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  2. I'll have to check out those books, thank you! I wish you much fun in your research on the gods
  3. Thanks, Little Fang Apart from some books I once read by Wilbur Smith where the action took place in Ancient Egypt (River God and the sequel are wonderful books), I don't know much about the culture of Egypt. I can understand that my question was difficult to answer, but your answer is still enlightening Thank you for drawing so many cards. It piqued my interest to google a bit on Egyptian Gods and Goddesses now, and maybe I will read more about i later when I have the time.
  4. @KaiNO Thank you for your patience friend! I did my (nearly daily) kemetic ritual tonight and felt I should read for your question right after. "How do I position myself to make the best of opportunities coming my way?" For you I pulled: Netjer Netjeru (the "unable to answer" card) in which I got the notion that the question was too complex. For clarification as to why, I pulled: Djehuty, Amun, and Sekhmet in that order. Djehuty, aka Thoth, gave me the feeling that this question has a lot of parts to it, and the cards aren't quite equip to give a satisfactory answer. At least, not these cards which are oracular in nature. He's a part of my family of deities, so I picked this up quite intuitively from him. Amun is the Hidden One, and I got the feeling here that this is a question you will have to seek out yourself. You'll have to dig deeper in order to uncover this. (Perhaps tarot would be a better way to go about this!) Sekhmet is telling you to take action and divine this question for yourself. I apologize that the question wasn't able to be answered in this form. Let me know if there is anything else I can tackle. (Ignore my pins, didn't notice they were in the photo too!)
  5. Apologies for the delay, my weekend has been busybusy! I'll pull your message tonight.
  6. Hey, Little Fang! I have donated 5 dollars and I would very much like a reading from you. Like Liz Dean, I'd like to ask: "How do I position myself to make the best of opportunities coming my way?" Of course I don't expect a complete answer for $5, but perhaps a hint?
  7. These are still open I'm out on worker's comp for an injury so doing some readings should keep me sane.
  8. Thank you, Little Fang (and Bastet!). I do a lot of shamanic journeying so it makes sense to me that the answers may come clearer as I travel to meet my guides there. I’ve been getting a lot of real world representations of one of my guiding spirits popping up which I took to be a message to connect in again. It’s good to have that confirmed. Your chat on Bast will be very interesting! I’ll have to come along.
  9. Thank you for the reading @Little Fang! The reading makes a lot of sense. I have been 'solitary' for several years, but was considering joining a coven that is currently forming in my area. I have been hesitant about it, because I'm not fond of the 'restrictions' that it would put on me. So, this confirms that I should continue solitary so that I have the freedom to continue exploring my own spiritual path. Thank again for the reading @Little Fang!
  10. Thank you again @Flaxen! I felt drawn to pull one card, as they aren't keen on muddying this answer with fluff! For this question I have pulled Bast(et). She is taking the place of the High Priestess in my oracle deck, however her roles are many. Not only is she the keeper of the mysteries, she is a protective guardian. She is the devourer. Sometimes we're not meant to know the answer until the time is right, but I have a feeling you're being prepared for the next stage in your spiritual journey. You're being told to trust your instincts, and reflect on your needs deep inside. I get the feeling that the answer lies within the Unseen world. Are you keen on astral traveling? Perhaps this is something you could look into. Call on Bast to protect you should you venture into Unseen territory. (I'm actually doing a live chat on Bast and Self-Love on the 20th, including a meditation. It's in my album!)
  11. Thank you @LoveLightPeace! For you I have drawn Geb-Nut-Shu as well as Djehuty (Thoth). Shu is the god of air and wind, and he is the one separating Geb (Earth) and Nut (Sky). This grouping represents Independent Action, and it's almost a reverse from the Lovers card. I feel the need that your spiritual path is taking you into a place where you need to be exploring yourself alone. With Djehuty appearing, it's recommended that you spend some time determining your path and writing down your journey. This is a path you walk alone, and your experiences are unique to yourself. Make a record of them, and try not to let the influence of others dictate your spirituality. Feel free to ask Djehuty for insight and inspiration, I feel he's keen to work with you should you want it! (He's in my family of gods.)
  12. No worries @Little Fang. Please take whatever time you need, I have no problem waiting until you have the time.
  13. A little bit of delay in getting the recent readings out due to work. Thank you for your donations and your patience! I look forward to reading for you.
  14. That makes sense to me - don’t blame them for not doing vague! Could you ask what would be a useful next step on my spiritual path? I’ll add another donation.
  15. And thank you! This card is very intriguing, because I am immediately drawn to what looks like a blue stone up in the right corner. It feels like a reference to my vision, and I also get the feeling that Konsu (or the moon god) is what I am facing as I’m passing through the door to enter that sacred space. And it feels very possible that all this carries traces from the past (or that I carry traces from a past). I will meditate and see what more that comes to me! We could say that this description (the latter part, referring to loss and motherhood) is very fitting to me as well. Isis is a goddess that I have felt the presence of before, so it’s interesting that she is appearing again here. This is good to remember because I have indeed had many strong and also unsettling visions or premonitions. They are very rarely light or sweet, there is almost always and edge (or a caution) to them. Good to know! I will make that time and hold space regularly. I will dedicate a special notebook for this work. Ha! That reminds me a bit of me I will try to find a deck that feels suitable to explore these visions. I am not sure if I have found such a deck yet, but I am hoping it will come to me if I send out the intention. I don’t feel like I would want to use just any deck, I want it to have this one specific purpose only. Thank you so much! I’m glad that I got to see this deck in action, it’s beautiful!!
  16. Hi @Little Fang I have made a donation and would love a reading too, please! My question is, what do I need to know about my spiritual path right now? Thank you!
  17. Thank you Flaxen! For you, I received the one card that I often get for myself. Netjer Netjeru. This is the card I use for "Unable to respond" on my current system. It may be that they don't like to offer just general advice, however, I pulled for you a clarification on "why" they weren't going to just give general advice. Here I received Ma'at. Ma'at is the Divine Order and Cosmic Balance of life. This indicates to me that Netjer feels you're already balanced, but also to be aware of this balance so that you're not tipping one way or another. It may be that giving you direct advice, with no goal, would tip your scales off balance. Do what you're doing, and do it well. If you'd like to try with a specific question I'll be happy to pull another card!
  18. Thank you, friend! For you, I pulled Khonsu and Aset (Isis). Respectively, they are the answers to your two questions. Khonsu represents the Moon, as a lunar deity himself. What does the Moon hold for us? We only ever see one side of it. Yet there is a hidden side there, a hidden truth. Just because you can't see the other side doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Just because one section is covered in shadow doesn't mean it's gone. I get the feeling that you are being told that this is something you've had in your past, but it is still a current part of yourself. If you are willing to dig into the Mysteries surrounding the events, you may find some knowledge that will help your current magical life path. Ask Khonsu to shed a little light on the vision, and perhaps even meditate in the moonlight if you are able. Ask for guidance and you shall receive. Why did you have this vision? We have Aset here, a great Magician and magic worker. Not only is she adept in magical work, but she has also experienced loss, grief, and motherhood as well. I feel that she is saying that it's now time to realize this power you have. Trust in the magic and trust in the process. I feel that you are definitely being called into meditating and opening up to more visions, however, you must be strong since not all visions are light and fluffy. I'm also getting the vibe that these visions are for you only, at least currently. Make that space, and make that time. She can be quite stern and very "no-BS", but that isn't because she doesn't love. She wants for you to use what you have and succeed through it. Use the magic at your disposal (like tarot reading) in order to gain additional clarity on your visions. Much love!
  19. I’ve also made a forum donation and would love a reading. No particular focus, just happy to receive a message the netjeru think I need to hear.
  20. I have donated 5 dollars and I would very much like a reading from you. I would like if you can try to find out anything about that vision I told you about. There are so many questions I have but I want to make it clear that I do not expect you (or the Gods) to answer them all! I am happy with whatever you can pick up on. The main things that I have been wondering about are: - What this vision meant - Why I had this vision/what I am meant to do with it I am not sure if this vision was 'just' a personal message to me or if it was something that I am meant to share with others. I have been thinking about whether I should try and hold space regularly for these types of visions to come forth and then find a way to share them with others who might benefit from them. So I guess I am wondering whether I am being used as a channel for a specific purpose here and in that case, what that purpose may be. If you need any more information, let me know!
  21. I have my Book of Doors Divination Deck the I've altered into my own meanings. It's become an Oracle deck that I use to communicate with the Netjeru. Readings will be posted in this thread with a picture. I'll pull 1-3 cards based on intuition and what the Netjeru pull me to draw. Please allow me up to 48 hours for your reading, though it may be a lot quicker! ❤ Thank you for your support. Donate by clicking HERE!
  22. Click here to check it out! Live interaction will allow you to participate and ask questions as we go along. These reading sessions will be mostly intuitive, however, I may opt for a spread if I feel the need. We can meet over the computer with live video or meet mobile using Instragram messenger. After purchase, I will email you so that we can arrange your preferred video method and time to meet up.
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