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  2. LogicalHue

    Unboxings and First Impressions

    I opened up two decks last night, after finding some sort of manufacturing error on Light Visions, I opened up Dark Wood so I could do a reading. First slight bummer with the Light Visions deck was a smooshed corner. Its such a distinctive box among tarot boxes, it was sad for it to be flawed. Then I opened it up and at first everything seemed fine. I'm so happy to see the coloring. I didn't know they were purple! And they feel amazing. I've seen someone on here mention that the finish makes it hard to shuffle them and I can see how that may be the case but I haven't trie
  3. Morsoth

    Lo Scarabeo Catalog for 2021

    Well, I made it for readings, either for me or my "clients" (family, friends and co-workers). I prefer to use it often instead of only using it for the special occasions. The reason I wanted a vintage and dirty look was to not be extra cautious with it, so I can read on any surfaces, even if it's not 100% clean. It only adds more character to it! Here is some pictures of it:
  4. Today
  5. LogicalHue

    Hello 😁

    I don't know anyone in real life that's interested in discussing tarot. I even joined a tarot meetup group but we didn't discuss tarot, we just did tarot. (And then were expected to share our -in my case- extremely personal results with everyone. I made people uncomfortable.) Mostly I just talk at my roommate... a lot.
  6. The Light Seer deck is being wildly pirated, too. I said in the Postie thread about looking for a second hand deck because of this, and found someone in England who was selling one. Turned out to be a more expensive counterfeit.
  7. True, a lot of places are like that. We'll see if youtube does anything.
  8. ballerina

    Lo Scarabeo Catalog for 2021

    That deck must feel so personal. I'm not surprised it is your go to deck.
  9. LogicalHue

    The Telluric Tarot by Lunaria Gold

    If you have an encyclopedic knowledge of crystals and plants and tarot, this deck would be super exciting. But I can see it working for some people even if they don't. I don't think I would get it, but a part of me is a little tempted to put it in my list because its really beautiful, and I don't necessarily mind if a deck is based on a subject I'm not otherwise interested in as long as its explained in a guidebook. Also I love the hanged man!
  10. Yes, you usually need to be the copyright holder. I do understand this in a way. The Light Seers is another I see a lot of clearly pirated versions of.
  11. Prisma Visions, Shadowscapes, and the Dragon Age: Origins Box tarot are *wildly* pirated. I come across sellers on Etsy offering those all the time. I've reported them constantly but Etsy is sadly very lax in taking down anything if you're not the actual content creator. Sigh.
  12. Oh yes! Quality looks awful here!
  13. The print quality looks horrible, the fine lines are all blobbed together. This looks like one of those cheap Ukraine knockoffs where somebody is printing from deck scans rather than files.
  14. "Comments are turned off for this video." It can still be downvoted, though. I'd encourage everyone to downvote it. It takes a special kind of stupid to make such a beautiful deck into something shoddy and cheap-looking. OH HO! There's a 'Report' button!
  15. joy

    Hello 😁

    Hello @Amariswelcome to the TT&M Family
  16. Hello @TarotldMan welcome to the TT&M Family
  17. Ashealladh

    The Telluric Tarot by Lunaria Gold

    what do y’all think of this deck?
  18. TheLoracular

    Secrecy and Magic

    I believe if you join a magical order or coven which has you swear an oath to keep secret their teachings/practices (very old school stuff), then you definitely should respect that. Being not a member of any magical order or coven like that? I readily share every part of my personal practices with anyone who is interested. I don't discuss readings I do for anyone but myself except with the querent. But when it comes to what I think and do as a ceremonial magician with magick? I'm completely open. I just kept myself off social media about being a ceremonial magician (and a lot of ot
  19. I am so glad you found your way first to the tarot and then this forum. Some of the best readers I know are both intuitive -and- pragmatic.
  20. Baba Studio posted today a link towards a video which shows a fake of their Fantastic Menagerie Tarot (not the cold stamping one but the previous one). I post below the video in order that people can see what looks like a fake on the market, but here honestly both the images and the cardstock are really really bad, it's not only about a quality that would be a bit less good, it's quite obvious imo.
  21. Welcome and hope to see you around.
  22. New members often pose thoughts old members haven't considered, Welcome Home. Post often, that is the strength of forums, the conversations.
  23. timtoldrum

    Judgement + Wheel of Fortune

    One of the reasons that I have never studied the GD system is that I see it as initiatory. The literature that I have read did leave me thinking that there is more. I will dig Papus out. Hello @fire cat pickles. How are you doing? Papus is an interesting figure. But I never adopted his system. I’ve known a few readers who swear by his pip meanings. I can see the logic of Saturn with Judgement but I could also see arguments for the Sun or Jupiter.
  24. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. Glad to be here!
  25. This morning I received a response from one of the archivists at Thomas Leng. The TL archives are incomplete for this period. However, the cards were oversaw by Alf Cook Ltd. who owned Universal Playing Card Co. Ltd. These were later taken over by Waddingtons. From what the archivist said it would have been Alf Cook Ltd who dealt with the cards, the artist, et cetera, and TL just gave them away. I will try and track their archives.
  26. Mab

    Secrecy and Magic

    I keep journals “in my own hand of write” about my witchery and I keep records of my readings for me, but not those for clients. My memory isn’t good enough not to. It's in the context of reviewing and developing my magical practice. No one else is identified in the journals, apart from by their magical names sometimes. Arrangements are in hand for disposal and dispersal of all my writings and kit on my death. We discuss some of our individual practices in my coven, but again, not identifying anyone, and it is all oathbound.
  27. Mab

    What's The Postman Bringing?

    I bought a Light Seer deck, 2nd hand, purposely, from an address in England, only to find it wasn’t genuine. It went back. But I have bought the Otherworld!
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