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  1. Yesterday

    2021 update,

    hi guys I haven't done any tarot readings in months.. I was feeling the panendemic, i am sure other empaths, lightworkers felt it as well. but it was also my health. I was having a drink when i sang karoake every weekend on saturday, so over did it and stopped a month ago. last spring they saw an heart beating fast,, I rested during the ekg but they said it was an anomoly i must of moved and left it at that. i had a test at beginning of feb and my sugar was high (i am still 506 pounds, but wen down a bit from 525). my blood pressure was go
  3. Me too - mine goes to SOS Children's Villages.
  4. Lillymae

    What's The Postman Bringing?

    The Lonely Ice Tarot is on its way and I also purchased a 2nd hand Crow Tarot hopefully arriving any day too!
  5. katrinka

    What's The Postman Bringing?

    A free pocket TdM, looks like Majors only. I just paid $7 shipping and $6 for the bag, for a grand total of $13. https://artisantarot.com/free-pocket-size-tarot
  6. That is exactly how I feel. I am trying to use them less and less, but they keep spreading. Thank you. I’ll set that up.
  7. TheFeeLion

    Homemade tarot bags/purses/boxes

    Thanks @joy I just use whatever nice cotton fabrics I can find. I actually got both of those from a lady that has a whole lot of vintage fabric for sale
  8. Oh I do. Money goes to Marie Curie as a friend of mine used one of their hospices.
  9. If you do find yourself buying from amazon, use the address smile.amazon.com rather than www.amazon.com, and a portion of your money will go to the charity of your choice. It's only a tiny amount, but it can add up over time and it costs you nothing extra to do this.
  10. I'm going to be doing some more with my UnCommon Auspex again this week. I've been working on the Belladonna card doing a little research and have a first sketch already. I'm not the happiest with my chosen reference pic though, but I think I may have found a better that I'll have a play with in the next few days
  11. Hi Raiane, and welcome! Yes, I'm liking the moody vibe of the Heaven&Earth, the grey sky background reminds me of home - even though the sun has come out today.
  12. ilweran

    In Your Book Bag, On Your Kindle?

    Thankfully I've finished Men Who Hate Women by Laura Bates. That was a depressing read, and makes me wonder how I can keep my little boy away from online misogyny when he's older and I can't control what he accesses online anymore. I have started talking to him about it, at a gentle, generic level of people lying online. I get nostalgic for my childhood sometimes... Anyway, now I'm reading Red Moon by Miranda Gray, who I mainly know of as illustrator of a couple of tarot decks, bit these days seems to mainly write about the menstrual cycle. This might be something I needed to read
  13. https://www.thetarotguide.com/ https://www.tarotingie.com/tarot-card-meanings/ For begginers, there's keywords, general, love, career meaning and so on.
  14. No - you have to start at 00 and go on through 01, 02, etc. With the file type suffix (I'm assuming jpg ?) Or AFAIK they won't appear on screen when you try to use them in the programme. If you are going to have suits later, perhaps plan ahead if you know how many cares you will have, so that you can leave spaces in the numbers. A tarot deck will have numbers from 00.jpg (Fool) up to 77,jpg (King Pentacles.) The suit order can be whatever you like, but if you did a tarot deck (I know you aren't) you want them in the order the programme uses - wands, cups, swords, pents
  15. Raiane

    What Is Shadow Work?

    In a nutshell shadow work is the work you do to integrate the parts of yourself you don't accept or acknowledge. This shadow self may had it's formation through traumatic experiences/ hard situations in this or other lifetimes (if you believe in that/ and if you do I recomend past lifes tarot spreads, just do it if you're ready tho) and it continue to affect you present without you realizing or knowing how to deal with it. Best way to integrate this parts of yourself is bringing them to light (through questions, meditation and other methods) and learning how to love them, accept them. No
  16. Raiane

    Give a Tarot Card a Song!

    The queen of cups is one that passes me Yemoja (yoruba diety) vibes. But this is quite personal, because is a diety I work with and my first and favorite deck (tarot of the divine) has Yemoja in the illustration. The songs would be my favorites related to this diety (they're in portuguese).
  17. Raiane

    Give a Tarot Card a Song!

    When I see the devil tarot card I instantly think about "Emperor's new clothes" from Panic! at the disco. The devil and the hunger for material things and pleasure, the domination, gains without thinking about consequences goes well with the lyrics. There's also a obsessive and addicted mindset. And he dresses kinda like the devil
  18. AJ-ish/Sharyn

    orphalese software and uploading your personal in progress decks

    so I could use 262021.0 for instance for the card I designed on that day? because the cards are already marked by date, which is the reference number for the journal I've set up blogger, so I could indeed grab that post down the road to add to it. They have names too but that is subject to change at any time. Numbers last There will eventually be suits but that is a long time down the road, and they are also subject to change. Numbers last. I can't invision needing comparisons for my use, but I do need spreads which the software offers. So you think those numbers will be f
  19. @VGimlet I was wanting to get to know the heaven&earth tarot deck, I like the vibe and it has astrology symbols on it am i right?! Well, this week I'm using the tarot of the divine (yoshi yo****ani) one of my favorites (plus i'll probably use astrology dice).
  20. TheLoracular

    Qabalistic Tarot in 2021

    I have been really quiet the last couple of weeks and apologize. Last month's snow and cold front triggered my fibromyalgia to crippling proportions. I lost the ability for pain-free typing and fog-free thinking for a bit. Thankfully, thankfully, everything fell into place for me to get into a swimming pool and start working with a personal trainer again. So now I'm physically and mentally better, but have to figure out how to juggle being out of the house Mon-Fri from 8:30-11:30 am with all my passions like esoteric tarot and this forum. Expect to hear from me on the actual topi
  21. legendaryelement

    Daily Study Topic/Prompts

    Today, I am looking at mandalas & Sacred Geometry symbols and how they might overlay.
  22. Yes, I do pick out the reputable sellers, there are plenty of them. Book Depository was just an easy example. If a seller gives to charity they're very welcome to sell to me!
  23. I try to buy from amazon MARKETPLACE sellers - like betterworldbooks and so on - who give their profits to literacy charities. Yeah = Amazon gets a cut - but it is still a good thing as well.
  24. I love Abebooks, bought loads from there, but it's annoying when you try and not buy from Amazon all the time and then Amazon buy up the alternatives... Totally off topic, but my mum used to work in customer services for a company who liked to buy up their competition and whenever they'd made another acquisition there'd be annoyed phonecalls from customers complaining that the reason they'd been with the newly acquired company in the first place was that they never wanted anything to do with the purchasing company ever again. I'm not at the point where I never want to b
  25. BUT bookdepository doesn't use 3rd party sellers, so you aren't at risk from them, and abe doesn't have those sort of mass sales on it. I particularly like abe, as a lot of my fave IRL bookstores deal there.
  26. If you aren't planning to compare cards,. I don't think it matters what numbers each card has, but you do need to use the convention they set up or they won't show up when you want to use them to read. 00.jpg, 01,jpg and so on.
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