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Esoteric Tarot Card
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Hello, I'm also known as "Joe". I'm really doing this to promote my web site https://esoterictarotcard.com I do want to make it clear, I like this forum a lot. it's the only one I'm part of. I'll be happy to work something out with anyone interested from this forum who would like an esoteric reading. I'm not going to do much with the club here other than make some posts. Or maybe, I'll dig an underground fort, or maybe a tree house and we can hang there doing crazy readings there for everyone, or tell scary stories late at night based on tarot. "Oooooh, what mischief is the Pope up to now," for example. Anyway, as I said, I am also working on videos to post as examples of readings on my site. So, lets hope I've done all of this right.

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  2. Raggydoll

    Current readings

    We really appreciate you supporting the forum!!
  3. Hello again, As of the last days of 2019 and the start of the new decade, I am currently not doing any readings online via my website. Life is busy for me now and I cant give anyone the proper attention they would need. I will be probably starting again in February. I will continue to support this forum. Thanks for any interest.
  4. Dont be afraid to read tarot catds metaphoricaly.
  5. It's all about family really. Came down here for family, going home for family. Plus, it's saturated with tarot readers around here, it really is! But thanks for the good wishes and I will drive carefully.
  6. Saturn Celeste

    Readings On Long Island

    So you're moving out? Congratulations! If I didn't have my doctors here, I'd like to pick up stakes and go too, where they don't have hurricanes and flooding! Maybe up a mountain (non-volcanic) would be nice!! Drive careful, Eric!
  7. @Saturn Celeste I'm going home! I'll be way out of Florida by the time the hurricane hits, and I hope it goes out to sea. My only concern is getting gas on the way up and I hope the storm doesn't turn up to Georgia.
  8. Saturn Celeste

    Readings On Long Island

    You moving? Might be a good idea with Dorian barreling down on FLA!
  9. I will be doing in person tarot readings in Long Island starting in October. Suffolk County specifically.
  10. I may be reading on Thursday nights at Rizzo's Coffee Shop, in Fort Peirce, FL, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.
  11. I can now read on the following days by appointment only; Monday & Friday Rebeccas Organics 302 Orange Ave. Fort Pierce, Fl 34950 Please contact me via my web site: https://esoterictarotcard.com Thank you. Florida isn't crowded that much in the summer, so come and say hello while the gettins' hot!
  12. If someone is willing to drive for one hour to have a reading by me, I will do whatever it takes to make that reading happen. Thank you, have a nice day.
  13. Thank you! Feels good to be out there and the space I have really fits what I'm doing also.
  14. Saturn Celeste

    Weekly In Person Readings

    Hey congratulations Joe!! You are doing it!!!
  15. I will be doing weekly in person readings at: Rebecca's Organics 301 Orange Ave. Fort pierce, Fl 34950 From 10am to 1pm-ish. Times change a bit each week because on 7/20 I am already booked for the first 45 minutes, longer sometimes because, well, it's Florida. And that's alright. Walk in's always welcome also. Please visit my web site, esoterictarotcard.com to book an appointment if you're ever in Florida, as in the winter. It's warm here in the winter too. Rebecca's is a Health and Wellness shop so there's a lot to see including a lot of vintage Surfer magazines.
  16. I now accept all credit cards and have tweaked my site a bit. Thank you very much. https://esoterictarotcard.com/ https://www.instagram.com/esoterictarotcard1/
  17. Raggydoll

    Big Announcement

    Sounds perfect!
  18. Eric

    Big Announcement

    It's an absolutely comfortable place for readings. Nice size couch for the sitter to use and a perfect round marble table to place cards on.
  19. Raggydoll

    Big Announcement

    How cool!! Best of luck with everything. I’m sure you will have a great time! Some snacks, drinks and something comfortable to sit on will probably serve you well too!
  20. Eric

    Big Announcement

    That's a great idea, thanks.
  21. Saturn Celeste

    Big Announcement

    Have someone with you to take some pictures!! They will be great advertisements!!
  22. I will be giving readings in person on July 13th at: Rebecca's Organics 301 Orange Ave. Fort Pierce, FL 34950 772-529-1811 rebeccasorganicsalon.com Free safe parking right across the street for everyone in a city garage. See you all then! I am https://esoterictarotcard.com
  23. Essence: The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character. As long as the fundamental quality of its origin remains, an object or thought can evolve. A property or group of properties of something without which it would not exist or be what it is.
  24. Saturn Celeste

    Videos And a Blog for My Web Site.

    Oh no, Dragon is speech recognition where you dictate to it and it types for you. I use audacity for my sound mixing. Watch the bigger YouTubers channels, it will really help you and give you more ideas!
  25. Thats a lot of stuff! I'm just using Apple iMovies to mix it all together. Surprisingly simple one you get the hang of it. Easy to edit. All I really ned to do is trim down the beginning and then the end. I want to find someone who would like to be a sitter. It's not easy to just give a demonstration to no one. I'm planing on getting one posted this week. I found a Gypsy Fortune Spread of 8 cards in my notes.
  26. Saturn Celeste

    Videos And a Blog for My Web Site.

    Absolutely! I've been wanting to make tarot videos for years. I have the cameras and mic but I keep holding back. It truly is the next step in getting my 'brand' out there! I did buy Dragon software, a speech recognition program that types for you while you dictate. I don't have it set up yet, I hear it takes quite awhile to get it to recognize how you speak but one of these days I'm going to break it open! This is the one I have but it's old already. There are a ton of programs to choose from.

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