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  2. Hi everyone As I said above I think it’s time to introduce myself the last days have been pretty busy so I haven’t been able to write a longer text as my journey to and with Tarot is a long one in 2001 I came in touch with witchcraft/paganism and in the end of 2001 I joined a coven as a guest after three months they said I wasn’t taken on as a permanent member but I still stayed friends with some of them everybody in there was reading tarot it was like a kind of in thing you just did when you were in these kind of circles So I looked online what was available in Germany but a long time I didn’t find anything that I liked either the cards were to “comicy” for my liking or other women were depicted very kitschy which I didn’t like too in 2003 I found the VisionQuest tarot which is native American themed which I really liked after that I found the goddess oracle deck in an esoteric shop close by which also helped me a lot it’s really a pity that I lost it in my many relocations I had since that time A long time and I only had these two decks and was happy with them also I couldn’t really afford buying new decks all the time in 2010 I had a big crisis and after that I stopped with everything spiritual because I was questioning my whole life including my spiritual path in 2013 I started with my spiritual path again but I had said goodbye to a lot of stuff that wasn’t right for me anymore so one year later I ventured into the field of tarot again after I also started to work with Runes I didn’t want to use my old VisionQuest tarot any more because it was connected to native American spirituality to which I had said goodbye as well because at that time I also was confronted with the topic of cultural appropriation so in the end I bought a norse mythology themed deck from voenix I don’t remember the name at the moment because it is currently properly in some boxes that I have stored in another place but I didn’t really like it because the women were depicted very non-inclusive meaning very thin and pretty women the same age no diversity at all this is what I don’t like in a tarot deck in 2017 I moved 700 km from my hometown to free myself from my abusive parents or didn’t leave me alone although I had my own apartment in my own life these past three years my life has been very busy and through several circumstances I stopped using the Tarot A couple of weeks ago I thought about a new kind of meditation I could try and thought I could just take a card and meditate on what ever comes up so I looked into a couple of decks but the ones that I liked very very expensive in Germany and my budget is not very big at the moment so through the video I discovered lenormand and the symbols really spoke to me and when I read that this system is more for simple readings I couldn’t understand that because although the meanings are direct I still could see many layers of each card so I ordered a set on Amazon and the package came yesterday although I couldn’t have them in my hands until today because I wasn’t there but because of interest I still looked for other decks on aeclectictarot and rediscovered the giants tarot which I have been looking at since 2016 and wanted to have just as long but to order anything from the USA is just so expensive because you have the price of the cards themselves and then the price for shipping but my lovely partner show me looking at these cards online and was so kind as to give me half of the money so I could afford it and I’m so happy that I could order the set a couple of days ago and I am so excited when it will arrive because I have never ordered anything from the USA before and I hope I don’t have to go to the customs (i hope that’s the right word in English) so wish me luck so I hope to learn a lot here and find like-minded people also more inclusive people because I am non-binary and there are some pretty Conservative people in some Esoteric forums
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  4. MoonBear

    Song of the Day

    This song is so beautiful the music and also these deep lyrics my song of the day is an amazing japanese monk who sings a mantra but also with beatboxing
  5. MoonBear

    Gilded Reverie, Extended Edition

    So I came home from staying at my partners apartment for a couple of days and found this lovely package sitting on my bed I immediately have to open it without even unpacking my bag as soon as I had them in my hands I really loved them I saw the pictures of all of The cards already online but it’s another thing to see them and have them in your hands . my partner who brought me back home saw this deck and immediately wanted to shuffle through them and as he did that he said he liked the imagery very much Although he normally only doesRunes and has never picked up any kind of cards so I have to be careful that they won’t start to wander so I haven’t done a reading yet because I normally first ask the teachers I work with to bless my cards and that takes some silence which I haven’t have yet but I’m very excited
  6. Morsoth

    Lo Scarabeo Anima Antiqua Line

    Like gregory just said, I'll say that the Anima Antiqua line has a very subtle matte finish. I must admit that I prefer Lo Scarabeo's Anima Antiqua card quality over the Il Meneghello ones. However, be aware that the new edition ("Museum Quality") of the Sola Busca is highly laminated: ___________ Matte Finish____________ vs ____________ Laminated
  7. gregory

    Lo Scarabeo Anima Antiqua Line

    No, I know. I have many Meneghello decks, and these are not like them. But they are rather lovely, just the same. And much easier to use.
  8. kudos91

    Lo Scarabeo Anima Antiqua Line

    Thanks @gregory! As i thought they use a matte lamination like most of higher end decks these days. Il Meneghello normally doesn't use lamination on the card ( I doubt they even use playing card stock since the card are very thick and not flexible at all), but they smell soooo good (the best smell of all so far).
  9. Wyrdkiss

    Wildwood-appropriate spreads

    I love these, thank you everyone.
  10. I'm enjoying doing various work with this deck, usually in conjunction with another pack on the table, such at the Thoth or a RWS variant. Before I share how my progress is going, and a bit about my method, how many of you are utilizing the Tarot of Shadows now that several English versions are available? Is there interest in me sharing more?
  11. Wyrdkiss

    Song of the Day

    The Humbling River -- an amazing, soft and haunting song about overcoming grief (In my perception). Others have interpreted it as coming together for a greater global consciousness. And then, some see it as surpassing drug addiction. Music is subjective. What tarot card do you think best fits the lyrics and tone?
  12. Decan

    Song of the Day

  13. gregory

    Lo Scarabeo Anima Antiqua Line

    I'd call it a light lamination (the term varnish is not one I would use.) NOT like the Meneghello finish at all. The LoS ones don't as a result look totally antique in finish, only in the artwork. But shiny they are not. Anyone else agree ?
  14. SparklePuffy

    Can reverse King of Pentacles be positive?

    Since reversals are not always negative, yes, this card (and every card) can be positive when reversed. Random example -- if this king represents your landlord, and you don't have the rent, the reversal might indicate the person is distant, somehow removed from the situation. If he's out of town and not coming to collect, that could be positive
  15. 53rdspirit

    The Cooking Corner

    Yum!!!!! I had to look up New Zealand ginger crunch, and what's the difference between American and New Zealand chocolate chip cookies? I looked that up, too, and it seems that New Zealand chocolate chip cookies are the chewy kind?
  16. Hello everyone! I’m a newbie so it’s still quite difficult for me to think of the cards in a broader sense or connecting it with something that’s maybe not so obvious to me. When reading about reverse King of Pentacles, it seems very negative. Is there a way to view this card reversed in a more positive way? Curious to hear your insight
  17. atomictangerine

    Recommendations for websites with meanings

    I love Biddytarot.com because she breaks it down by what the card interpretation could mean based on categories (love, career, finances) and also elliotoracle.com because I just find him really positive in his interpretations.
  18. kudos91

    Lo Scarabeo Anima Antiqua Line

    can anyone who owe a deck from this line please let me know if they varnish the cards? I love my Il meneghello Soprafino a lot but hate the fake stain that they use to make the deck look antique, the nice thing is they don't apply any kind of varnish on the card though
  19. I realized, that just doing my daily 3 card draw and then reading up on them in the extensive book does not work with this deck. The lore and all the complicated associations and symbols added to the images are explained consecutively, so when I draw the 4 of Air and have not read Ace to 3 of Air and all the beginning of the book, the text does not make any sense and the card image loose context I will have to put the deck back in order and start from the beginning. So, if I do this next week, I will need a second deck for my daily draws........
  20. atomictangerine


    Welcome Francesca!
  21. atomictangerine

    Happy to be here :')

    Welcome from a fellow newbie
  22. atomictangerine

    Hello from quarantine!

    Hi there Dayna from a fellow newbie! I did the same thing with my first deck, looked at the pictures and wrote down my own interpretation and then looked up meetings afterwards. It has definitely filled up my time in quarantine too Happy learning!
  23. I often ask my cards for advice regarding creative projects, and especially when I’m about to start working on another card in my deck. This time, the advice felt clear: look for synchronicities to find reassurance as to what needs to come forth in my art. The guidebook for the enchanted spell oracle complements that by stating that I need to withdraw and create in solitude, and that it is then I will experience enchantment from the flow of inspiration that comes to me. I feel like both of these decks work really well when paired with another deck. The Supra oracle would probably be the one that reads good on its own. The spell oracle feels like it is more limited in its use. I personally don’t think I would use it for a spread or pull more than one card at a time.
  24. atomictangerine

    Hello, Friends!

    I’m also new to the forum and tarot in general Welcome!
  25. atomictangerine

    Hello new friends :)

    Hello friends! My name is Louise and I’m fairly new to tarot, I have only been practicing a couple months. It has been so helpful with my anxiety and overthinking and helps me connect to my inner self. I’m hoping to learn more from this forum and hopefully make some friends that love tarot as well!
  26. Morsoth

    Lo Scarabeo Anima Antiqua Line

    Gotta Collect 'Em All! Small update: A listing page has been created for the Tarocco Sopraffino on Amazon.ca, but no pre-order yet. The release date is now listed as Feb. 8 2021.
  27. FLizarraga

    Gilded Reverie, Extended Edition

    It was an obvious typo --but a funny one. Luckily US Games picked it up.
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