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  2. DanielJUK

    Coloring the RWS

    I would definitely contact the seller of the deck download @Rootwood, they haven't fulfilled a complete deck to you, as sold 🙂
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  4. Rootwood

    Coloring the RWS

    I purchased and printed a deck. All cards arrived except one. One card missing. I think it was the 4 of cups. How does that even happen? I suspect it's no accident. About that weird thumb. I think it's an optical illusion. If you think the thumb is nearest you, oddly wrapped around the far side of the cup, then yes, it does look weird. But the pinky finger is nearest, meaning the thumb is farthest, on the opposite side of the cup. What we see if the entire edge of the hand that leads into the thumb. I think. If that makes any sense. When I looked at it that way, the whole edge of the hand that becomes the thumb, then it looked more normal. Also it's very late and maybe my eyeballs just aren't working right! I like the pink cloud!
  5. Yesterday
  6. You make an interesting point about catastrophizing cards. I've been reading for 45 years and I still struggle with this in personal readings [not for clients thank god!] I never attempt to read one card. 10 Swords can be your luncheon got cancelled and you were really looking forward to that restaurant. Or it can be divorce, bankruptcy, grave health problems, not getting the job you really wanted. We can only see it in the context of other cards. To me the MISunderstanding is when people try to pretend that DEATH isn't DEATH. Death *can* mean actual, literal, physical Death. People die. Women have miscarriages, or get abortions. Should we pretend Tarot doesn't have the Death card to describe this? Yes, we all understand Tarots can be symbolic or literal. But why should the Death card be so special that it's never literal and only symbolic? Is Death always a bad thing? No. Luckily for many of us on this forum, the experience of Death is an elderly parent or relative who has lived a full life. Death is a welcome release from a worn-out body. It's sad, but it's not negative. Sometimes it's profoundly important to prepare for death. Sometimes a woman suffers a miscarriage. Sometimes a person loses a dear one to suicide. Or war. Or accident. NONE of these human experiences are "transformation". They are real, actual, DEATHS and I expect Tarot will serve the Death card if this pertains to my client's reading. If my client just went through a miscarriage i doubt she wants to talk about "trnasformation". No. She wants to heal from the Death of her baby. If a client is struggling to care for his dying father, he doesn't want to talk about "closing one chapter to start another". He wants to talk about how to prepare for the inevitable. How to keep his father comfortable at the End and give him a good death. How to keep up his own health whilst on deathwatch. How to deal with family dynamics around the funeral arrangements. LOL if I started blathering on about "transformation" and "life chapters" to these clients they would ask for a refund.
  7. I see it as 9 swords upright or in certain settings as: yes, there really *is* something to worry about. Reversed, or in some settings: needless anxiety, A person worried about things that aren't *that* bad. I do this in my own life when I catastrophize minor problems and worry about the worst-case scenario ... and then it's not bad at all! This is 9 swords reverse. When I'm worried about something REAL--a true problem that negatively impacts my life--that is 9 swords upright.
  8. I agree with the principle. Tarot is a balance of study with intuition, but in the example, the meaning is quite different. I seldom find that idiosyncratic meanings are *so* different from the traditional ones. For me, anyway, idiosyncratic meanings often become consistent over time. So unless 3 swords *always* appears for me as finding something lost [or whatever] then I wouldn't assume it randomly means one thing on Monday and something different on Tuesday. I've observed that idiosyncratic meanings have consistency. Like one reader I know always gets Moon when someone is going to die. Or I consistently read 7 Swords as unfinished business. It seldom to never means deceit or trickery for me.
  9. Emotional barista, Queen of Cups. Ba ha ha, good one! Enjoyed this very much.
  10. Welcome, fellow tarot enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the mystical realm of intuitive tarot reading. If you've ever felt like your cards were whispering secrets to you, or if you've had moments where your gut feeling was spot-on, this post is for you. Let’s discuss how to develop and trust your inner voice when reading tarot. Embrace the Woo-Woo First things first, let's get comfortable with the idea of embracing our inner woo-woo. Intuitive reading is all about listening to that quiet, sometimes quirky voice inside that says, "Hey, this card means something totally different today!" Trusting your intuition can feel like stepping into the unknown, but that's where the magic happens. So, light your favorite incense, put on some mystical music, and get ready to dive deep! Techniques for Enhancing Your Intuition Meditation: You don't have to be a Zen master to benefit from meditation. Just a few minutes of focused breathing can clear your mind and open you up to intuitive messages. Picture yourself as a psychic sponge, soaking up all those mystical vibes. Journaling: Keep a tarot journal where you jot down your readings, feelings, and any intuitive hits. It’s like having a diary for your inner psychic. Plus, it's fun to look back and see how accurate your gut feelings were. Working with Spirit Guides: Whether you believe in spirit guides, angels, or just a particularly insightful version of yourself, asking for guidance can be incredibly helpful. Just don’t blame them if you pull the Tower card – they have a sense of humor too! Balancing Intuition with Traditional Meanings Here's where it gets interesting. You’ve spent ages memorizing the traditional meanings of the cards, and now your intuition is saying, "Nah, today the Three of Swords means you're going to find your lost cat." It’s all about balance. Use the traditional meanings as a foundation, but don’t be afraid to build your own interpretations on top. Share Your Journey So, how has your intuitive journey been? Have you had any “Aha!” moments where your gut feeling turned out to be eerily accurate? Or perhaps some funny instances where your intuition led you down a completely unexpected path? (Like that time you thought the Queen of Cups meant you'd meet a wise old woman, but instead, you met a very emotional barista.) Let’s Discuss! Share your stories, tips, and techniques for developing intuition in the comments below. How do you handle conflicting intuitive messages? What practices have helped you strengthen your intuitive abilities in tarot reading? And most importantly, have you ever had a reading where your intuition was so spot-on that it gave you goosebumps? Let’s keep the conversation light, fun, and full of mystical insights. After all, the journey of intuition is as much about the laughs along the way as it is about the profound moments of clarity.
  11. Hello, of course it always depends on the context of the reading and the position of the card. When a card is reversed, it can represent something you need to learn or solve before you could move forward in your life/situation. It's a way to draw your attention to what you need to "fix". Now, I agree the 9 Swords is not great even upright, but when it's reversed it may be saying you think your demons are stronger than you and there's no way out, probably you're not even trying to fight. This is a possible interpretation.
  12. Feedback -- questions and comments are welcome. This reading gives us insight into specific energies that we can focus on during specific days of the upcoming week as well as throughout the entire week as a whole. Today’s reading will use the Goddess Tarot, by Kris Waldherr. Here are focal points for our meditation: Sunday: How Can I Express Generosity? Four of Swords 'Rejuvenation' Monday: How Can I Set the Emotional Tone for My Week? Four of Wands. Mishkan 'Foundation' Tuesday: What Do I Want to Manifest? XIX Meyeledet 'The Sun' Wednesday: What Wisdom is Coming to Me? Ace of Swords 'Altruism' Thursday: What Do I Want to Develop? Ten of Pentacles 'Legacy' Friday: How Can I Connect with Romance, Friends and Nature? Eight of Pentacles 'Mastery' Shabbat: How Can I Rest? III Eim 'Mother'
  13. Natural Mystic Guide

    Conflicting opinions on the nine of swords rx?

    Interesting... now that I think of it, I have not had this card come up much reversed. According to how I read cards, the Tarot Netivot system, all upright cards are positive; reversed cards represent a challenging aspect of the card; a lesson; or a heads up about an experience one might prefer to avoid. Depending upon the question and surrounding cards, I can see the 9 Swords, Rx meaning: insomnia; difficulty remembering dreams; anxiety and worry.
  14. ArianneGVoyance

    Arianne .G Voyance

    My office is “Arianne .G Voyance” I am Arianne .G, I have been practicing tarot readings for over 20 years. I have been an independent professional since 2017, locally in Albi, in the southwest of France and throughout France. I work exclusively with the support of my husband, a teacher of astrology & numerology. Very open to discovering international colleagues, constantly looking for new ways to use the divinatory tarot. This passion quickly took me out of France to discover gatherings of Tarot enthusiasts like here on thetarotforum.com I can be consulted mainly by the entire French-speaking global community, but also more rarely in English for written chat exchanges. Very happy to be able to read everything that the thetarotforum.com community can teach me. Looking forward to your visit to www.arianne-g-voyance.fr Texte original en Français : Mon cabinet est "Arianne .G Voyance" Je suis Arianne .G, je pratique les tirages de tarot depuis +de 20ans. Je suis professionnelle indépendante depuis 2017, localement à Albi, dans le sud-ouest de la France et sur toute la France. Je travaille exclusivement avec le soutien de mon mari, enseignant en astrologie & numérologie. Très ouverte à la découverte de confrères internationaux, en recherche permanente de nouvelles manières d'utiliser le tarot divinatoire. Cette passion m'a très vite faite sortir de France pour découvrir des rassemblements de passionnées du Tarot comme ici sur thetarotforum.com Je suis consultable principalement par toute la communauté mondiale francophone, mais aussi plus rarement en anglais pour des échanges par tchat écrits. Très heureuse de pouvoir lire tout ce que peut m'apprendre la communauté de thetarotforum.com. Dans l'attente de votre visite sur www.arianne-g-voyance.fr
  15. Hi all, I am wondering what you think when you see the nine of swords reversed in a reading since I feel like I read many conflicting interpretations of the card so far. What has been your personal experience with the card? Below are some interpretations I have seen so far online/ in different books: One interpretation claims that the nine of swords rx is about nearing the end of one's restless nights, or ending a cycle that was causing someone to be anxious/depressed. The other claims that the nine of swords rx is about the need to confide in others about one's despair but being unable to do so. IDK how much that resonates with me as I never really associated the upright position as being about someone being open with others about their despair. The person in the card is after all crying alone in their bed at night with no one around to see them. Someone who is incredibly hard on themselves, cycle of negative self talk/ overanalyzing one's mistakes
  16. Rose Lalonde

    Unboxings and First Impressions

    Sorry @Wyrdkiss, somehow I missed your question about size earlier. Those amazon listings change with all the sellers, and I ordered mine in 2019, so I couldn't verify that it's still actually the standard and not the pocket (I see what you mean in those reviews!). Glad you will be definitely getting the size you prefer. Seems like a great client deck, cheerful but classic feeling. Agree about your Thoth (which is a fav deck of mine). ❤️
  17. Last week
  18. @Morwenna Thank you for reviving this thread! I feel very lucky that I was led to exactly the right deck at the right time and that it dovetailed with my spiritual path (Motherpeace, Goddess Studies). I also feel very lucky that I was asked to read for others practically from the beginning (someone on a bus who saw me with the cards, friends who didn't mind me referring to the book) and that I took my time getting to know the deck fully. Ironically, my second deck was Crowley's Thoth. Even though it is very different from Motherpeace, the creators of MP were influenced by it. A friend had a mini-deck, and I was mesmerized by Thoth's High Priestess (which is "my" card). I took a long time getting to know that deck too. It was 10 years before I picked up another deck. While not all decks and books I've worked with have been keepers, I do feel that my intuition and the Universe have been "right on"; I wouldn't change anything. I'm so grateful that Tarot continues to be a comfort and a joy, even though @Misterei I also had to learn not to read obessively!
  19. Rootwood

    Five of swords meanings

    Reading all these comments and shouting YES! I feel that conflict is inevitable in life. How you conduct yourself in conflict matters. A lot. Are you a person of honour and goodwill? Or are you a double dealing weasel? Will you develop a reputation for being trustworthy and fair, or will you eventually gain the sticky title of cheater and traitor? The 5 of wands is the card of conflict done well. Like a family dinner where everyone spars, perhaps loudly and vigorously. But the preservation of love and good feelings between everyone is at the core. Everyone fights/argues in such a way that the discussion stays on topic and does not become a personal assault on someone's character. At the end of the day everyone hugs and goes home and all is well. Contrast this to the 5 of swords. This person is a sneak, a cheat and they do not enter conflict with fair resolution as the goal but rather a win, at any cost. They make it personal. They will betray and harm a friend or anyone to gain a point. They go through life like the blade of a food processor, sharp and spinning and slicing. People who walk away from this person do so out of a sad realization that to protect themselves from over-the-top harm, they have to leave. And what is winner left with? Warm, snuggly puppies? No. He wins swords. Cold, hard, heavy and sharp. That is his prize for winning at the personal expense of others. Alone, with a heap of swords. There are sore losers in the world and this guy is a sore winner. I have not seen all the Anna K. tarot, but someone posted a pic of the 5 of swords. I was struck. In war we have rules of engagement. Even in war, nations have agreed what is tolerable and what is not. That is where 'war crimes' comes from. In that card we see someone who is not being an honourable soldier, acting without a code of ethics. Going off script and letting savage butchery take over. A criminal. Winning and brutality can feed a very ugly dog that resides in the heart of humans. I think the 5 of swords tells someone to get their dog on a leash, that they have acted with savagery. And yes, passive aggressive sweetness can be just as savage. A means to get your own way by being helpless, fluttery and claiming virtue in what you are doing and what you want. Manipulation and underhanded conduct leaps out at me from the 5 of swords. A dirty fighter who does whatever it takes to get the win. Not interested in fair resolution or middle ground agreement to disagree. Not a negotiator, but someone who wields a sword to the hand offered to him in fair exchange. At the 10 you have to wonder if those swords weren't stuck there by all the people he so callously stomped on at the 5 ?
  20. Wyrdkiss

    Unboxings and First Impressions

    Rose I actually found a Tarot of A.E. Waite through U.S. Amazon (with a delivery fee and longer shipping). Thank you for the comparison and suggestion! These are verified as nice and full size; I am going to use this crackle-backed and vibrant edition for future clients. As for the Thoth, thank you, isn't a weathered with love deck just the best feeling ever? Cheers once again for the info
  21. Deian

    Tower - Uranus Conjunct Mars

    Hi! One way we can view that is if we use the Tree of Life alignment to the cards. And there is more then one way to do that, also more then two, but anyway, using the one I enjoy Mars is very nice choice. As that is Gevurah in the Tree and that is where, is usually accepted the Tree has broken, technically that is the Sephira that brakes apart. So the cards that doesn't seem right, have to be connected to Mars one way or another(The Tower, The Devil etc.) Uranus, however, doesn't have much to do with it, in my humble view. As Uranus suggests amount of craziness, that the Tower do not carry. nothing crazy there, someone build a tower, that prevented them interacting with the world, at some point it fell apart. All is stuff we see everyday, even if catastrophic, potentially, but no one is mad or crazy here, normal human process of building up "protection" or "self esteem" etc. that is not based in our true self, so falls apart with that card. And if we view it like that, then Path has to be Mars > Sun/ Sun > Mars. From the defense that is needed when buildling the tower to the True Self that is what is left when the Tower falls in pieces. And the other way around as well. Someone was very open and true to their own self from the Sun, is slowy getting more defensive and building up a construction around themselves to guard interactions with the world with Mars. Of course, that is also change from times of War to times of Peace and the other way around. But in general is falling apart of structures that aren't flexible enough to change when change is vital. So in the lineages I enjoy, Mars is very much on point, but Uranus suggest something often insane, unusual and following its own understanding of its Path. Nothing to do with the Tower.
  22. DanielJUK

    The Phoenix Rising Tarot Spread

    Thank you @SamiHirvikallio, Going to do this spread in future, thanks for sharing
  23. DanielJUK

    Back of the Rider Waite Smith Centennial Edition?

    I've moved this thread to join the other in the RWS section 😀 Maybe it's an important issue for you and you have to keep thinking about it each year 🤣 Sometimes if I get stuck on a card, I will research it on the archived Aeclectic. I sometimes find a really thoughtful post from myself about 15 years ago and yet now my mind is blank! . When I joined AT I was really studying each card and so probably I was really working on each card at that time and now I am not, but it's funny to find your more insightful old posts around the place.
  24. SamiHirvikallio

    Which tarot cards are the most miss-understood?

    Several tarot cards are often misunderstood due to their imagery, traditional interpretations, or cultural associations. Here are some of the most commonly misunderstood tarot cards: Major Arcana: Death: Misunderstanding: Often seen as literal death or something extremely negative. True Meaning: Represents transformation, endings, and new beginnings. It's about closing one chapter to start another. The Devil: Misunderstanding: Viewed as representing evil, danger, or immoral behavior. True Meaning: Indicates bondage, materialism, and temptation. It highlights areas where we feel trapped or controlled by desires or habits. The Tower: Misunderstanding: Feared for its association with disaster and sudden upheaval. True Meaning: Signifies sudden change, revelation, and breaking down false structures. It’s about tearing down what is no longer serving you to rebuild stronger foundations. Minor Arcana: Three of Swords (Swords): Misunderstanding: Seen purely as heartbreak and sorrow. True Meaning: Represents mental clarity and the painful truth. It’s about facing difficult realities and the healing process that follows. Nine of Swords (Swords): Misunderstanding: Interpreted as doom, fear, and despair. True Meaning: Highlights anxiety and stress, often self-imposed. It urges the seeker to address their worries and fears to find peace. Five of Pentacles (Pentacles): Misunderstanding: Associated strictly with poverty and loss. True Meaning: Represents hardship and struggle, but also emphasizes the importance of seeking help and community support during tough times. Ten of Swords (Swords): Misunderstanding: Seen as the ultimate betrayal or a terrible end. True Meaning: Signifies the end of a difficult situation or mental cycle. It’s about hitting rock bottom so that healing and a new beginning can occur. Seven of Cups (Cups): Misunderstanding: Viewed as having too many options or being confused. True Meaning: Represents dreams, fantasies, and the need for discernment. It’s about recognizing illusion versus reality. Seven of Swords (Swords): Misunderstanding: Seen solely as theft, deceit, or dishonesty. True Meaning: Can indicate strategic thinking, resourcefulness, or acting independently. It’s about being cautious and sometimes needing to go your own way. The Hanged Man: Misunderstanding: Viewed as being stuck or passive. True Meaning: Represents suspension, letting go, and seeing things from a new perspective. It’s about patience and gaining insight through stillness.
  25. Tarot cards that suggest themes of longing, missing, nostalgia, and distance can be found across both the Major and Minor Arcana. Here are some cards that embody these themes: Major Arcana: The Hermit: Represents solitude, introspection, and the search for deeper meaning, often involving distance from others. The Moon: Suggests emotional depth, dreams, and illusions, often connected with longing and nostalgia. The Star: Symbolizes hope and distant aspirations, often connected to yearning and looking towards the future. Minor Arcana: Six of Cups (Cups): This is the quintessential card of nostalgia, representing childhood memories, past relationships, and longing for simpler times. Eight of Cups (Cups): Represents leaving something behind and searching for something more fulfilling, often accompanied by feelings of longing and missing what was left behind. Three of Swords (Swords): Symbolizes heartache and emotional pain, often associated with missing someone or feeling distant from loved ones. Five of Cups (Cups): Focuses on grief and loss, emphasizing what is missing rather than what remains, embodying a sense of longing and regret. Ten of Wands (Wands): Indicates burdens and responsibilities that create distance and a sense of longing for relief and simpler times. Two of Wands (Wands): Represents planning and looking towards distant horizons, often with a sense of longing for exploration and new experiences. Four of Cups (Cups): Signifies dissatisfaction and a sense of longing for something more, often leading to introspection and nostalgia. Knight of Cups (Cups): Embodies a romantic and idealistic longing, often searching for emotional fulfillment and deeper connections. Page of Swords (Swords): Can suggest curiosity and a longing for knowledge or connection, sometimes associated with distance and observation from afar. Nine of Wands (Wands): Suggests resilience and perseverance, often after a long period of struggle, with a sense of longing for resolution and peace. These cards can provide rich insights and guidance when dealing with emotions related to longing, missing, nostalgia, and distance in tarot readings.
  26. SamiHirvikallio

    The Phoenix Rising Tarot Spread

    Introduction: The Phoenix Rising Tarot Spread is designed to help you navigate through periods of transformation, rebirth, and renewal. Just as the mythical phoenix rises from its ashes to begin anew, this spread aids in understanding the cyclical nature of life and how to embrace change and personal growth. Purpose: This spread is ideal for times of significant change, whether it's the end of a relationship, a career transition, personal transformation, or any situation where you feel like you need to rise from the ashes and start anew. Card Positions: The Ashes (What You’re Leaving Behind) The Spark (The Catalyst for Change) The Flames (Challenges to Overcome) The Wings (Strengths to Harness) The Rising (Steps for Rebirth) The Soaring (Future Potential) The New Dawn (Message from the Universe) Card Descriptions: The Ashes (What You’re Leaving Behind): Purpose: This card represents what must be left in the past. It can be an aspect of your life, a habit, or a mindset that is no longer serving you. Question: What part of my past needs to be released for my transformation? The Spark (The Catalyst for Change): Purpose: This card signifies the spark that ignites your transformation. It’s the event, person, or realization that starts your journey of renewal. Question: What is the catalyst that is driving my change? The Flames (Challenges to Overcome): Purpose: This card highlights the obstacles and challenges you will face as you undergo your transformation. Question: What challenges will I encounter during my transformation? The Wings (Strengths to Harness): Purpose: This card reveals the strengths and resources you possess that will aid you in your journey. Question: What strengths can I rely on to help me through this transformation? The Rising (Steps for Rebirth): Purpose: This card outlines the steps you need to take to successfully transform and rise anew. Question: What steps should I take to embrace my rebirth? The Soaring (Future Potential): Purpose: This card represents the potential and possibilities that await you once you have transformed. Question: What is the future potential that awaits me? The New Dawn (Message from the Universe): Purpose: This card offers guidance and wisdom from the universe, providing insight or advice for your journey. Question: What message does the universe have for me as I undergo this transformation? Sample Reading: The Ashes - Ten of Swords: Interpretation: You need to leave behind past betrayals and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Let go of the pain and allow yourself to heal. The Spark - Ace of Cups: Interpretation: A new emotional beginning or a fresh start in a relationship is sparking your transformation. Embrace the love and openness coming your way. The Flames - Five of Pentacles: Interpretation: Financial difficulties or feelings of isolation may challenge your transformation. Stay resilient and seek support. The Wings - Strength: Interpretation: Your inner strength, courage, and ability to endure hardships are your greatest assets. Trust in your resilience. The Rising - The Fool: Interpretation: Take a leap of faith and embrace new beginnings with an open heart and mind. Be willing to take risks and explore new opportunities. The Soaring - The Star: Interpretation: A future filled with hope, inspiration, and renewed faith awaits you. Your dreams and aspirations are within reach. The New Dawn - Temperance: Interpretation: Balance and harmony are key to your journey. Practice patience and moderation as you navigate your transformation. Conclusion: The Phoenix Rising Tarot Spread offers a comprehensive guide through times of change and transformation. By understanding what needs to be left behind, identifying the catalysts and challenges, and embracing your strengths and future potential, you can rise from the ashes and embark on a journey of renewal and growth. Use this spread whenever you find yourself at a crossroads, and let the wisdom of the tarot guide you towards your new dawn.
  27. Raggydoll

    Back of the Rider Waite Smith Centennial Edition?

    🤣 This time I’m sure you’ll remember 😁
  28. Wyrdkiss

    Back of the Rider Waite Smith Centennial Edition?

    worrisome that I searched and found I had asked this question last year... But excellent answers, so I'll take it.
  29. Wyrdkiss

    Back of the Rider Waite Smith Centennial Edition?

    oh Yes, I have the Pictorial Key book stashed somewhere -- I'll look it up there. And thank you Raggydoll.
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