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  2. 6xscorpio

    Hi! I wish I had have known about this place months ago!

    those are amazing. great work!
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  4. GalllowsInk

    Hi! I wish I had have known about this place months ago!

    Hi! Sure These are the Draft Versions of my Ace kf Wands, Cups, Swords and Disks Im about halfway through the Draft stage at the Moment, With All the Major Arcana (and an added Fool Card , and Added Lovers Card and The Lust card ) The Queens , Kings and 3 of the Page / Princesses Done.
  5. vulprix

    Great to meet you!

    Oh how wonderful!! Great to meet you, stephanelli! I am down to learn as much about your mice as you are willing to share! It is refreshing to hear about pet mice. Mice are very underappreciated as companions and so smart!
  6. Thank you so much, VGimlet and Bodhiseed! I am excited to be here! I chose to work with the Crystal Tarot because it is trimmed and comfortable for my hands... but I have seldom used it! The bold artwork is calling to me as well! ...I had to add the Druid Animal Oracle cards because I tend to feel lost and sad if a deck doesn't have a preponderance of animals. So I have to make up for the Crystal Tarot's lack in that regard :) Received the oracle as a gift from a friend some time ago, and have maybe used it once. It is time! Happy trails, Mi-Shell :) And happy Next Week's Eve, everyone.
  7. Hi there i don’t know if this has been covered but my deck is the gypsy tarot deck. It has given me a totally different insight into the traditional meaning of the RW tarot and makes much more sense in some of the readings and with certain Cards
  8. 6xscorpio

    Hi! I wish I had have known about this place months ago!

    welcome to the forum. i'd love to see some of your work if you're comfortable sharing.
  9. sixdegrees

    Baba Studio moving away from tarot

    This is very sad news. I consider Baba the very pinnacle of deck creation in the indie tarot world. They put so much time, thought, and care into their work, unlike anyone else. Their exit will leave a huge hole in the tarot community. From what I can see the studio has been very cryptic on social media about its reasons for exiting. They admit that piracy has contributed to their decision but are also quick to note vague impressions about the changing nature of the tarot world. I wonder how much this recent exchange with Benebell Wen factored into their decision. I also hope that they go through with a large version Victorian Romantic as part of their final projects. Yes, I imagine that this announcement will only increase collectors' desire for their work. There will inevitably be some who purchase up their final offering with $$$ in their eyes.
  10. sixdegrees

    Is the High Priestess a sham?

    A fascinating conversation overall in this thread. To the mix of sham, construction, archetype, figurehead, etc., might I add the concept of the Subject Supposed to Know? It's from Lacanian psychoanalysis. Basically, it is the idea that the human psyche develops a notion that "I don't know this thing, but surely someone out there knows it," which provides a sense of security and normalcy in an inherently chaotic and random world. In an analytic session, the therapist must embody this generalized idea in order to initiate the relationship that is necessary for treatment (put bluntly, the client won't trust the therapist unless he/she believes that the therapist "knows" how to fix the client). But might the HP represent the notion broadly, in its diffuse form? This is much closer to how I view the card. She indicates the experience of puzzlement and denial until one can realize the purpose of her presence. I was so happy to see that the Mythical Creatures Tarot actually used the Sphinx to signify her. Lately I've also come to see her as a facet of the Tao (embodying the qualities of passivity, receptiveness, paradox, non-meddling, and emptiness), which is supposedly the key to true wisdom but also very puzzling to most people accustomed to activity, reason, action, and substance.
  11. AJ-ish/Sharyn

    In Your Book Bag, On Your Kindle?

    oh that looks like a fun one 53rd! I finished the horror anthology, I'd give it 2 stars, so many, trying too hard. As a relief I'm rereading Dorthy Sayers Gaudy Night published 1935. I probably like the movie better. with Harriet Walter and Edward Petherbridge as Harriet Vane and Lord Wimsey, but I need a break from heavy stuff and it is a good story, well written characters.
  12. I am practicing 7-9 cards spread, but you practice what ever you feel comfortable with.. i would love doing 3 readings a week... but if its too much we can start at your pace
  13. Sure.. sounds good
  14. Raggydoll

    Hex The Moon!

  15. Thank you for replying. I appreciate it. I’m not sure what your expectations are. I can commit to 1-2 readings a week, if that suits. Nothing fancy, maybe 3-5 cards to start with.
  16. Welcome to the DoW group Vulprix! Hope your on-the-road experience is both rewarding and safe, Mi-shell. I'm in this week with the Tarocchi Celtici paired with the Art of Asia Oracle. Thanks for keeping us rolling, VG.
  17. katrinka

    Baba Studio moving away from tarot

    Yes, I thought of getting both, too. Lol. But I already have the first edition, so I just ordered the large format. That way I get the cold stamping, whatever alterations they've made, that pouch and that box...it doesn't feel excessive, if that makes any sense. I know some people are dedicated collectors and try to get every version of things, but I buy decks to read and try to stick with things I'll actually use. And I will definitely use that large format FM!
  18. kudos91

    Baba Studio moving away from tarot

    yes I meant stocking up I went back and forth a lot whether to buy both the normal size and LE of FM tarot but in the end I only ordered the LE edition. With the Victorian I think I will go with both, too
  19. Hi there! Im just popping in to introduce myself... Ive been slowly teaching myself the history and Symbolism of the Tarot, With a focus on the traditional Rider / Waite / Smith and the Crowley / Harris Thoth deck as I've been creating my own personal deck that Im trying to sort of take elements from the two and reworking with my own art. I saw in the Deck Creation section there is a Tarot Creation journal? This is exactly the sort of thing Ive been looking for! Im going to do a bit more exploring of the forums now. Thankyou! J
  20. Hey @KathI would love another partner.. I am also rather new to Lenormand, tried it shortly a few times in the past and could not get it- using the rather strict rules of reading it - as seen in most books and online tutorials.. this time,I came to it a bit more relaxed.. and it clicked...had a few quite accurate readings with Imoodycrab... so yeah.. i would love another partner 4 sure
  21. FindYourSovereignty

    More Kickstarter decks for your thoughts

    Yes, pricey. I really don’t like tuck boxes. I don’t understand creators selling beautiful and expensive decks in a tuck box. I get though that it is a good stretch goal upgrade. I’ve decided to skip the Oz Tarot.
  22. Starlight

    Benebell Wen Tarot Journal Printable

    @shadeofdreams and @WildPlace - you're both very welcome. :)
  23. katrinka

    New poster

    Hi. In the Memoriam subforum?
  24. CocoGee

    New poster

  25. stephanelli

    Glad to be here!

    Welcome to the forum!
  26. stephanelli

    Great to meet you!

    Welcome! Tarot is definitely a great teacher! Rabbits!!! I have pet mice. I love small animal pets
  27. katrinka

    Hex The Moon!

    Apparently there is. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/jenkem/ Four nameless kids, fairy curses, and articles that appear to be quoting the same sources are pretty solid BS indicators. It might be fun to see the evangelical reaction, though.
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