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    The Divine Monster Tarot ❌
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    Oddhand Tarot ❌

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    Madhouse Tarot ✅

    The Divine Canine ✅

    Emerging from Darkness ❌


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    • DanielJUK
      awww they are not so bad, I like them but when you are starting out in tarot they are the trickiest cards of all! 🙂   I recommend studying each card and making a profile in your notes or head of each card, think of them like social media personalities or on a dating website. What sort of person are they? what do they like/ dislike? what are their goals and needs? Each of the 4 of each suit type are quite different, it's interesting to study the differences! When you have a "profile" or character of each card, try to learn it and remember it. Then later on when it comes up you can use it in many ways! You can even try to fit your loved ones and family to the different personalities or take a fictional book/ film / tv and see how the personalities apply to the characters.   For example in my "character profile" of the Knight of Cups in card images he rides a handsome white horse and is good looking and charming, this is someone who is romantic and like a creative poet. He or She will write you poems and woo you but when they have won you over, they often lose interest! They are not a stayer or a committer really. This is someone ruled by their heart but they forget logic and to think things through. So if someone was looking for their perfect partner in a tarot reading for a long term marriage and starting a family and this was the person that came up, it's not the best fit! But if you want a wooing person who will read you poetry around a camp fire, this is perfect! It won't last for serious commitment, they don't have staying power! But this would be wonderful for questions about creativity and expressing their emotions and this is a good card if someone is asking for job news or a career in creative or where they have to come up with a lot of ideas. But if they are asking about their career as being a philosopher or brain surgeon, this card is not great! Once you know the attributes of the character of the court card, you can apply it both as a person but also in answer to the question. If this was a daily card, it's a great day to express your emotions and be compassionate and also to be creative, create art or write poetry. It's a good day to take someone out on a date. It's not such a good day to do your tax returns or sort out all your complicated bureaucracy, the Knight just won't sit there doing it all with accuracy and this Knight can be a bit dreamy and unrealistic, so don't do really serious planning for the future and expect it to happen exactly like that, it's just dreaming 🙂 Just how I use them and how I see them! They are like top trump cards, they have positives and negatives and you just have to explore each persona and learn them
    • gregory
      I don't believe we will ever get it. I have not believed in it for a long while. And what happened to the friend who was helping her ?
    • Raggydoll
      I totally understand why you or anyone else would struggle to believe this because there has been so so many disasters and unexpected unfortunate events etc. I have myself felt frustrated from her updates about how one of her kids has a cough and now she can't get to work, and how her husband took the good laptop and so things are getting delayed... etc. But I was actually not surprised to hear this news. I was once part of her patreon and I have seen their private footage and the vlogs that feature her family (even ones her ex husband filmed himself). I absolutely believe her husband has left her and I did also hear this from someone who knows Avalon in real life. I am not out to convince you, I am just saying what I honestly believe. But the point of this thread is not to discuss whether or not she is lying. I am just informing people that it is highly unlikely that this deck will be finalized anytime soon. 
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