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  2. timtoldrum

    Direction indicates nuance.

    Hello @fabfranco It is nice to hear that the content is appreciated. One of the reasons I focus on traditional-style cards is that I believe that the cards’ meanings are encoded within the (whole) image. Consequently, you are correct that direction is deck specific. That itself can cause some problems. Generally speaking, in an A - B pair the A card is the topic or control card. So if you had the Fox card it indicates a falsehood or something wrong. That would be identified by card B. If that was the Fishes, we can say a financial scam or fraud. However, acc
  3. Saturn Celeste

    Bohemian Cards

    I looked up my records and I bought the deck from Amazon on June 9, 2016 and I paid $24.00 for the deck.
  4. Today
  5. That is indeed very sad and I hope she passed over peaceful as was her wish
  6. Marisa Kirisame

    Your experience with circular tarot decks

    Yes! I, personally, giggle a little when I think about the possibilities: the exact rotation of the card has quite a bit of information, and there are multiple approaches you can already consider without thinking too deeply into it, for example, four cardinal directions (with either a varying effect on the card's main meaning, or perhaps an association with the North, South, West and East). Or eight directions. Or a whole subset of extra symbols you can assign. Or even writing down the exact rotation angle for every card and interpreting the number/the angle.
  7. ilweran

    Your experience with circular tarot decks

    I have a few round decks, the only one I've really used is the Daughters of the Moon, it's quite large which makes it awkward to shuffle! I've not been able to find this anywhere, but I'm sure one of them came with instructions that included how instead of just straight forward upright and reversed, you took into account how far from upright/reversed the card was. I sort of implement that a bit, I don't really read reversals usually, but it's such an interesting idea for a round deck and fun to consider.
  8. Marisa Kirisame

    Your experience with circular tarot decks

    I see, it's a circular deck too. Did you use the additional information from the card's rotation? If yes, how did you read that information, and how did you interpret it?
  9. Very sad. I read a couple of days ago that she was very ill.
  10. AJ-ish/Sharyn

    Your experience with circular tarot decks

    One of my favorite decks is Songs For The Journey Home. If I read for others very often I would probably consider orientation, I don't when using round decks for myself. I've had Cloisters and Circle of Life, both passed on to others as not my cup of tea. In the end the images need to speak tarot, not all do.
  11. Marisa Kirisame

    Looking for clarification on deck type

    I usually define a type of decks such as "reskins" (of RWS or different decks). In essence, if a deck consists only of cards each of which has a single corresponding RWS card (and all of the RWS cards are covered by the deck in this way), it is an "RWS reskin". Though the symbol alphabet the reskins have will still differ from the original RWS one - so you can't call them identical to RWS in all aspects.
  12. Monk

    Sorry I'm a coffee enthousiast ;)

    Kybalion was one of the first books I read after identifying that Hermetic Philosophy is my true field of interest. Before that I did scarcely read into esoteric literature. I must say that I am thankful it was my establishing shot on the matter. The stuff thats in there is knowledge that is at the root of things, at least in my personal worldview. W.W. Atkinson (aka the Three Initiates) did a good job writing a very accessible treatise on the basics of Hermetic Philosophy, very inspiring and not such a heavy load on the brain as for instance Agrippa, Levi or even worse Crowley. Still, what I
  13. Rupicapra

    Labyrinth tarot july 2021

    Squeeeeee!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this @HOLMES! How exciting! I can't wait!!!!
  14. Hello, TT&M! Today, a close friend of mine had messaged me that he had found a little shop with spirituality-related items in his city, and was surprised to see a decent assortment of Tarot and oracle decks on display there (decent for similar shops in that particular city, but still a very joyous occasion). Among these was a Circle of Life Tarot deck, the main quirk of which is it's circular cards (I've looked it up on the Internet and also found a similar deck, Daughters of the Moon). As I've previously taught him my approach to Tarot, my friend though that I would be in
  15. I came across an explanation of the connection between the man, the woman and the angel as a link between conscious - subconscious and divine. Man (consciousness) looks at woman (subconsciousness) who looks at the angel (the divine). Maybe this is common knowledge and I'm rediscovering fire here, but I thought it was really interesting. Here's a more detailed video on the subject (From 7:40 if you don't want to watch the whole thing)
  16. Delta

    Why do you love the RWS Deck?

    I think I was choosing between this one and Thoth when I was buying my first deck. And as someone pointed out before, Thoth feels a bit too chaotic. I don't like the overdrawn, complicated decks that I can't scan through. I love the clean, obvious symbolism in RW. I like the colours. The old style imagery. I looked up some modern variations and they feel...too modern. It does have a 70s feel to it, as Katrinka mentioned, with the floral dresses, patterns and colours. Big plus in my book. Unlike many comments here, I'd say I really love it.
  17. Delta

    What is your favorite symbol in the Rider Waite Deck?

    I just noticed the star in it the other day. Don't know how I missed it before. It's a lovely card. I think for me it's the Lemniscate symbol on Magician & Strength. Every star and every crescent moon in the deck. I have a thing for celestial bodies
  18. Delta

    Sorry I'm a coffee enthousiast ;)

    Agrippa I will probably read for the rest of my days, slowly. I was looking for the separated editions, but they're over a €100 so I'm sticking to my 1000 pages book. Just opening the thing feels like a ritual, lol. It's a great reference book though. Oh I haven't started the Kybalion yet, just got it recently. (I have the centenary edition, yes. It's lovely. ) My partner suggested I start with something a bit easier to read, so I'm reading High Magick by Damien Echols at the moment. I'm watching a lot of his videos, too, when I need a break from the books. There's
  19. HOLMES

    Labyrinth tarot july 2021

    I seen it coming on amazon but no preview of the deck itself This just appeared in my google https://nerdist.com/article/labyrinth-tarot-card-deck-guidebook-cover-reveal/ OMG I WANT The chariot!
  20. Decan

    Song of the Day

  21. Decan

    Bohemian Cards

    I noticed that prices increased significantly for 1 year particularly, and decks of cards regarding divination have been already very expensive! For a regular Piatnik still in print, yes, less than 10 Euros even these days. By weight, decks of cards will end up costing more than gold!
  22. Decan

    What's The Postman Bringing?

    Oh, and the RAVN IIII Playing Cards finally arrived (after a long delay of several months). It is my last Kickstarter, I don't want to be a backer anymore (there is the waiting, and shipping from the US became too much now). The deck is nice and of excellent quality! I backed it for the raven theme.
  23. Decan

    What's The Postman Bringing?

    ...and the Sybil of the Heart oracle! This one is charming! I bought it as well because the booklet which comes with it is well done and much more complete than just a short LWB; the quality of the cards is good too (pleasant to touch).
  24. Decan

    What's The Postman Bringing?

    Lately I received this Marseille (an Italian Marseille, the Vergnano); I love the Majors here, and particularly those on the pic below. Regarding the meanings of the cards the drawings look "right" (just my opinion though). I'm not that much into Marseille generally, but recently I had a question and didn't know what deck and spread to use; I finally did a French cross with the 22 Majors and the answer was sounding (and more complete than I imagined), so 22 cards can be enough I guess.
  25. DownUnderNZer

    What Is For Brekkie, Lunch Or Dinner Today?

    Lunch Japanese Pork Cutlet Bento and Sushi One happy person right now and may be back tomorrow or Friday! Oishi!!! DND
  26. DownUnderNZer

    Today I am grateful for...

    Grateful for being out and about without having to wear a mask and that things seem to be back to semi normal. DND
  27. DownUnderNZer

    What's on your mind?

    On My Mind - In a hurry to get to one Japanese restaurant as not sure what hours it is open or closed. Really feel like Pork Broth ramen, but don't know if it makes it. Would settle for Tongkatsu or even Sushi. Will also check to see if any Asian stores in the area as well as any souvenir or bric a brac(?) shops. Couldn't have asked for a better day when it comes to sunshine with no humidity. DND
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