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  1. Yesterday
  2. I only do that when i actually cleanse them as a part of the ritual but i have the habit to shuffle it after to remove the energy before i put it back
  3. Aliki


    Hello and welcome to the forum
  4. Aliki

    Tarot Humor (Memes)

    Fr for a very good amount of time i was getting cards like this and the tower etc and so many reverses i never saw on a reading before it was quite a sh*tty time
  5. FindYourSovereignty

    Deck of the Week Sign-Up Thread: Week 281: Nov. 26 - Dec. 2

    Get to know my deck Spread by Mary Greer What do I most need to be aware of: 1. An area of focus, general atmosphere or the overall energy at play. Ace of Swords Being alert and aware, using all of my senses to receive and be prepared for everything that comes my way. Be a human antennae tuning into the highest frequency. 2. This is the part of myself that is most active and of which I need to be most aware. King of Swords Trusting and knowing what I am responsible for, I will only make the necessary moves or take any actions that are for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All. 3. This is the situation that the part of myself (Court Card above) is concerned with today. Five of Rods Honing in on and enhancing my abilities through practice and challenge with those that want to help me grow. People that want to see me get stronger and more confident. 4. This shows why I need to be aware. The Lovers Today is my 33rd wedding anniversary. The more I live authentically, which is the work I am doing, the happier we both we will be as we grow old together. Loving myself let’s me love him in the healthiest way possible. Today’s energy in the cards feel fairly balanced to me. There is individuality as well as community and connection. The most dominant colors are blue (air/throat chakra) speaking my truth and yellow (fire/solar plexus) and feeling my truth are going to lead me to the most loving actions to take. The numerology totals 12 = The Hanged Man and 3 = The Empress. Both cards I’ve had this week already. Continue to receive and be open to new perspectives and seeing the many options to nurture myself. They are in great abundance.
  6. I partly agree and I partly don't. This part I agree with. Where I differ is just as I don't see any card per se as positive or negative without context, neither do I see any card as neutral. Rather, each card is an incredible repository of all possible meanings, positive, negative, and neutral alike. Every card represents a panorama of all possible representations of the energy and meaning of the card.
  7. This one? Is this an actual card in the deck? I just did a picture search only so I’m not sure? what is she doing with that … rod thing??? seriously? at least the three heads have their eyes closed, the ones with open eyes look like Cyclops from the x-men. Errrrr no, please no.
  8. Mine would be Le Grand Tarot Belline. I love that deck and it was one of the first decks that I bought. It's a big size deck with a sturdy, thick cardstock. Can't show it used as it is not used. But neither are any of my other decks. I don't do reading too often, I shuffle them with care, and use a deck only a few time. I'd love to have a used deck (it has its charm for sure!) it's just that because I love my decks I'm too careful with them.
  9. Thank you so much Akhilleus!
  10. Wyrdkiss

    Tarot Humor (Memes)

    LoL, it's so true this week.
  11. The Bible of course. We have four hefty KJV/NKJV study bibles, none of which I've finished yet heh. Still they're so fascinating, and inspiring too. I was surprised that there were some stories there which I remember were taught quite differently in catechism class. I also learned a bit about resilience in Peck's The Road Less Traveled. I haven't read the sequels though. I learned to develop a philosophical prism through which I can contextualize (and therefore effectively tackle) this ruthless world through the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Even if it's a fictional autobiography, I'm going to have to include Yourcenar's Memoirs of Hadrian here.
  12. That is GORGEOUS and weathered and perfectly seasoned.
  13. Akhilleus

    What do you think of this deck ? Should I buy it ?

    @rylla It's a beautifully illustrated deck, one of my faves aesthetically. I love looking at it. Its silver reversible back is one of the best I've encountered. What's more, there's some serious brains behind its system. The companion book is deep and is a dream (heh) to read. It's essential if you wish to understand the whole thing. That may be its fatal flaw though: it's an entirely new system that only borrows elements from the RWS in passing. In order to truly read with it, you would need to expend some time and effort. Unless you read intuitively, in which case it is a gem.
  14. DanielJUK


    Welcome @Mella25 If you get to 5 posts in the forum you can access the exchange and reading areas. No one is perfect though, I think we all mess up at times, we just have to learn the leason from it!
  15. DanielJUK


    Welcome to the community @LadyBug_1216 glad you have found us here coming back to divination
  16. DanielJUK

    Hi everyone!

    The contradictions in humans are always fascinating and it's good to have a rational and intuitive thinking process , be open minded to anything. I went to a religious high school here in the UK and the headmaster was a Dr of chemistry and was a Reverend in Church and had a theology degree as well. His title was Dr Rev and it really interested me as a teenager that he had a spirtual side and science side. He actually taught us for science. Always fascinating! Anyway glad you found us here @Taromano
  17. Oh, her writing is 'chewy' for sure. It really is best to take your time with what she lays out, and going back and re-reading (or re-re-reading if you're a bit slow like me ) when necessary. She does not "dumb it down", and that's part of the appeal for me. It challenges me, but rewards the effort to learn and understand quite richly.
  18. I completely understand this. There are some books I really, really want to read but just can't (no matter how hard I try) get into. Meditations on the Tarot is one of them.
  19. Ix Chel

    Learning Court cards

    For me the best way to learn Court Cards is to connect them to people. For me the television show Bones was a good learning method. It represents all the suites and ranks. I also made notes by studying various Tarot sources about the character of each card. Also look at possible jobs that are connected to a court card. For example the television show the Golden Girls. Sophia is the Queen of Swords, she always tells the truth, and can come over as rude. Blanche is the Queen of Wands, she loves to go out and date men. Dorothy is the Queen of Pentacles she is practical and a teacher. And Rose is the Queen of Cups, she is nice, and a little dreamer.
  20. Scarlet Woodland

    Black & white or two color decks… how do you feel about them?

    Ha! Post some readings with it so I can enjoy it vicariously? Oh sorry @Misterei, just being lazy. I meant The Wild Unknown. I had a fair idea before purchasing that I'd be able to work with the Phantomwise, thanks to printing out some of the images on paper to have a play with, around a decade ago. There's nostalgia there too, as it was one of the first decks I was drawn to when I started reading. (Was just about to post this and saw your post about colour and emotion @FindYourSovereignty) I seem to need a bit of an emotional response to the images in a deck to connect properly. That's harder for me to find in Black and White decks but evidently not impossible. I think Tarot of the Abyss could be one that does that for me but we'll soon see. I could post a couple of sample, Tarot of the Abyss, 3 card spreads here? Might give ppl a chance to test if they could work with it. Something like, "This is a past-present-future spread, try interpreting this as if it's about your/a client's work"
  21. That is a very good advice! Thank you @LadyBug_1216
  22. LadyBug_1216

    Lenormand Beginner Friendly Decks and books?

    One important thing is to make sure the pictures are easy to identify. I have the Celtic Lenormand, and the house, coffin and tower look so similar, I have to look twice to see which one it is. Now I search for a video that has a flip-through of the cards. A review of the deck can get long, but a flip-through is sometimes all you need. I also prefer a playing card size. I found a very nice deck, which I bought used, and didn't realize it was bigger than playing cards. Hope this helps on your search!
  23. LadyBug_1216


    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll be sure to read about the exchanges, and see how that works.
  24. joy


    Hello @Mella25welcome to the TT&M Family
  25. joy


    Hello @LadyBug_1216 welcome to the TT&M Family Great to hear you want to participate in our Lenormand exchanges! Once you have 5 posts you can take part in our monthly exchange! It is opening for signing up today.
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