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Welcome to the Tea House! I hope you'll make yourself at home and get comfy here! Look around to find the nooks and crannies and bells and whistles and whatever else is peeking out of corners and from around other things. 'Scuse the cobwebs up in the corners.

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  2. Don't be alarmed at the spotty contact. I live in the mountains and the internet I use is a hotspot. Cell phone coverage is very bad here and even though I have a phone that works on a Verizon tower which is more reliable here, I still don't have top notch internet. If you're a member of the Tarot, Tea and Me forum, will you post this for them, too? I have another person waiting there for their reading to be completed---I only got it part done----and I need them to know, too. If you could make a post I'd appreciate it and I will myself as soon as I can.
  3. I'm offering $10 readings here, as the title says, to split between me and TT&M. These will be three card readings, One specific question with named positions they're succinct and precise. These would make great gifts for the holidays. My Paypal info is available by PM. As shown in my signature, my website is mytippyteahouse.com
  4. Visit the Tippy Tea House website to find a review of the Barbara Walker deck. You'll find the link to my website in my signature here on the forum.
  5. I call my RV "my tippy tipi" because it's where I live. It's my home. The Tea House is where I read cards and sell my handmade items. The Tippy Tipi is where I live and eat, sleep, etc. It's fun to make the distinction between the two for the internet, but in reality they're both the same place, of course.
  6. From now until November 1st, I have a super sale price on my Comprehensive Tarot Readings, which have gone to as many as 25 to 30 cards because I read on your question for as long as the cards "speak" about it. Usually it's less than that, but it can get quite long. From now till the Nov. 1st, the price is $35 instead of the usual $50. I also offer readings for $5 per card and my Scrabble Spread for $25 so there's something for every budget. Contact me through the form on the website to get my Paypal information. I do my readings by email or live chat through the chat box on my website. My Tippy Tea House
  7. Griz, I have always enjoyed your "nattering on"
  8. Thank you, dear Saturn! I'm glad you like it, too.
  9. I too enjoy it, Griz. You still got it girl!
  10. Oh gosh---I'm at the age where the Creator doesn't let a woman get pregnant anymore because they'd forget where they put the baby, so as I sit here thinking about it, it's hard to remember precise instances. I'll keep my memory scan going over the next while and see what I can come up with. Usually the joke is on me with pretty much everything. The first readings I did were online. I did my first reading for my cousin's room-mate who had broken up with her SO, though, and the cards said she'd be marrying him. She said "no way!" but a few years later, I found out they did get married. At that same time, I was a member of a huge forum having nothing to do with Tarot but I got the bright idea to offer free Tarot readings as my gift to the members. I didn't have anyone to practice on, so that seemed like a good idea. I got 200 requests! And I did read for every one of them, but was I ever tuckered out when I was finished! It took me over two weeks and a lot of burning the midnight oil to get them all done. Especially since I was raising two grandchildren then. I left that forum a few years later and I don't know how all the readings actually panned out in real life but hopefully, everyone had a happy ending whatever the case may have been. My advice to others? Don't ever offer free readings on a great big online forum! I'll post some more when I think of incidents as I think of them. I'll make notes to myself as they occur to me. Thank you for saying you enjoy my writing style. Sometimes I think people probably get tired of me "nattering on" as the Brits say when somebody just chatters on and on.
  11. I would honestly love to hear some of your tarot stories from over the years! Times the cards made you laugh, or particular ones following you about, that sort of thing. You have a lovely way of writing that makes me just want to sit cross-legged on the rug with my cup of tea and listen!
  12. This club will be quite informal. I'll be posting any sales specials I'm offering now and then. But other than that, we can just get to know each other better for now. We can reminisce about our Tarot experiences or chat about things having nothing to do with Tarot and fortunetelling if the notion takes us.

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