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Deck of The Weeek: Sign-up Thread: Week 161 : August 8 - August 14

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This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks.  Each week we will be picking a deck (or desks) to work with for the week.


All are welcome. Please join us!      The only rules we have are the Tarot Tea & Me rules; be respectful to each other.    


You can drop in and out time and real life permitting.   New to tarot?  Long time reader?   Come on in.  


1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week.


2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc.




1. AJ-ish/Sharyn - Roots of Asia

2. Mi-Shell - Tarot of the Trance

3. Amberjune - Tarot of the Sidhe and the Magical Times Empowerment Cards

4. Bodhiseed - Spiral Tarot paired with Sacred Journey Cards

5. VGimlet - Otherworld Tarot

6. Flaxen - Painted Tarot

7. Queen of Spades - Tarot Mucha




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My deck of the week will be the Tarot of the Trance. 

I do like to use this deck in early August, because usually it is a crazzzzzy busy time for us. Bearpaw Jewellery, our company would be in full swing, we would attend craft shows and summer markets, all my Tarot clients and my shamanic patients as well as some students would be here.....


This morning I pulled the 6 of cups - an image sooo busy and wild, you have to loooook several times to get an idea where all the cups are and what else is on the card.....

That is, how it usually is and why this deck fits well. This year all is quiet. No shows, no markets, just Zoom meetings and phone calls....

I miss everyone.....

Tarot of the Trance ▻ Six of Cups | Tarot, Oracle tarot, Tarot decks

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I'm in with the Tarot of the Sidhe and the Magical Times Empowerment Cards.


May your week be pleasant and joyous.


Thank you for the new thread @VGimlet.

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After much perusing of my tarot decks I decided to pick the Otherworld Tarot.   Honestly, I don't even know if it's ON my "more later" list which is lost in the boxes still - but there is hope someday I will find all my old tarot journals, etc, someday - that day is just not coming this month.  


And everyone is quite welcome for the new thread.  🏞️

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 This week I'll be using the Spiral Tarot, a book and deck set created by Kay Steventon and published by U.S. Games. I'll also be drawing from the Sacred Journey Cards, a set created by Cheryl Thiele and published by Pomegranate. Today's draws are the Seven of Cups and Reflection:


          A woman stands in the rain while a foggy mist keeps her from clearly seeing the seven cups around her. She must make a choice, but what will bring fulfillment? The mist represents the way our mind is shaped by past information and experiences, which in turn leads to expectations and assumptions. The Reflection card suggests that when we drag along old mental file cabinets into new situations, we see only what's in those files, not what's in front of us. If we expect to find good, we do; if we expect to find bad, we will. But if we go in with an open mind and heart - with curiosity - we might just see what is actually there.

When people will not weed their own minds, they are apt to be overrun by nettles. ― Horace Walpole

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I'd like to join.


My deck will be the Tarot Mucha deck. I just received it and it's beautiful. 


I decided to draw one card and it was the four of cups

A beautiful woman is sits alone and is look over some cups. There is an air of aloofness. The hand in a cloud is approaching and bringing her a cup. It feels like everything is being handed to her and she gets what she wants easily but she is still not happy with her choices. She's alone in the woods, surrounded by barren trees. This could mean that one could have everything that one wants but still feel alone and not fulfilled. The sky has some blue but a lot of gray. Happiness that she could have is being covered by something negative? Depression? Doubt? S


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Did an early draw and got the 2 of cups. 


Two young people are looking at each other affectionately so there is love in the air.


They are just alone in an open area so they can show love freely. Maybe it's a forbidden love and that's why they run to the countryside to be with each other? However, it looks like way deep in the background, there is a town. So while they can love each other freely, it can also mean they are so in love that they are isolating themselves from the outside world and other people. The woman's foot is in a...stream? Water represents emotion so it's showing that her feelings are coursing through her but streams can be shallow.  They are not as powerful and deep as a river. This may not be the everlasting, deeply-connected love that they think they have. There is a lion head with wings and twin snakes wrapped around each other floating above their heads. Snakes just remind me of Adam and Eve. The lion with wings, I'm not sure about. I want to think that it is a protector of couples, defender of love. 


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Tarot Mucha - one of my favorite decks! 


Sorry I didn't get you added until now Queen of Spades!   And welcome - or welcome back.  (I have a vague memory you were here a while back?  Maybe?  Or my mind is just gone.  Could be that, too.

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