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  2. It's the 18th!!! This is the day my decks from Bulgaria are supposed to arrive, and 2 days after my Wild Unknown deck from China was supposed to arrive, and so far nothing. I am dying of anticipation, sob.
  3. There's something wrong with my wishlist, it keeps growing no matter how many decks I buy
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  5. I wanted to reply individually but I don’t see how to do that. I’m on a mobile.
  6. Thank you for all the warm welcomes!
  7. I finally caved in and purchased the Book of Azathoth Tarot. It's been on my wishlist for awhile (like, almost a year?) and I never took the plunge. I saw the deck used in a couple of Benebell Wen's YouTube videos so I searched on her site to see if she had a review. Her review sold me on the deck so I ordered it. That one should be coming in Friday. I'll be excited to work with it over the Halloween/Fall season and into Winter (I feel like it could probably work for both seasons). The Tarot of the Unknown based on Tome of the Unknown/Over the Garden Wall cartoons just shipped a few days ago and should be arriving tomorrow! I backed that one on Kickstarter and I wasn't expecting it for awhile but it looks like it'll be arriving before October which is great because it has such a Fall/Halloween-y feel to it. I'm super excited. I haven't had many new decks in a long while so having two arrive within a day or two of each other is pretty neat.
  8. Hi @Grizabella wow your site looks so much better than before, well done! Just a few things: 1. Gallery Do you plan to change the sample images? Otherwise I would just remove 'gallery'. 2. Image of Yourself Do you have a better pic of yourself? I mean I love the pic of you, but it seems you increased the size and therefore it looks a bit pixely, compared to all the other images that are really sharp. 3. Blog Is great, love the pics you chose for each entry. Well done!!!
  9. Hello @stellajames34 welcome to the TT&M Family.
  10. Hello @Igraine welcome to the TT&M Family.
  11. I have the app too, but I was really happy to see the shipping notice. The app gives you the basics for using the deck and a little background, but in the books Karen always talks about how the decks were put together: where they found things, why they chose them, that kind of thing. I'm a creative process fiend. I can endlessly watch documentaries about things like how a record album came to be made, even though I don't play anything but the stereo, lol. So I'm really looking forward to this.
  12. How exciting!!! Please share pics when you get it. I never did order it, I couldn't justify it when ive had access to the app for so long and hardly read it. But their guidebooks are really really good.
  13. Trust me; I will. No problem By the way, Raggydoll. I got word today that the pre-ordered Bohemian Gothic Tarot Companion Book is on its way
  14. Hi and welcome to TT&M @stellajames34!
  15. Hi and welcome to TT&M @peacewing!
  16. Now hurry and spend those two euros on something nice - you’ve earned it!!
  17. I can't see that they claim to be an authorized reseller. But there is probably little chances that anyone else here will end up in this online store. Maybe there are only me who can get such an idea By the way, they have added another 2 euros to the price since I bought on Monday. That is, I could have made an even worse deal
  18. agree! web as well! luv free guidebook & accompanying text fit illustrations perfectly!;D
  19. Smokey Quartz, Sodalite, Blue Goldstone is said to help with empathy and anxiety.
  20. I'm totally enthralled with this deck, gregory. I went to find the book you mention on Amazon and found that the Kindle edition was $2.99. I just got credited with a $3 payment for a review and I got the Kindle book. It's totally fascinating and I'm so impressed with this deck! One of my grand-daughters has been very interested in Tarot and I think this deck will be something she should really take a look at. She's been interested in mythology for years now and her mindset would definitely go along with the philosophies I'm seeing in this book. I haven't read the AT review yet but I will. I just came back here to post about having found that it's not a Thoth-based deck at all and my impressions having gotten the Kindle book.
  21. Most of my reading at the moment is for myself. I'm evolving spiritually at the moment and using a couple of decks to help me explore what's going on. That said, there are some topics I would never read for myself on and will always get someone else to do for me - relationship readings and career readings are two that Spring straight to mind. Anything where my happiness is heavily invested in it.
  22. Welcome to the forum! This is a wonderful place to learn and get involved in! Take your time and get settled in!
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