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  2. Is the Antique Anatomy Tarot going to be available again. I bought the original deck but want the kit for the book (unless there's a way to get the book elsewhere) and I can't find a new one anywhere. I thought a second edition had been released.
  3. No particular question here - I just wanted to say that Memento Mori is absolutely GORGEOUS. Wow. I suppose this is a question: your used Golden Tarot deck on your site, do you know if it's from the first printing or a later round? I had to abandon all my decks because I developed severe mold allergy and toxic mold illness. So my original Golden Tarot is gone. I replaced it with a newer printing and don't like the new materials so much.
  4. I have the Antique Anatomy deck that has the book with it. I cannot find anywhere that it says there are reversed meanings. Is it like other decks where the meaning is reversed as well? Or are there no meanings for reversed cards? Much appreciated!
  5. Personally, I think an unique back for it would fit the best. It is a new deck, after all, and even if it can be used as an oracle as well it still got the Lenormand in it, too! A silly thought that crossed my mind, imagine a backing inspired by the classics like the RWS, only the fine pattern is made up by bones. But that's just me, I know that regardless of what you do, it'll be really cool. I didn't think I could get more excited about it, but the thought of it being black and white actually gives me more inspiration for what of my collection I can pair it with!
  6. I actually haven't thought about the backs as of yet. I know some people want it to match oddities, but I want it to stand more on it's own as a deck/entity. All of the flowers will be black and white!
  7. It is! Thank-you for pre-ordering. I actually licensed the rights to my wonderful publishers who then arranged it to be produced by Abrams Noterie and Ilex UK. They were able to bring it to an audience wider than I’ll ever be able to on my own. I really hope you enjoy using it
  8. Do you have any plans for the backs of the cards? Will there be any colour in the deck, or will you keep it very chromatic like we've seen in the sneak peeks over on Instagram?
  9. Is the Antique Anatomy deck your deck? I've had it on preorder for awhile now I can't wait to get it!! Wow! I don't have questions for it now but I am sure I will once I receive it!
  10. I've always wondered if there's any symbolism or flower language behind the flowers chosen for the Ephemera edition! If so, is there any choice you are particularly happy with? Any you'd change?

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