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Deck of The Weeek: Sign-up Thread: Week 159 : July 25 - July 31

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This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks.  Each week we will be picking a deck (or desks) to work with for the week.


Anyone is welcome. Please join us!      The only rules we have are the Tarot Tea & Me rules; be respectful to each other.    


You can drop in and out time and real life permitting.   New to tarot?  Long time reader?   Come on in.  


1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week.


2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc.




1. VGimlet -Erotic Fantasy Tarot

2. Mi-Shell - Anieth Nature Deck

3. Bodhiseed - Tarot of the Masters paired with Keys to the Kingdom

4. AJ-ish/Sharyn - Etruscan Tarot

5. Amberjune - Animal Totem Tarot and the Dreamtime Reading Cards





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Posted (edited)

Erotic Fantasy tarot for me this week. 


A very strange time.   I am in quarantine for real right now because I had a fever and Covid symptoms earlier this week.  Which could be my chronic sinus stuff, or a cold or.....who KNOWS??? 

But now I am at home for 10 days because my work doesn't want me in - although I am able to do my work from home stuff.   Which is good.  Yes, probably going to try and get tested, just to be safe.   Ugh.  

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💗((((((VGimlet 💗))))) Healing , Strengths, Resilience and a speedy recovery!💗


I will use my Anieth Nature Deck this week.

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💚(((VG))) Hope you just have some sinus stuff that a round of antibiotics will knock out. If you do take the test, it's not as horrible as some make it out to be. I had to have one recently; it felt similar to the stinging sensation when you are swimming and get water up your nose. Not pleasant, but it only lasts about 5 seconds.


I'm in this week with the Tarot of the Masters paired with Keys to the Kingdom. Hugs to all the DoWers! :animated-smileys-hug-002:  


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Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery, @VGimlet.


I did not use the Llewellyn Tarot at all last week, instead I worked with the Mary-El and the Playful Heart Tarot.

This week I'll be using the Animal Totem Tarot and the Dreamtime Reading Cards.



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This week I'll be using the Tarot of the Masters, created and self-published by James Ricklef. (I'll also be referring to Ricklef's Tarot Affirmations book.) The oracle deck I'll be using is The Key to the Kingdom, a set of transformational cards and companion book created by Tony Meeuwissen and published by Running Press. Today's draws are the Lovers and the Six of Spades:


 But until a person can say deeply and honestly, "I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday," that person cannot say, "I choose otherwise."

― Stephen R. Covey


          The Lovers shows a young man making a choice between a sultry, fun-loving woman and another who appears overly modest and more serious. If he lets his decision be made by his hormones, it's a no-brainer. The verse for the Six of Spades is by John Gay and inscribed on his monument in Westminster Abbey:

Life is a jest,

And all things show it;

I thought so once,

But now I know it.

Gay obviously realized that the moment we are born, we begin to die. The evidence is all around, but if our attention is absorbed by self-pleasure, we likely won't notice. That's not to say we shouldn't enjoy the bit of life we've been allotted, but perhaps we should consider the intentions behind our day-to-day choices if we'd rather have contentment and joy rather than simply chasing pleasure. 

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Well, last week I still used the Runic Tarot - and according to that one, we are still in Beltane Week 4 

I sooo do not feel like Beltane!



The card also stands for the 12 of Cups......

Maybe that is the reason, why with the Ainieth Nature deck so far I just pulled Water Element cards.......


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