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  2. I have so many it’s hard to choose one! However, I have always loved The Star from The Tarot of the Sidhe:
  3. I’m about to start the first sub section on the first card . Discussion on the particular card can take place in its relevant area and hopefully we will have a lot of personal feelings and interpretations of how the card translates individually and how this might fit in with its traditional meaning or how it differs from one person to the next. This section we can discuss general matters and others can decide what card we can look at next. Im going to start with a card that is a bit of an enigma to me The Lovers I have some unfinished business that me and @Wanderer started so seems fitting to start off here
  4. I have this deck too so I will definitely be checking out what you all come up with!
  5. I’m excited for that list! (I always love me a good list )
  6. haha!! I got You got: A, B, W, U, L, or J You love a partner who encourages and empowers you to take action. Now, it's time to take a look around and see who in your circle has any of these letters as their first initial. If you can't think of anyone in particular, don't fret — your Mr. or Mrs. Right is on their way. My ex hubby's name started with an L.
  7. That is also one of my favorite cards too! I'd also like to remind everyone our Card Favorites section is still open as well if you'd like to contribute to that!
  8. Ok. So it’s the same old reason... Wonder why he’s got the rights to the art now, when he didn’t during the time of The Wildwood creation. Maybe the license is expiring or something. Sorry about the derail from the purpose of the thread. I’d really love to see EVERYONE’S favourite cards! (I have the Animals Divine and love it a lot... Great go-to deck in readings, too.)
  9. The Shadowscapes is a beautiful deck, I'm not sure I could pick a favourite out of it! It's just a complete whole if you know what I mean. I think there's an art book? In fact I think I may have it...
  10. Amazing @Saturn Celeste I’m just putting together my first card / topic so hopefully have that posted by tommorrow
  11. It would help me out when posting in the Library if you could also post somewhere in the Decks of 2019 Forum here: https://www.thetarotforum.com/forums/forum/127-decks-of-2019/ It could be in the thread for that week. I am compiling a list off-line to use later for us to cast votes.
  12. I hope to be able to join you! I now have that deck by my computer!
  13. I was thinking this morning that the Emperor would surely also be very benevolent. He shares his wealth and all that he has willingly with all his subjects.
  14. The themes were kickstarter perks for those who donated $50+ and I would hate to remove their rewards without their permission to. The themes are the cheaper end of the spectrum, the real costs is in the software. There is currently no way to work around subs per ip address on this software. However I can work with a case by case basis if I'm messaged. I am rethinking the monthly costs.
  15. Fool like you - Kovacs I chose below that the video starts at 2:10 because there is an orchestra before and things don't start immediately; Kovacs has a great voice and personal style (a bit off).
  16. And my 2P as well: Just to put prices into perspective, $35: I don't smoke, but if I had smoked 20 cigarettes a day, $35 would have lasted 4(four !!!) days. Instead, $35 will get me 3-4 pints of beer at a pub one day. Or eighteen liters of fuel for a car. ...You get the picture, and I'm not even exaggerating, this is actually the price level where I live So, perhaps the subscription prices should have been differentiated on where you live, with different zones. The forum already picks up our IP address so it can certainly be solved. But this may not be desirable, and some will probably experience this as unfair. I agree with Rupicapra, $10 for one month is probably too much. Too many people, who later could become annual subscribers, will likely refrain from trying. I think it would be better to have low prices to embrace most people. Those who are fond of the forum and can afford it will probably donate some extra dollars from time to time, although it is, of course, difficult for the administrators if a large proportion of the income is variable income. But reduce costs: Eight forum themes to choose from are way too many and too expensive. Remove the 2-3 fewest themes in use the next time the license expires.
  17. The bohemian gothic is such a quirky deck. I really the style (I also loved the original Adams family show on tv, and several of the really old Dracula movies. ) But that style is not for everyone, that’s for sure
  18. Love the cat picture its priceless, just had to mention! l do the shuffle for others when l give readings. l just concentrate my thoughts on the persons energies and their name, and inwardly ask that l receive their energies into the cards and the reading. From the readings l have done for others none of them have related to me in any way. So l am sure you can be safe in doing the shuffle if you want to.
  19. Ohh, I've spent time with the Stretch Tarot these last couple of days. I will use it for my next reading circle, for Coweb, within a couple of days I have already grown fond of this deck I was really in doubt about that. (Maybe I'll even like the "ugly" Bohemian Gothic as well ) We will see, regarding the ‘most used decks’ entries
  20. Love seeing and reading about your favourite cards, they are all so special to you. l do like the World card from the Shadowscapes deck. have often though of getting this deck, but people say details are too small. With my elderly eyes it has put me off purchashing.
  21. @KaiNO And, just a little OT, but I’m curious to see if the Stretch tarot will make it onto one of your ‘most used decks’ entries?! I believe it will feature next week for me (it was so hard to pick one deck this week because I have worked with both the stretch and the Inner Compass oracle to a great extent).
  22. I think that the deck library will contain lots of decks that people aren’t necessarily using as frequently, but they still want to share. Though it is certainly possible that they still can be included in some aspect of the statistics.. Well, there is plenty of time to figure that out. @fire cat pickles might have some thoughts on it!
  23. Well this interesting. The first filter I created -- which I now can't find -- was the one where I chose everything I wanted to see, and saved with a new name. However, once saved, I couldn't find it again. I decided to try again with a simpler filter (it's actually called a "stream" here), as a test, just choosing Talking Tarot. Saved that with a new name, and this time, after saving, I marked it as my default with the checkbox (next to the new filter name after saving) and now that filter appears on all my pages at the bottom of the screen on the right, next to Mark Site As Read, and toward the top, on the right, under the Search box. The first filter I created -- the one with the choices I actually want -- is nowhere to be seen! So if I we can figure out were the Saved Streams are, we might be there. It looks like a Saved Stream can be edited, if you can get to it. So far I can only get to the one I marked as default.
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  • Deck Reviews

      There are three versions of this deck to choose from - The regular edition, The extra large edition, and The limited edition. This is the limited edition. 
      I only recently acquired it, and haven’t had the time to read with it yet. 
      What I can say is that it is, by far, the nicest looking deck in my collection. The cardstock is luxurious; a velvet feel to it; absolutely top notch. The choice of edging, matte gold, is perfect for this deck. The imagery is on matte cardstock, and yet the colours pop like nothing else! The very nice tarot bag and the slightly firesmoke scented engraved wooden box that come with it are great. 
      There’s not a card in this deck that has an image that isn’t ”all that.”
      It was quite expensive, but far as craftmanship, it’s worth every penny. 
      Some reviewers have mentioned it’s a bit Tim Burton-esque, which is partly true, but I’d still feel this deck has more than one thing going, art-wise.
      I could mention that typically I don’t gravitate towards darker style decks, but I did this. And when it arrived, I realized that this is because there’s nothing dark with it! 
      It’s a beautiful deck with a warm core filled with playful humour. You could easily show it to a child without them freaking out. More than likely, they’d be charmed by it! That said, it’s not a childish deck, and there’s a lot for an adult to admire about the art.
      The Dark Mansion Tarot is quite simply totally gorgeous, perfect for a ”kinder version” halloween, and also for all other days.
      I’d rate it a deck perfect for an RWS beginner, and the deck doesn’t come with any lwb or companion book of any sort, which it doesn’t have to neither. Any RW book and interpretation will do fine:
      It draws upon the RW imagery very closely, and should present no difficulty reading with it, whether beginner, advanced reader or somewhere in between. 
      It’s possible that I care for my Ltd ed. too much to actually use it in readings, and also the cards are size large, so they might present better for study than for reading with...
      And that’s why Taroteca Studio has other versions of it, for me to go back and buy.
      An absolutely flawless deck, and I haven’t heard or seen any reviewer say anything less of it than that. 
      (If you’re on the fence, I’d say you can safely decide based on the imagery of the cards on the internet and youtube, etc. Whether you personally like the art. Quality is zero issue with this deck.)
      Quick note:
      Nice box and fair quality cards. Fully illustrated minors. 
      Not a beginner’s deck, includes many in-depth symbols and references, i.e the kabbalah. It’s not an easily accessible deck or book, but it’s a one of a kind deck that gives to the reader according to effort made to understand it. If you want a deck with limited interpretations to each card, this isn’t it. But if you want a challenging deck that will expand the domain of the tarot for you, in time as well as in space, this might fit you perfectly. In an attempt to converse with it, you might find yourself on Wikipedia sephiroth pages well into the night... Collectors might enjoy the well-made art, and the overall feel of the deck. 
      In short, it’s a deck for collectors, advanced readers (whom will never tire of it,) mysticists, and for those whom feel a deep spirit link (or otherwise) to ancient Egypt. 
      A disclaimer would be, that the deck is, very clearly, the artist’s vision and a glimpse into his fabulous creation. If you’re very into ”the authentic historical factual” side of life, then this deck might disappoint you. 
      But if you understand that the deck isn’t about the historical fact dimension, and that doesn’t bother you, then it might show you what it IS about, and you’ll be all the richer for it. 
      I myself didn’t buy this deck when I was ”an advanced reader,” and if you aren’t either, and you want it, go for it! 
      I’m merely saying that that’s the level it’s on. Not that you can’t enjoy it otherwise! 
      (If you’re a beginner, it’s also quite possible to skip the companion book deep-end interpretations, and just go with intuititive readings and/or the RW references that’s also present. It’s perhaps not the ideal deck for it, but it can be done.)
      I love this deck, it’s one of my top 5 treasured darlings. 
      (If I get a thousand decks in my collection; it will be one of my top 5 darlings.)
      The Spiritsong Tarot is a beautiful but non-traditional deck.  While the meanings correspond to the RWS, the imagery is just that of the animals.  
      The cards are larger than your average tarot deck, and they have a nice gloss to them.  I find them to be sturdy, but hard to shuffle with smaller hands.
      The Suits and some of the Majors have been renamed.  Now we've got Crystals, Shells, Feathers, and Acorns.  If you look at the picture, you can see some of the renamings in action.
      I find this to be a very gentle deck, good for guidance and for reading people who may fear some of the darker images in other decks.
      Overall I truly love this deck, even if I'm using it more as an oracle than a tarot.
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