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Come and get acquainted at the Tippy Tea House! Welcome to all. As I learn more about how to work the club, things will get very interesting and I'll have a lot in store for everyone. I've reopened this club and I hope the members who joined before my break will re-join now if they're still interested. I also welcome any and all others who would like to join. I'm learning how the club controls work so please be patient.

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  2. You're a survivor, Griz. Take each day at a time and before you know it, things will have settled down for you. I'll keep you in my prayers.
  3. I get mixed up and post topics as forums or something but I meant this just to be a conversational topic. Losing two sisters in four months and then being poised to evacuate because of nearby forest fires really makes it hard for me to concentrate. My sister who just passed---Susan----was the sweetest person. Quick to laugh, always gentle, and even though I wasn't as close to her as to Kathy because of our age difference and different fathers, she was still my little sister and I loved her. To be quite honest, I just feel stunned right now. I actually only had half-siblings. My parents only had me and then divorced and then each parent had 5 more children after me. My father had one other girl and 4 boys. My mom had one boy and four more girls. My father's other daughter passed away in 2011. So far none of my brothers have passed. I've lost three sisters and only have 2 left living now.
  4. It's common for businesses to offer a 20% off sale, but I'm going to turn it upside down and offer a 20% sale that's different. Instead of saving 20%, you pay just 20% for a Sacred Seven relationship reading. That means you get a Sacred Seven spread for $10 which is 80% off my regular price of $50 per reading. This won't be a stripped down reading. You'll get the full magilla that any Sacred Seven would entail. My Sacred Seven spread is one that I made for myself over the years and it's extremely comprehensive. It can involve a good many more cards than seven, so don't let the title fool you. You may be asking "what does Griz mean by a relationship reading?" so I'll explain. We have relationships with many people in our lives, not just romantic relationships. Any interpersonal dealings we have are relationships. Bosses, employees, spouses, children, friends, teachers, students---anyone we deal with more than once constitutes some sort of relationship and that's what I'm referring to. Whatever relationship you're enquiring about will be read upon. I'll keep the readings strictly private, not posted openly. They're all confidential. I'll carry on conversations in the sign-up thread, but the contents and topics of readings will remain private. I took about a year away from doing readings and then I got covid . There were a couple of deaths in my close circle of family and extended family but now I've gotten back to myself. Even better, hopefully. I'm anxious to get going on readings again. The death of my sister at Easter really threw me into a spin for a few months but I'm back on my feet from that now, too. Her passing affected me very deeply I was especially not able to do readings for awhile. Send me a private message with your question and some background info and when I've finished your reading, I'll send you the payment information as to how to pay at the end of your reading. Incidentally, there's a real-time chat feature on my website so I can do your reading in real time by appointment if you'd like that. Just let me know so I can know when to meet you there. I'm on the upper west coast of the US but I'm a night owl. I stay up till about 3am my time most nights, which may help me to accommodate those in other time zones. At any rate, I can always stay up if need be as well, if that meets your schedule better. Manage Page
  5. I am there with you sister! I'm going to be 67 in Feb and yet sure as hell don't feel it in my mind! I want to dance again too but I can't. I have limited mobility also but I sure can spin around in my office chair though! Hang in there, Griz, you have truly gone through so much. I was bed ridden for almost a year and never looked at my cards but when I was healed, I was able to get up, pack away over half of my cards and start all over again but this time with an even more understanding of the cards and their purpose. You're doing great, Griz!
  6. Perhaps so. Your path sounds very similar to mine.
  7. Euripides, I think that you, like me, are probably a born agnostic. I have finally embraced it. I grew up Catholic, tried several religions on for size, settled on Buddhism for a long time and practiced the teachings of a particular school for 20 years, and all of those things are a part of me and have made me who I am, but in the end I cannot tie myself up to any of them.
  8. You have had a rough year, Grizabella. Mine has not been so great either --in the last nine months or so I was hit by a rowdy driver and lost my car, got COVID, lost a couple of dear friends to COVID, an uncle (well, he was well over 101 years of age, so it kinda doesn't count), just had my third eye surgery of the year (hopefully my last), and will probably need a nerve blocked in my spine before 2021 is over. And one of my oldest and dearest friends just got diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. But pain is not a competition. Those are the things that happened (are happening) to me, and the things you speak about are the ones that happened (are happening) to you. I started reading Buddhism when I was very young, and I spent 20 years practicing Nichiren Buddhism in the Soka Gakkai. I don't practice anymore (organized religion and organizations are not for me, and I'm back to my essentially agnostic ways) but Buddhism and its values was and is a pillar of strength in my life. A word to the wise: there are a gazillion schools of Buddhism, and while the basic tenets are more of less the same for everyone the teachings can vary wildly. Here is a page of wisdom from Nichiren, a Japanese monk who followed the Lotus Sutra and whose disciples in turn sparked several "sub-schools": https://www.nichirenlibrary.org/en/wnd-1/Content/1. He also said in another letter "Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy. Regard both suffering and joy as facts of life..."
  9. Good grief, Griz! I'm so happy to hear you both are doing better. That is so frightening and just shows your fortitude for pulling through on your own. You are a strong woman! With love,
  10. Ageing, as the saying goes, not for the faint-hearted. I'm well past middle-aged now and health has meant I've had to let a few things go, some of which have been very tough to deal with. Our youth-obsessed culture doesn't help, but while I'm not a pagan proper, pagan wisdom has helped. Something has happened in our society that means we've lost connection with our elders, and while this is often framed as elder neglect and old people can become very lonely, I think it's also a great loss for younger people too - we've lost that wisdom and guidance. And sadly the media love to drive a wedge in there, too. I'm grateful for places like this where we can connect. The Surya Das is a book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/285059.Letting_Go_of_the_Person_You_Used_to_Be There's quite a bit of personal anecdote in there but I think the wisdom makes it worthwhile. I'm trying to figure out how I feel about this idea of detachment, as I feel the flipside can be a sense that things aren't worthwhile. I was very interested in Buddhism for a while though like you, I don't do organized religion. I often wish I do - I sometimes envy that structure and security that it appears to bring. I've tried several religions but it always feels a bit like I'm putting on a costume; I can't quite internalize it.
  11. Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be! How apt to describe this time in my life. I'm 75 years old and in these "twilight years", as they're sometimes so pessimistically referred to, I've certainly given lots and lots of thought to "the person I used to be". It's a hard transition to make and I've struggled with it for quite a few years now. In my head I'm young, strong, healthy, slim and attractive, can still dance (I LOVE to dance and now can't walk unassisted) can still spark devotion and lust in a man's eyes, can still drive like Mario Andretti but now can't---and on and on---and even maybe once a year or so a sleeping hormone will kick in and my libido gets mistakenly optimistic that I should reconsider celibacy but then before I can act on it, the libido snores again peacefully. (Thank heavens! That could be a very embarrassing and humiliating scenario. LOL ) But anyway, as a matter of fact, I do follow much Buddhist philosophy and so do my daughters. I'm very anti-organized religion and Buddhism falls into that category for me so I'm not Buddhist but I do admire a lot of the Buddhist philosophy and teachings. Is that a book or an article I can find somewhere?
  12. Dear Griz, it sounds like you've been having a tough time of it. I'm so sorry for your sad losses. And ill health on top of it all. I've been reading a bit of Lama Surya Das lately, 'Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be' and it was the perfect thing as I'd been struggling a bit. His gentle, loving reminder that life is suffering and loss is oddly reassuring. He asks us to think about the things we've lost and whether we've come to terms with those losses, or not, and some we might never come to terms with. I don't know if his writing and Buddhist philosophy would appeal to you or not, but anyway, I hope the universe is bringing you the people and wisdom and loving-kindness you need at this time. I've just come back to Tarot after a long time away again. I've had many such times and it's a bit of a peripheral part of my life which can make it hard to maintain contact with the community. I'm glad you all have mostly kept your old names. I should have perhaps kept Euripides but it didn't seem to fit anymore. Archimedes isn't working for me either. Hmm. Anyway... yes... regarding domancy; I think it's fine, as you say, perhaps its needed. Even for a more mature plant, as a tree in winter time when it drops its leaves and withdraws into itself and lets the storm pass by. I think it can be a problem though for those of us who are easily distracted, and also if you have a lot going on, as that hard-earned knowledge can be dislodged by new information, or just fade through disuse. All new things are shiny and exciting and maybe once that novely wears off a little we lose interest. I think I'd encourage newer readers to consider ways to maintain a steady practice, even if just reviewing one card each day, reflecting a moment on its meaning, or spending a little time once a week, just to keep the cards in memory. Perhaps using an app, if you don't feel like getting the cards out. But if you need to just step away, that's fine, too.
  13. For those of you who are newer to the cards, did you start out gangbusters and now you feel like you're lukewarm or that you've lost all the ground you've gained? Let's talk about it together here. I've experienced several of those down-swings over the years and I've learned that they're actually like the dormancy of a perennial seedling---a time when it's getting more solidly established where it's planted. It's a normal resting period that gives our intuition a time to grow and absorb what we've learned but aren't yet able to access readily. In my own reading history, these times have proven to be blessings in disguise. When I resume practice each time, it's as though I've suddenly leapt ahead by a mile without consciously realizing it. I think anyone can post in this thread, not just club members and if so, those who aren't members are quite welcome to join into the discussion. I hope this will turn out to be an encouragement for our new readers, or for those not so new who may just now have experienced this phenomenon. If any of you experienced this and found a way to come out of it by necessity instead of waiting for it to return on its own, that would be a positive for the discussion, too. I'm still learning how to run this club and I have what I call "dumb spots" so your patience is highly appreciated. I hope to get the hang of it soon but sometimes it takes me awhile to catch onto certain things. The lady who was like extended family and was helping raise my oldest great-grandson and was starting to homeschool him and my great-granddaughter suddenly passed away after Christmas and several weeks later so did my sister, and then I got covid so I've really been out of my "groove" for a few months and haven't used my cards very much. It seems like a good time to start this discussion.
  14. oh @Grizabella I am sorry you have had such an awful time and then got you both got Covid. I am glad you are improving and take it easy! It's a nasty illness and do what you feel you can do that day and take it very easy! It takes a while to recover and there is no hurry My best friend got Covid at the start in March 2020 and she lost her taste and smell for nearly 4 weeks, even when she felt better from everything else. Glad you have both come through it and hope you can do some painting again, thinking of you both
  15. Thank you so much everyone for all the condolences and understanding. I appreciate it so much. To complicate matters, my daughter (who does my shopping and looks out for me in general) and I both got covid! It's only been a few days since I've come out of it. I'm still going to get the vaccination because there are some bad variants, they say, but my gosh----it was extremely scary. Especially the difficulty breathing. I live in a large RV but large though it is, the bathroom is still close by my bed but I could barely get there and back, I was so weak and breathless. And the pain----my gosh, the pain was like the flu or fibro on steroids. I just toughed it out because I was afraid if I went to the doctor or hospital they'd put me on a ventilator I couldn't get off of, but I've had plenty of medical knowledge and training so that I felt safe enough in just waiting to see if I could get better. Once I started getting better, I was still extremely weak and got breathless at every little exertion. I was afraid that was going to continue but thank goodness it hasn't. I still do get out of breath easily but at least not just from the trek to the bathroom or into the kitchen for food. Something they've mentioned in the news over the months that's a characteristic of covid-19 is the loss of the senses of smell and taste. Both my daughter and I have experienced that. We're still not recovered in that sense. Those senses just gradually left toward the end of the worst of the illness. Hers is coming back but slowly and now mine flickers in and out just a wee bit here and there. I was actually able to smell a couple of things yesterday very briefly and I was able to taste a soda she had brought me but not very accurately, I don't think, and not for very long. I had forgotten hearing about those side-effects till a few days after we were experiencing them and she mentioned it. Anyway, I'm still alive and thankfully so. I'm grateful that my daughter and I both made it through the virus. I had signed up at the online site where the doctor and pharmacy said we had to sign up for scheduling our vaccinations but they never did contact me and now I've had it anyway. I don't know how it is anywhere else in the country but here in Oregon the doctors and pharmacies all had the notice on their websites or phone recordings that we had to sign up at the online website rather than contacting them for appointments for the shots. Anyway, I'm feeling better physically and emotionally now and better able to get back to living a normal life. I've got all my watercolor supplies I'm anxious to start using and the weather is beautiful so that's a lot to look forward to. Hugs to everyone. I've missed you all.
  16. I just joined and read through your recent loss. I second what Raggydoll said-my grief isn't linear either. Having a relationship with a sister, especially one that is so very close, seems to be like having an extension of yourself. I can only imagine that loss would be like living without a part of your own body, and even once you've adjusted there would still be those phantom pains. Sending you hope and hoping you have many memories to cherish-maybe some forgotten and soon to be remembered. May her memory be a blessing.
  17. Dear Griz, you don't owe anyone an apology! You do what you need to do so feel better!! We all understand your desire to be here but remember, you come first!
  18. IT's denial, anger, bargaining, grief and acceptance. What a synchronicity that I was reading through these yesterday. My MIL is still to cope (one year hence) after her husband passed--and I can see how she goes back and forth through these stages as she is processing them. I think a sudden and unexpected death tends to do this to us. Talking about it, as you are now, is one good way of working through your feelings. Our spirits are eternal. We live on in a different form even after our bodies have long gone, and we can choose to return to Earth to live out our karmic cycle again. And often, once we know our time is nearly up, we open our mind up a little and decide we want to spend our limited time a certain way, which is what it seems your sister did . Take as much time as you need--you will know when you are ready. Sending love,
  19. sending and blessing your way Griz, take your time. We all handle grieving in our own way and we need time to ourselves to work through it or for it to become less raw. Sorry for your loss
  20. Hugs! My experience of grief is that it isn't linear, and it can come in waves for a long time. It is good to allow oneself to enjoy the moments when life feels fairly normal or even fun again. Take good care of yourself!
  21. I've found that coping with my sister's passing is taking awhile. At first I was in shock. I hadn't seen her in quite awhile so grasping that she's really gone has been hard. When she first passed and I posted here, I think I was in shock and in that first stage of coping they used to talk about. I think it's denial if I remember right. Remember that "stages of grief" or whatever they called it where we go through five stages? Denial and a few other stages that include anger and then the final one is acceptance. Right now I think I'm sort of hung up in shock and denial. But the pendant around my neck and a little cloissonne heart-shaped box that the girls put some of her ashes in for me (it's so "Kathy"!) brings back to me that yes, she's really gone. When my niece brought me the ring and pendant and ashes we talked about what happened. Kathy had leukemia but she chose not to have the bone marrow transplant. She went into remission for about 2 1/2 years but then last December, right around the time I had that dream about the little girls, her doctor had to tell her that her leukemia had come out of remission. She still chose not to have aggressive treatment and in fact, she stopped taking all of her medications. My niece said she got involved with one of the televangelist type of programs and kept saying God would heal her and she was sending money to these people, too. I owe everyone here at TT&M an apology for having just disappeared for awhile, I haven't been myself. But I know I need to come out of my shell and get back to normal because Kathy wouldn't want me to just put my own life on hold. She'd want me to be savoring every day and doing the things that matter to me. She certainly wouldn't want me wasting precious time just sitting here doing nothing. It's spring and the birds and bees and butterflies are all in fine form. Flowers are blooming and life goes on, after all, for those of us still here. I'll become more active here very soon. I just have to go at whatever pace my psyche can handle right now I think.
  22. What a beautiful story Grizabella.. Thank you for sharing with us
  23. Oh my, Griz! That is such a wonderful story!!
  24. Thank you both so much for asking. My sister and I were very close all our lives until recent years when physical distance separated us. We had a tough growing up time and were all each other really had to cling to through some very rough times but we survived and were each other's rocks. I was talking to her daughters the other night when they'd been going through her things when something wonderful happened. They were asking me about my birthstone and I told them mine was citrine and hers was amethyst but that I'd always liked hers better than mine. I mentioned that about 30 years ago I'd had a silversmith make Kathy a ring that was our two birthstones side-by-side but that I thought probably it had gotten lost along the way somewhere because Kathy and I were both abused women for so long and things were stolen and lost. They sent me a picture and I was so shocked----they showed me a ring and it's the one I had made for her all those years ago! They said they want me to have it and that there's a pendant with some of her ashes they also want me to have. I'm so touched that through it all, that ring was still in her possession. I'll wear it myself now till the day I pass. It means so much to me. Not just because I had it made for her and it's our two birthstones together but even more for what it's survived and still remained with her. Kathy and I raised our babies together through till their adulthoods, loving each other's children like they were our own. We laughed and cried together so many, many times. But the laughter is what got us through. We always tried to find the funny side in even the worst of situations. I'm sure everyone knows about gallows humor. We sure had that in play many a time. I was even able to be there when she had her sixth baby at home. I still remember that little guy's foot sticking up out of the stork sling when the midwife weighed him. She had a difficult delivery but finally he came popping right out suddenly. Kathy wasn't very coordinated. I always was very much so but she never did even learn to ride a bike. I tried and tried to help her learn but she could either pedal or steer, never both at once. Our neighbor lady got very exasperated with us because every time I'd get Kathy going on the bike, she'd plow off the sidewalk into that poor lady's marigolds. The marigolds got replanted a few times but finally we had to give up on Kathy riding a bike. She didn't fare much better learning to drive a car, I had just gotten sober for about 9 months when she came to my house and told me she'd been trying to find somebody to ride along with her to practice for her driving test. I asked her why she couldn't find anyone and she said that they were all too scared to go with her. I said, "Well, I'll go with you. I'm not afraid." (Ho, ho!) Her then-husband had just put a new transmission in the car and she was going to try the driving test as soon as she drove a little bit more so she was thrilled I'd go with her and I was thrilled to be able to. I truly wasn't afraid at all. Well, we started out and the first red light or two I reminded her of the red light we were coming to. Then I thought I should probably let her just see those red lights and react to them herself since she had that test to take. The next one coming up I didn't say anything---and she didn't stop for it. She went through the red light, a car broadsided us and turned her car up on its side. I looked at the window next to me and thought, "Oh lord, this is going to hurt" but instinctively I threw myself away from the window and I think that's what put the car back right side up. We had hit a fire hydrant and a telephone pole, which tore the new transmission out from under the car but she still had her foot on the gas and we were heading for other cars and a billboard in the parking lot. I told her "Kathy, take your foot off the gas!" because she was in shock I think. The front axle broke, so fortunately that slowed us down. After that, the store whose parking lot we so rudely rammed through put up a very, very strong fence on that corner. And my dear sister Kathy never did get her driver's license. Scary as that incident was, there were lots of laughs over it later on, though. That particular husband, once Kathy was divorcing him, killed their pet goat while she was at work one night and while the kids were staying with friends and put the goat's head in her bed so that's what she came home to. Just one of the many things we went through together. I wasn't there, but we always turned to each other by phone if we weren't able to see each other. I know Kathy is in a better place now. She was closest to me though of anyone. A few months ago I dreamed that she and I were in the forest and were talking about having headstones made when we passed on with the statues of two little girls holding hands. I think maybe it might have been a premonition of her death. She was cremated, though, and I've always planned to be cremated, too, so there won't be any headstones with little girls holding hands but I think I'm going to paint what I saw in my dream. Below is a picture of the ring I had made for her with our two birthstones.
  25. Hey, I hope you're doing alright x
  26. How are you doing, Griz?

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