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  2. @ashwsh this is your reading. Your question, will Ash hear from P or A? P is on the left and A is on the right. I asked the left card (P) Will you hear from P? And I asked the right card (A) Will you hear from A? Because each answer is an absolute, I don't like to deal in absolutes for this question. Just looking at the 2 cards, they give quite a clear message as well as a no and yes. P= 3 of Swords. The suit of swords an absolute no. I don't want to commit to an absolute no in this case because you've applied to this company 2 times already and not heard anything from them yet. Sadly you most likely already suspect an unlikely outcome of no for this company. You might even have contact from them but it could turn out to be more negative news. This card does not shed much hope for P. A= 8 of Wands. This suit of wands is an absolute yes but again, because of the circumstances that you have already applied to this company twice and not heard from them, leaves me very skeptical. But we can look at that yes as you can expect news from a job (not sure if it's A, P, current, or something else) that could change your perspective in your job hunt. This information can have an effect on how your life is balancing out now. You won't have to wait long for this news. The 3 of Swords does indicate it might not be good news. But good or bad, it could be something to change your situation to a different direction. So honestly, it's best to get yourself prepared for some possible bad news or on the bight side, you could hear from company A and be pleased. I do say if it goes more than a week or so and you don't hear from either one, you're not going to. I know this isn't what you want to hear but I thought the cards were pretty clear on their message.
  3. I have an Etsy exclusive I'm posting now. Pick A Planet is a brand new spread and is an Etsy exclusive. Currently it is 60% off to celebrate the new spread. Read about it here!
  4. Hello Hello!! I need some help people! I have created 2 new spreads but they are NSFW. I have them hidden on my site and I need some bodies that I can test these spreads out. Because PayPal won't let me make my stuff free, I put a $2 charge on it so if you CAN part with the 2 dollars and want a naughty reading, please stop by this page and order your preference. I will also have an Etsy exclusive reading that I'll be posting as soon as I get it up. It will be slashed in price too but not as cheap as my 2 NSFW readings. They are hot hot hot!! I do list the questions I ask so please stop by and see what they are all about! Saturn Reads Tarot NSFW I will need to know your thoughts on these readings! This is why I am presenting them to the forum only.
  5. Me too!! I will also be presenting a couple new readings too! One of them will be a cheaper Past Life reading.
  6. Yes itā€™s perfect now (image attached)...am waiting for the fall salešŸ•° ...yayyy
  7. @ashwsh if you get another minute can you please take a look? I think I fixed it. I don't have a cell phone so I never see my site on a phone!
  8. Oh thank you! I forgot the check the mobile view!! I'll do that shortly. I appreciate the heads up.
  9. Hi @Saturn Celeste congratulations!!! It looks great. Since I access a lot of websites through my phone, I did the same for your site. I tried opening the packages section. The X (cross to close) comes right on the packages tab, so I had a difficulty accessing it. I am not sure if it is just my phone, but thought I should point it out to you if you face the same issue. attaching the image
  10. Well I finally got my site updated today!! Please stop by and make sure to look at the bottom of the About page and Packages page! I have some interesting banners. I also have changed my past lives readings and they have been reduced in price so check it all out!! Saturn Reads Tarot
  11. Hello new members and old! It's great to see you all in my club. I would like to remind everyone I am doing 2 tarot and 1 oracle readings for a $5 donation to TT&M first! I appreciate everyone's interest in Saturn Reads Tarot!
  12. Thank you for the reassurance that I can do this @Saturn Celeste, it means a lot to me!
  13. You are a Capricorn. This comes easily to you! You've got some good money making plans to look into and you know how to sort things out. You CAN do this and help out your finances in the process. Take care, Love!
  14. Hi @Saturn Celeste! Thank you for the reading. Yes, I have been thinking about finances lately, regarding a business partnership opportunity that has been stalled for the past month or so. I love that you told me to look up! I have a tendency to miss out on things that are above eye level. So that makes perfect sense to me. At times, I'm in my own little world (in my mind) and don't even notice what's going on around me. I will make a point to pay attention and focus on the opportunities that are around me, even in places that I wouldn't normally look for them. One of the things that comes to mind here is an offer that has been made to me by a friend to sell items that I make at festivals that are too far away for me to attend. I have been going back and forth with myself about it for a few reasons, but I really have nothing to lose by taking her up on it. Based on this, I'll look further into it to see if it's one of the star opportunities that I should reach for. I'm also looking into a few others things, but still have to finish gathering information. I will definitely keep this in mind as I continue my search. What a great message, it really hits home! With everything that I have been considering and still in search of, even if only one of those things come to be, I will have to figure out how I am going to manage it all. I have my home and garden to take care of, and physical limitations that put a damper on things sometimes so it can be very challenging without adding anything else to the mix. I will be sure to look at things very closely and stick with the tried and true as I move forward. Thank you so much for the reading Saturn, it makes perfect sense!
  15. Click here for the full size photo! @LoveLightPeace - Capricorn - What does Love need to know? What is the oracle message? Crow Tarot and Sibyl's Oracle. Hello Love! Just looking at your cards I get the feeling you're thinking about your financial affairs. The 5 of Pentacles is the focus of this reading but it is the other 2 cards that are the action. The 5 of Pentacles are how you are feeling but this card comes with a strong message, even when things seem lost, there are still opportunities if you look for them. Look at the image. True, the crows in the tree are safe and snug against the storm while the birds on the ground have to struggle. But in spite of their dire situation, they are not alone. Worry less about your current financial status and instead, concentrate on the opportunities that are all around you. All those birds need to do is look up and the safety of the tree is before them. Don't just look down, look up too! The 3 of Wands is right there, that's your survey card! That's the card you need to get going. Your first card has signaled to you that opportunities are out there when you look for them. The 3 of Wands shows you the path to research and study, to plan and sort through your best chances for opportunities. These opportunities won't hit you on the head, but instead you need to find the best opportunities and then act! No time worrying about the rain, instead, get out there and get wet. There is an opportunity out there and it has a star above it, like an asterisk. All you need to do is take aim and shoot for that star. Remember it is possible. Your oracle message is strategy (militarium). What an awesome image for strategy! A cat and mouse game! Just as you need to research and seek out new chances, you will also need strategy to get the best opportunity you can. You want to get to that place ahead of you but don't jump into anything! Read the fine print. Go with the tried and true, don't listen to fancy talking salespeople and know ahead of time what you want and stick to it! This is not the time to experiment, instead, it's time to be like that cat. Stalk your chances and pounce on the best ones. I hope this reading connects with you, Love. It's been my pleasure reading for you.
  16. Hi @Saturn Celeste I would love to sit for a reading! I just made another donation. My birthday is January 7th. A general reading will be good. If you prefer to have a focus let me know and I will come up with one. No rush, I know you're busy and don't mind waiting so please do take your time. Thank you!
  17. I just found out today that I didn't have my paypal buttons set up correctly. So, I've extended my Beltane Blowout to June 24. All my Celtic Cross readings are 50% off! The Celtic Cross, the Past Life reading and the Past Lives Influences reading are all half off!
  18. Welcome everyone to my club. I would like to donate some readings to TT&M so I will do readings for a $5 donation to the site. You have to be a member of my club for me to read you. I can read the same sitter once per month but no more. Join this club Donate $5 to the website Sign up HERE! Please allow 48 hours for the reading. When you sign up make sure to include your birthday, and your question. You will receive a reading of 2 tarot cards and 1 oracle card along with a photo of the reading and a great big Thank You for your donation to TT&M!
  19. Hello all and welcome! I am happy to share both of my business sites with TT&M. I have a website and an Etsy site. I sometimes offer sales on one and not the other so it's a good idea to check them both to see what sales are currently in progress. So please stop by either site and sign up for a reading today! Saturn Reads Tarot Website AND SaturnReadsTarot Etsy
  20. As we come into Beltane season, I have a huge sale on all my Celtic Cross readings. 50% OFF!!! The discount code is Beltane. My sale goes from April 24 to May 24 so take this opportunity to try out my Past Life readings! So for 50% you get the Celtic Cross, Past Life- Celtic Cross Combo and my newest spread, the Past Lives Influences- Celtic Cross Combo. Give these readings as gifts, it's easy to do! Remember when you stop by my site, I am usually on my chat if you see me in here! Stop by and say hi! ^-^ https://www.saturnreadstarot.com/packages
  21. My testimonial page is found here: https://www.saturnreadstarot.com/contact-testimonies

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