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  2. Yes! "On the nose" means "exactly."
  3. Joe

    Those Darn Swords

    There cant be any civilization without books.
  4. As a not native English speaking person, does this mean it is correct?
  5. Congratulations on your graduation from the mentor program @Tarotnewbie!
  6. Katrinka.....One of these days I'm going to learn how you guys extract a particular section from a post. I'm like you, I don't like to see people put books down....and that seems to be kind of prevalent these days when they can just download them....I think one day they will be very valuable b/c of that...I think we are both saying pretty much the same thing.
  7. @Mi-Shell - so sorry that happened. Are the cards ok then? @ilweran - the ZIllich deck is beautiful! Just wish it didn’t have the key words. Is that why you’ll be trimming them? @gregory - I just ordered Rackham too! Can’t wait. Ordered The Good Tarot, too. Just ‘cause.
  8. Happy Birthday - I got you this new brand of pickles - enjoy!
  9. Well the de-enabling came more from you showing how the art has been reused! I am tempted to read the books though, my curiosity has been piqued there. Maybe it would also provide some context for her tarot? If only I wasn't so busy with other decks!
  10. Thank you for the birthday wishes, the cats, and the delicious cakes! @LoveLightPeace @DanielJUK @MoonGypsy @Raggydoll @BlueToy @Rupicapra @KaiNO @joy @Saturn Celeste @Mi-Shell
  11. Well, that would make 2 Canadians plotting around with this deck. Just saying: The Anieth Nature Tarot is on the site as well and it is very beautiful ♥ the third deck with the people is all scenes taken from her fantasy world books. You can see/ read them on line. I have not looked at that one yet. I was intrigued by these 2 decks being all Animals.
  12. It wasn't meant as a shot at anything you said, Ruby Jewel! It's just something I've run into all too often. Pelicans are no joke. Never underestimate a pelican! (Or refer to it as a "swan", lol.)
  13. Well done @Tarotnewbie congratulations and looking forward to seeing you in the circles
  14. I am actually a lover of books and I have way too many now.....I would not suggest taking an entrenched position regarding books or labeling them as "bad". That is rather ignorant......there is always something to learn and I still look through them on Amazon to see what is out there. For me, they serve an important service for anyone who has no access to schools or teachers when you want to learn about a subject. So, this is why I said when you "reach a saturation point." Because at that point, it is time to apply what you know.....one cannot be an apprentice forever. Pelican's are interesting creatures. When I lived in the Baja on the Sea of Cortez there were hundreds of them and I would sit for hours watching them "dive" for a fish......waiting for them to miss just once.....this went on for 2 years and I never once saw one miss getting the fish, throwing their heads back on their long necks and swallowing the poor thing. Sorry Katrinka...I just had to tell that story to someone (laugh).
  15. Interesting. It's a shame because the images are really beautiful and deep, but I agree with you on the colouring and apt descriptions (ie the deer!) You're a trooper for delving right into it for us, and sharing so many images, thank you so much! Like @ilweran you were deenabling me on it, but after I went to her website (I didn't realise there was one LOL! I only saw her Etsy shoppe) I'm still keen to get it and figure it out. Might be a Canadian winter project for me when I'm stuck inside
  16. Today
  17. Wow!! This is wonderful!! Great job Tarotnewbie and Wanderer! @Tarotnewbie your status is now set to graduate. Great job! I'm always so proud when my students graduate and I'm also so proud of my mentors who graduate them!
  18. Now Barleywine.....that was a little on the sneaky side (laugh). You are probably right, but I have a problem with it taking a whole lifetime.....it's kind of like me starting to learn classical guitar at the age of 70..... it will have to suffice as a book of reference for me cause learning all that makes my brain hurt. Anyway, I'm kinda content right now. How many years have you been studying Crowley and Thoth now??
  19. I have great pleasure in announcing the graduation (with flying colours, I might add) of @Tarotnewbie(a name that may soon need to be adjusted, I feel..!). It's been an absolute delight to see her develop so rapidly, and watch her intuitive skills start to take flight. Tarotnewbie, it's been a genuine honour to be able to help you on the first stages of your journey, and I can't wait to see where it takes you next! So, without further ado (don't want to embarrass her, now, do we?)... [drum roll, please]...
  20. Happy Birthday!Blessings, LOVE and cake!!
  21. Also, no more replies until @emi leaves her feedback for everyone who has posted so far.
  22. This one here is quite the opposite and WAAAAAAAAAY the most wildly painted, almost garish looking image. Well, to me anyway. Some people love popping colours But yet again the background is missing somehow and I have the feeling this image comes from some different body of artwork and has been put here.... To answer AJ's question, I personally have the feeling, that this is the weaker deck of the 2. As a Tarot deck???? I am struggggeling with a whole slue of things, from the Gaelic to the missing information about why this Animal is in this position. And the 4 Journeys thing and the Snatha suit..... As an Oracle? Well, maybe, that would take all the problems I am having of the table. You however may not have any of these issues.... It may just be me..... Ilweran, do not put my words onto a golden scale! YOU are definitely culturally much closer to this deck than me. Honestl, I was hoping YOU can help me with some of this!! I think, this is a totally different system, A.E. Stone is trying to create. Like the Greenwood, it stands o its own. But then she is taking stuff from Robert Graves, who invented a lot and is NOT well looked at be Celtic Scholars and people who know, original sources..... It is still waaaaaay too early for me to say anything definitively. But, ifffffff I was very busy and it was not waaaaay toooo hot to be outside and .... I would just put this thing into a box and - yea, nothing..... I am glad, you guys are here and asking me questions, that encourages me to keep going....
  23. Happy Birthday FireCat! I hope you have 100 more!
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