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  2. I am only taking 2 sitters for May because Ashwsh might be one of my sitters.
  3. Please sign up here for a reading from me, done here in my club for a donation to the Monthly Hosting account for a $5 donation. I will read you once for the month.
  4. I just found out today that I didn't have my paypal buttons set up correctly. So, I've extended my Beltane Blowout to June 24. All my Celtic Cross readings are 50% off! The Celtic Cross, the Past Life reading and the Past Lives Influences reading are all half off!
  5. Welcome everyone to my club. TT&M is needing some help with donations so I am going to donate 3 readings for free to the site as long as the sitter donates $5 towards the Monthly Hosting. You have to be a member of my club and I can only read you once a month but I can have 3 sitters per month. If I find I have more time I might take on more but I'm still laid up and in partial bed rest a couple more days. So, I think this will help out a lot! Just to make sure this is clear Join this club Donate $5 to the Monthly Hosting on the right side panel. Sign up on the monthly thread, here for May. When you sign up make sure to include your birthday, and your question. You will receive a reading of 3 tarot cards and 1 oracle card and a great big Thank You for your donation to TT&M!
  6. Hello all and welcome! I am happy to share both of my business sites with TT&M. I have a website and an Etsy site. I sometimes offer sales on one and not the other so it's a good idea to check them both to see what sales are currently in progress. So please stop by either site and sign up for a reading today! Saturn Reads Tarot Website AND SaturnReadsTarot Etsy
  7. As we come into Beltane season, I have a huge sale on all my Celtic Cross readings. 50% OFF!!! The discount code is Beltane. My sale goes from April 24 to May 24 so take this opportunity to try out my Past Life readings! So for 50% you get the Celtic Cross, Past Life- Celtic Cross Combo and my newest spread, the Past Lives Influences- Celtic Cross Combo. Give these readings as gifts, it's easy to do! Remember when you stop by my site, I am usually on my chat if you see me in here! Stop by and say hi! ^-^ https://www.saturnreadstarot.com/packages
  8. My testimonial page is found here: https://www.saturnreadstarot.com/contact-testimonies
  9. Hello Starlight! Thank you for choosing me and I have replied to you by PM. ^-^
  10. Hi SaturnCeleste! I'd like to offer a Celtic Cross reading from you as a gift to a friend - what's the best way to do that? Ideally, she will fill in the yellow form on your website. Thank you. :)
  11. Kj dauncey Recently had a 2 card reading from this wonderful lady. It was not only spot on but it included a few additional things I wished to know. I cannot thank Saturn Celeste enough for the reading she does. She is amazing.
  12. Charlie H Saturn offered a NaNoWriMo-oriented reading and I took her up on it. I received a two-card reading with quick turn-around. Her reading was thorough, entertaining and encouraging. Plus, I love the tingly ASMR-like feeling I get reading the results. :) Thanks!
  13. Demi H. I'm amazed and relieved that my issues were addressed. Of course there is room for interpretation, and I wanted to be sure my sweet dog Tilda would somehow be with me again. The reading made a lot of sense and took the sense of despair out of the situation. Thank you!
  14. I'd like to share some photos of a few of my readings so you'll know what to expect from me.
  15. If you have questions or a comment, please post on this thread. I'm happy to help you! ^-^
  16. What resonated the most with me was my situation card and the outcome. I'm about to finish the (hopefully) last draft of my novel and start querying once it's done. I'd love to be a fulltime writer, it's a dream of mine, but I would also be interested in changing careers and become a photographer, which fits perfectly with what you said about looking for a more skill-based job. Thank you again for all the time and energy you put into my reading. I really appreciate it and I'm grateful for your help. ~ Tonia M I'll be thinking over your reading more as I move forward to making the decisions that need to be made, and dragging myself kicking and screaming out of this funk. But the future looks bright, so I'm getting off my butt and doing it! Thanks so much again for taking the time to provide these insights! It's so very much appreciated. ~ Ryan B Thank you so much for my reading. This did indeed resonate with me and gives me hope for my writing. I see a path forward and I'm going to take it. ~ AJ C Wow Saturn! This is such a thorough reading, way more than expected. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I do relate to everything in the reading. ~ Sam L Cheers for this fabulous reading, very interesting food for thought and reflection. This reading did resonate with me. ~ Hugh B
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