper. This will be done PDF only. Price reflects the time put in, as I'll be making offerings in shrine before I start your reading. $5 of this reading will be donated to the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer. Click Below
  6. Some people were waiting to see this, so here we go!
  7. I've been guided for 20+++ years by crocs/alligators and wolf, then in 2000s by octopus (have a tat on my back). I'm so interested in this.Thank you so much for this post!
  8. We have many Animal Guides in our lifetime. Some come and go, and some stay for the ride. I have developed a few different readings based around both finding and learning more about the Animal that guides you, as well as a reading devoted to pulling forth the power of an Animal you may need presently in your life. I am the bridge of communication between you and your Animal Guide. They want to help you to live your most fulfilling life. I pull from the Pathfinders Animal Totem Oracle and then connect to their energies. I will tell you about that animal, and then I will use the tarot cards to pull their messages from, based on the reading you selected. Animals communicate in pictures, and this is why the tarot is an ideal method for allowing them to speak with us. Click now and meet your Guides.
  9. Great topic! I always forget that free will is also about what you don’t do! (As in hearing good news from a reader and then taking it for granted that it will simply come to be.) I always think about how I might work to better the negative things popping up (or challenges), but I think I definitely fall into the trap of thinking the good things are just set in motion. Thanks LF!
  10. Thank you Endy! (( I'd love to share that dinner as well... ;) But yes, it even took me some time to realize it, and now I strive to make it understood. So many people feel powerless, especially when they let scam psychics dictate their life. More vlogs! :egyptian:
  11. I love your videos, LittleFang! (( I chuckled when you talked about free will and choosing your dinner because I definitely ate ice cream for dinner tonight LOL But in all seriousness, I really like this topic and I wish conversations like this would spread to outside the tarot community. I actually think the reason I took so long to start learning about tarot is because I misunderstood it and thought that it was supposed to tell you the future. It wasn't until I read a comment that said something along the lines of: Tarot doesn't tell you your future, it provides insight to help you build your future (I want to say I read this from Biddy Tarot but I'm not 100%). I realize now just how much tarot encourages free will! Anyway, thanks for making this and sharing! *chants* More vlogs! More vlogs! :bok:
  12. Thank you, Saturn! <3 Hee! I hope to do a lot more little videos, perhaps even longer planned ones, in the near future.
  13. OMG that was awesome!! "If the reader is good" was hysterical! Great job LF!! :thumbsup:
  14. This Vlog talks about Free Will, what it means, and how it affects divination and readings. Click here and enjoy!
  15. The Workshop was a success! <3 Thank you all who listened in or did it in your spare time. The replay is available on Soundcloud, which is directly set up on the website itself should you ever wish to do it for the first time, or visit with Mafdet again. Replay available here!
  16. No spread, just pure and flowing intuition. Using Video or MP3, I will pull cards for your specified length of time and delve into the situation intuitively. Please visit: https://www.littlefangtarot.com/store/Intuitive-Session-p124016512
  17. I will be continuously adding different readings to my Etsy. <3 Please visit it HERE!
  18. Join me as I call upon the great goddess Mafdet, bringer of justice, in order to fight the injustices currently plaguing human rights in America. Mafdet is an ancient feline goddess, predating even Bast, and is the embodiment of legal justice. She is protector of the King's chambers, and guarded against venomous snakes and other dangerous critters. In this case, the snakes are those in power, threatening the rights of millions. With her swift claws, we call on her to strike, and bring us protection in this trying time. At scheduled times, I will go live and we will perform this heka together. Also I have provided a list of links where you can donate to help those who need it. <3 Click here to visit the website and sign up for mailing list updates!
  19. "Wow! The reading you did seriously struck a chord with me! Even for such a generic question (“Is there anything my guides want me to know?”), the insight you got and gave me ended up being so personal to me! I’ll be honest, I teared up a little – I’m kind of a sap. But even the possible negatives/warnings from the reading were presented in such a gentle, encouraging way that they didn’t feel scary – which I deeply appreciate. The reading gave me a good idea of what I need to do, and how I need to do it, as well as what to watch out for – and all while giving me the hope I need in order to do those things. Plus, the pdf was wonderfully easy to read – well organized/layed out – and the included photo of the spread is crisp and clear – very appreciated! 100/10 would recommend! Thank you so much <3" ~Sin "What an amazing, detailed insightful reading for such a small amount of money! I am so impressed, but even more than that, I am grateful for the insights I received that I believe will help me move forward in my goals. Highly recommend this gifted reader!" ~Baboruff, Etsy "Little Fang delivered the news in a positive, encouraging and supporting manner. My question was about practical steps forward with my dream and I feel Little Fang’s advice was realistic yet supportive. She didn’t over-promise, rather she offered options for me to consider and work with. I was also delighted to see how nice and neat package the reading is, including a clear, colourful photo of the cards. Thank you!" ~Saskia Besson, Tarot for Change "The reading I received from little fang was very organized and easy to follow. The PDF she sent was very helpful because it is something I can look back at over time. She gave me good advice and she highlighted many things that I didn’t tell her about. She handled the reading with love, compassion, and care. Little fang is definitely a reader I would return to for any other inquiries i needed. I received the detailed reading which was 5-10 cards. If you still have questions about the reading after you received it. She is always willing to clarify what she was trying to communicate through the reading. The reading is definitely worth the price she is charging and more." ~Beth L. "Little Fang, thank you very much for the reading! Your keen eye for detail makes sure that every aspect of the matter at hand is carefully analyzed, and you take every care in making your clients feel comfortable and sure about their future. I am genuinely amazed by your dedication to giving Seekers a truly profound and enlightening experience! You are definitely the kind of Tarot reader I would recommend to whoever wishes to bring some positive energy into their life. Best Wishes!" ~Kat C. Stop by for a reading today!
  20. Wisdom is contained in many places, in different forms, and in various shapes and sizes. We all seek knowledge and understanding. The challenge lies in where to find it. Did you know that your Animal Spirit Guides are always walking alongside you? You are never alone! Hi, I'm Brittany (aka Little Fang!) of Little Fang Tarot. I believe we are beings of the Earth, and everything we need to know comes from the very soil where our ancestors once stepped; a planet where the animals have left their mark, which in the present years we have grown so far removed. I combine my love of Animal Spirit Guides, the assistance of the Gods of Ancient Egypt, my skills in Tarot reading, and my mastery of Reiki, in order to bring you the knowledge and empowerment to meet your goals, find your path and feel loved and protected in doing so. Your Guides have led you here so that they may share their magic and their messages with you. It's time to listen. Take this journey with me and not only will you learn more about yourself, you will learn about the beings who walk alongside you. Book a Reading Today
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