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  1. Little Fang Tarot ♡ Chatting over Tea ♡

    Learn all the latest here at Little Fang Tarot!

  2. Black and the Moon FAQ Forum - ask Claire anything about her decks

    Ask me anything in this thread (why do you love tuck-boxes, what's the deal with oddities, etc)

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  4. My Tippy Tea House Topics

    In this section anyone who wants to introduce a new topic can do so.  Do you have questions about Tarot?  Opinions on something to do with Tarot or fortunetelling? Here's the place to post.


    Feel free to ask questions of me if you have them, too, and I'll answer promptly.

  5. My Tippy Tea House Sign-up thread for Sacred Seven sale

    I added a page to the club announcing the sale I'm running but I'm unclear at this point whether members can post on the new page so I'll make this the sign-up thread where I know people can post. 

  6. My Tippy Tea House Update on my situation

    Well, the last few days have been tense, to say the least.  We've got a level one evacuation order in effect because there's fire quite nearby. This means we've packed up everything that's most important to take with us if we go to a level two, which would mean we have to evacuate in about 30 minutes.  Level 3 is "forget taking anything, just get the heck out as fast as you can". We aren't going to wait for level 3.  We'll leave at level 2 if that comes.  


    The good news today is, though, that they've been able to hold the line on the fire nearest to us. It isn't guaranteed they can keep holding it because of our heat wave which can cause weird weather generated by the fire itself, but after today the weather is cooling a little bit so maybe we'll be lucky. 

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  7. My Tippy Tea House Another of my sisters

    Today another of my sister's passed away.  She had a stroke about a year ago and just went downhill from there but it's still a shock to me.  I've lost three of my sisters now.  One in 2011, one at Easter this year, and now another one.  She just had a birthday on the 11th.




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