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Hello, I'm also known as "Joe". I'm really doing this to promote my web site. I'll be happy to work something out with anyone interested from this forum who would like an esoteric reading. I'm not going to do much with the club here other than make some posts. Or maybe, I'll dig an underground fort, or maybe a tree house and we can hang there doing crazy readings there for everyone, or tell scary stories late at night based on tarot. "Oooooh, what mischief is the Pope up to now," for example. Anyway, as I said, I am also working on videos to post as examples of readings on my site. So, lets hope I've done all of this right.

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  2. Oh no, Dragon is speech recognition where you dictate to it and it types for you. I use audacity for my sound mixing. Watch the bigger YouTubers channels, it will really help you and give you more ideas!
  3. Thats a lot of stuff! I'm just using Apple iMovies to mix it all together. Surprisingly simple one you get the hang of it. Easy to edit. All I really ned to do is trim down the beginning and then the end. I want to find someone who would like to be a sitter. It's not easy to just give a demonstration to no one. I'm planing on getting one posted this week. I found a Gypsy Fortune Spread of 8 cards in my notes.
  4. Absolutely! I've been wanting to make tarot videos for years. I have the cameras and mic but I keep holding back. It truly is the next step in getting my 'brand' out there! I did buy Dragon software, a speech recognition program that types for you while you dictate. I don't have it set up yet, I hear it takes quite awhile to get it to recognize how you speak but one of these days I'm going to break it open! This is the one I have but it's old already. There are a ton of programs to choose from.
  5. @Saturn Celeste Its funny, videos look easy but are time consuming. And it would be nice to have my fingers and my head working hand in hand with each other
  6. I can never keep a blog up. I'm just too busy on the forum to then go try to blog on my site. I started a video blog where it was just videos but even that was difficult for me to keep up. YES!!!! I have this problem too!! Only not so much in the handwriting but when I type! I'm still working typing up a reading I started days ago! There are free typing programs online that will get your fingers working with your brain again. I'll list a few. Typing.com, Microsoft Office Online and Typing Test.
  7. I'm still working on making videos to demonstrate spreads and my readings for my web site. I think its a better approach for people to see visually what goes on. Also, I'm considering a blog. I just don't need to listen to myself talk, and if I go a week without updating it or writing anything then people may get the impression Im not active anymore. There must be a correlation between sloppy hand writing and bad typing. I have some sloppy handwriting because I think to fast for my hand. I type really bad too. I fat finger a lot, or just plain miss a letter or four. Thanks to the people who've joined my really exciting club here.
  8. I had a meeting to day with a rep from a metaphysical magazine. I didnt like how it went. She went to my site and had a lot of I fo wrong that I do not say, and when I corrected her she looked at me as if I made the mistake. She was very hung up on being all natural and spiritual and conscious, trying. Instead of just being. Dont brag. She just couldnt grab the concept of me just doing tarot readings my way, and never having to promote myself in the past and I'm only doing it now because I've moved 1000 miles. She didnt know a thing about doing online readings. She didnt understand that doing, or not doing things with the cards are just semantics. Kind of troubling. What's funny, I did an exchange reading on here last week and was warned of this! She's not trying to stab me in the back, it was her categorization of it all that is troubling me.
  9. I've done numerous updates. I will be adding video demonstrations within a week.
  10. Thats good advice!
  11. You probably already know this, but that is perfectly normal! The key to get past that is to have so many readings booked so that you don’t have time to worry about your last one (Not a serious advice!! But it’s still the best method I’ve found )
  12. That was a rather interesting spread at the moment.
  13. It's funny how after I do a reading I think went well then an hour or so afterwards I think, "Oooh! I could've said this, I should've said that!, That would've worked!"
  14. Yes, it is very interesting to see just how many different ways any three card layout can be read, for example. Sometimes the core message varies greatly, and other times it’s just the delivery that differs. I’m not a great follower (or knower) of astrology readings, but it’s fascinating none the less. ‘Accuracy’ is almost like a topic of its own but it is also something that makes many readers uncomfortable talking about. It’s just the natural insecurity of being technically good but still not getting it right. It can get philosophical real quick as to how much is determined by our shuffling and how much the intuition has to play into it. For me, I believe you never pull the wrong cards but I also believe that your intuition will interpret or identify the right message from any cards, as long as you’re tuned in enough. Is that contradictory? Maybe. But it’s still how I feel
  15. I've followed astrology my entire life. I do believe in it. Some astrologusts are obviously much better than others. I also have a new phone not made by a fruit company. The software is Android. This means a particular app shows me all kinds of "things" when I open it and it interestingly shows me a lot of astrology. I've started following some astrologists who use tarot cards for their predictions. I wont say who. There are some internet Zines and someone from Great Britain. I've started following them mainly to see how they interpret their cards. Long story short for many of them, well, some days are better than others as far as their interpretations go. To me, often times what I read in their predictions dont seem to be following the essence of the card they have pulled. Most do a 1 card reading, one does a 3 card reading for the week. And I'm saying this only because I read a daily based on the Chariot for my sign, Sagittarius, which to me had nothing to do with the Chariot. I know they're not going to be dead on every time but I do find this to be a learning experience in 5 different ways.
  16. Hello My Friends My Site Is Now Open https://esoterictarotcard.com Esoteric Tarot Readings
  17. Yes, I see what you mean. However, many people will advertise without always thinking it through completely. I often find advertisements for various psychics who say something like this in their advertistement: Oh, really? Just because you are psychic, it doesn't mean you ACTUALLY SEE AND KNOW ALL! that sort of advertising drives me nuts! especially when afterwards in tiny print at the very bottom it will also say this: :))
  18. Each morning I like to do a three card spread for myself, for my day. A daily spread. Keeps me sharp! In the past I've had certain cards turn up next to each other that mean something together. For example: the Sun and the Pope together to me means you will be supported by a higher power. The world and the Wheel: signify a journey. The list goes on. However this morning in a three card spread for myself I turned the Sun, Judgement and the Chariot. In that order. I like to look into the deep esoteric meanings of the cards, its what I enjoy. So when I saw the Sun, 19 then the Judgement card, 20 I really knew something was up with my day, let alone the Chariot being the last card. And yes, it turned out to be a pretty fulfilling day. But again, those two cards together, meant, means something. What are the numerical odds, even just by using the Arcana's and Ace's of them coming in as 1&2. The Sun is a heavenly body, Judgement has the angel Gabriel above. The Sun has two children dancing, or having a good time, Judgement has the baby with it's back to us. What do the children represent? Well, showing their state of innocence, spiritual unfolding, a degree of adept ship and a regenerated personality-representing a return to the source of it all. The Sun can be looked to as the original father, can the man and woman can face the angel while their baby is the original innocent. There is strength in facing judgement and the Sun does symbolize strength. The Sun has the wall and water representing human adaptation. Judgement has the baby's coffin representing (on water in some decks) human dimensions which we can adapt to. These two cards together, what can this mean? My daily question is simple, "What can I expect for today? 1. Theme of my day 2. What is hidden 3. Advice Do they together mean leave the past behind? Do they mean you are being supported from a higher spiritual body? I don't yet have my own answer for this really. I don't feel I need to immediately find one. But this is what I enjoy about Tarot, the deep hidden meanings to all of these questions, symbolisms, metaphors within the cards and their numbers also, keeps my edge for learning alive. I like walking on the balance beam that's here on the universe edge where the light ends. But the ultimate reward is actually helping someone who comes to me with a question. That's what its all about. Just thought I would say all this.
  19. Hello, thanks for reading. I plan on adding a lot more, it's just that right now I'm going in two directions at once. But I saw a flyer today that said, "Join in the mystical realm of a higher consciousness." To me, a higher consciousness is not a mystical realm. We all have the ability to attain it it. That statement made seeking higher consciousness to be elitist and to me a bit greedy. Hey we all have a right to make a living but just be careful with who you listen to. Just sayin. I have another post about The Sun and Judgement catfs I'll be posting later. I found these cards came out very interesting in my daily spread today.
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