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  2. And today's. It kind of ties in with the previous one.
  3. The Rosenwald is my primary reading deck! It's certainly quirky, and I love that about it! Here's my Monday on Tuesday! I'll be back with today's.
  4. Agnes

    Sources for decks?

    I've tried Etsy and Ebay and not had any luck. I think perhaps I found a set -- just ordered this from a half price books in Texas. It could turn out to be the book only despite the listing title: Wahrsagen mit den Kipperkarten. Buch und 36 Karten. Vogel, Christine. So keep your fingers crossed for me! Am I correct in thinking that the Musruck deck follows the traditional structure?
  5. Wyrdkiss

    Hi, it’s been… 4 YEARS?

    This is awesome -- welcome back @Mirath, Cheers.
  6. Agnes

    Homemade tarot bags/purses/boxes

    What a fun topic. I sew a lot and I have a couple of naked decks. It’s really nice to see so many different styles of boxes and bags.
  7. Eno

    Everybody's Tarot

    I need one too
  8. Eno

    What's The Postman Bringing?

    Today multiple postmen worked on improving my collection: The fedex guy brought my Yin and Yang Cat Tarot and DHL brought the Ellis Tarot and the Starbound Phantasia. Unfortunately I won't be able to spend the time they deserve with them before next weekend.
  9. Eno

    Unboxings and First Impressions

    I couldn't resist the Tarot of Japanese poetry....
  10. Eno

    Fairy Tale Tarot - KS Reprint

    I went for the Spanish version, the original first edition is still available on amazon at it's normal price. The art is the same and my Spanish is sufficient to read tarot card titles
  11. DanielJUK

    Sources for decks?

    From @katrinka's Kipper Primer blog post from the past.... The other 3 in the blog post have various changes. Sadly these 2 decks seem to be out of print, the original one used to be on Amazon but now harder to get. I think that is the reason the Rainbow, Mystical and Fin de Siecle are on all the shops, they are still in print. The more traditional decks are hard to get and the English world doesn't really have the Kipper interest of the German world. That is why really Toni Puhle's book is one of the few English books. It's always been a problem for me getting Kippers or finding English resources on them. Like @Wyrdkiss suggested, Etsy. Also Ebay and Abebooks, look up those Kipper decks, you might find a few left for sale but they are mostly out of print now
  12. Niobium

    Some Russian decks

    Regarding Tarot of Salt and Water, the artist indicated she's having a lot of trouble with the decks getting through customs (she'd sold a couple internationally to see how it would go). So it might be she can't sell them just now. I'll keep tabs on it, though, in case someone like Modern Magic eventually distributes it.
  13. Wyrdkiss

    Tarot Podcasts?

    Tarot Esoterica is another option
  14. Wyrdkiss

    Sources for decks?

    Have you tried Etsy?
  15. Princess of Cups As I stated in another thread, I am fond of this state of personality, these seemingly faerie-kissed and dreamlike, charming individuals who appear to move between the mundane realm and something beautiful beyond on a nearly clockwork basis. These types are highly appealing, at least until it is time to remember something important around the home, or follow through on an impacting promise. Regardless, they often work hard behind the scenes, and make incredibly good supportive partners overall. According to Crowley she represents the " faculty of Crystallization -- the power of water to give Substance to Idea, to support Life." What I love about this card art is the fact that water is so active yet poised in this image. Graceful, moving and vast, and possibly a bit elusive -- if only in her sheer beauty and the challenging concept of earning it. Song for this Card: I wanna be adored ( a cover of the Stone Roses classic) What are your thoughts on the Princess of Cups @vulprix?
  16. OK, I've had an opportunity to ponder. Perhaps let's start by exploring the four suites, beginning with the unique structure of the Thoth court cards. There is immense analogy and self-reflection potential in these 16 characters; I hope others become inspired to read and participate. We can pepper the writing between Lady Frieda Harris and Crowley for discussion as well! Their letter exchanges were fascinating. For those new to the Thoth, the court card comparison to the Rider-Waite-Smith is as follows: THOTH: RWS Knight King Queen Queen Prince Knight Princess Page There's a lot more to these changes, so much more, and I believe Vulprix will give us the break-down in digestible bits and bites over time. How about we start at the bottom, going up? You asked some time ago about my take on the Princess of Cups. I'll share my thoughts on her soon in a new post. Cheers and welcome to all who stop in -- and thank you for the exchange of ideas and experience around my touchstone, my most favorite deck @vulprix!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Mirath

    Hi, it’s been… 4 YEARS?

    Ahh, awesome to know that, thanks! Nice to be back!
  19. DanielJUK

    Hi, it’s been… 4 YEARS?

    Glad you have found us again @Mirath and we are happy with people reawakening old threads or posting new hellos when they return! Happy your RWS have reminded you to find us over here again
  20. Thank you and welcome @vulprix. There's so many options, I'm awash in Libra indecision. Our prior court card discussion was fascinating, but let's hear what is up your sleeve for sure. Indecision circumvented -- see below please!
  21. @fire cat pickles, the Hadar is my favorite Marseille deck. I think the colors in it have a lot to do with my preference.
  22. This thread is intended to be an EXCELLENT collaborative discussion based on mutual admiration of the Thoth Tarot! Symbology, structure, artwork, Crowley’s writings, other miscellaneous occult understandings of the cards… anything is fair game. The excellence of this thread is in its freedom and its fun. I am excited to talk Thoth with you, @Wyrdkiss! Any burning desires for first discussions? I have a few topics up my sleeve.
  23. Little Fang


    Heru is important
  24. Mirath

    Hi, it’s been… 4 YEARS?

    Joy: Thank you very much! Happy to be back and ready to learn a lot more!
  25. joy

    Hi, it’s been… 4 YEARS?

    Hello @Mirath welcome back home then to the TT& Family
  26. fire cat pickles

    Deck of the Week Sign-Up Thread: Week 265, August 6 - August 12

    Yesterday's daily is posted:
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