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  2. Thank you guys for the warm welcome! I appreciate it and feel right at home already. :)
  3. I don't know that they are allowing Skype, but I don't see how else you could offer a "10-minute reading" to someone unless it's being timed.
  4. @Nordica De Spell Hello there dear! Sorry it took so long to respond life got ahold of me and I never returned from the void! I absolutely believe in past lives, and I believe that it's possible to be connected through out your life-times to other people. I have had multiple experiences with past-lives, but at some point I'd like to go to a formal medium of Past-Life work, outside of my own self, and ask for more confirmations. I'm very particular about the information and would like to get a second opinion! (I always recommend one of those ) I've found there is a long-term interconnected or interwovenness with certain people that you just find yourself drawn to. Even if it's for a shortwhile, there was a reason you got to meet so-and-so who had a profound outpouring into your soul!
  5. @NeptuneBloom꧂ @LoveLightPeace nice to meet you too neptunebloom! thank you both! i'm excited to see where this takes me in studying tarot
  6. @Raggydoll @joy thank you for the warm welcome guys! i look forward to learning from reading and reflecting on posts here
  7. If Etsy is allowing Skype readings, either the rules have changed or people are breaking them. When I was selling readings there (about 2013, I think?), we had to offer something "tangible", i.e., type out a PDF and email it to them. I remember charging $100 for a Lenormand GT there and it wasn't even worth doing with all the typing and formatting, so I closed the shop. Now I just do phone readings and charge by time: $120 for an hour, $60 for 30 minutes. I don't charge by the card anymore. Some people want a large spread and they don't even keep me on the phone very long. Others say they just want a few cards, but they're full of questions and they'll keep you on the phone all afternoon if you let them. Charging by time solves all of that. Running occasional sales is OK, I've done it. Absurdly low standard pricing is not OK. And there are a lot more people selling readings than there used to be. The sheer volume buries our listings. I agree that a lot of these people are new/intermediate. And I suspect some of them don't really read at all, they're just making easy money copying and pasting something or other. As far as how much you should write, the general rule is that they're paying for information, not writing, so you don't have to write a dissertation. Still, it's best to include a photo of the spread and an explanation of how you got what you did. That makes it plain that yes, you are actually reading the cards. You should at least get a few regulars out of that - if anybody sees your listing to begin with.
  8. @Bodhiseed You're right -- they've been around for a long while! I've been a huge fan of "The Playing Card Oracles" ever since the book and deck set was first published in 2002 by Two Sisters Press in Denver. C.J. Freeman's fantastical artwork grabbed me first. Then, the well-written book by Ana Cortez sealed the deal. Sometimes, I wonder why I keep dabbling in tarot. For purposes of divination, I have to admit that the PCO deck and system is really all I need. In addition to all the content on reading playing cards, the PCO book includes a method for using playing cards to figure geomantic calculations. That impressed me so much and still does. Photos below... The artwork in three of the PCO cards incorporate a geomantic figure: 6 of Diamonds -- Fortuna Minor 3 of Diamonds -- Caput Draconis 2 of Clubs -- Conjunctio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomantic_figures
  9. Nope, I gave them a full price reading write up. Like I said, I want customers. The erotic readings are fairly short though. One is 4 cards the other is 6 cards. For my past life readings, they got the full reading. I'm also still in a development stage of my past life readings so everyone that I did was better for me. I guarantee I won't do a 70% off sale again though! It was too much off.
  10. Did you have to give them much in the way of written output? When I write something up, I try to keep it to one paragraph of no more that 3 or 4 sentences per card (OK, I do sneak in a lot of semicolons and such). This wouldn't be too onerous for a three-card reading in terms of time and effort. I usually do a brief summary statement as well. I once tried to give away three free Celtic Cross readings on my blog site as a way to advertise myself but only got one taker.
  11. I have to do it to get clients! I'm pretty new over there. I just had a 70% off all my readings. I did get busy, yes but I was doing past life readings for 12.00 but I did get a few of them. I got a ton of erotic readings! The competition is intense over there. All I can do is keep having sales and getting the bodies to come to my store. Right now I will be doing huge updates to both my Wix site and my Etsy site to get ready for my Halloween sale! I hate giving my readings away but hell, I had a nice steady flow for a few weeks!
  12. Well, we'll see all about it! You're now in the program and here is your class thread! Welcome!
  13. This seems fair! I don't think everyone has to read for the sake of "fame and fortune" () it's just when anyone of any craft severely undercharges for their services, it can spiral into really screwing up the economy of said craft for those just trying to make a living. If it's computer generated.... Well, that wouldn't surprise me either. In which case, buyer beware, you can just use a generating app for free
  14. Hey your page looks great!! I love the background! You have some lovely decks.
  15. I'm not sure but it wouldn't surprise me if these are computer-generated readings sent by electronic media.
  16. It's impossible to say from the Etsy offers. I think some may be Skype readings since they're offering them by the minute (for example, 10 minutes for $20) which seems more in the ballpark. I'm not interested in making a lot of money at it, just getting a fair exchange for services rendered. Where I am in New England, the starting point is around $1/minute for a face-to-face reading with 15-20 minutes costing around $30 (some of which I had to give the shop owner).
  17. I agree that $5 seems way under-priced. Personally, I would buy a reading for $50 before I'd buy one for $5. I'd be afraid that the cheap reading wouldn't be worth much, or that the reader doesn't have any confidence in their ability.
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