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Barbara Walker Tarot - Three of Wands: Fate


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Three of Wands: Fate


Virgin, Mother, and Crone are linked together in their traditional colors, white, red, and black. India called the colors of the female Trinity gunas, “strands.” White was for the Virgin/Creatress, new moon, birth, springtime, flowers, the past. Red was for the Mother/Preserver, full moon, passion, summer, fruit, the present. Black was for the Crone/Destroyer, old moon, winter, seed, prophecy, and the future. The same three Fates were known elsewhere as Moerae, Fortunae, Norns, Morrigan, or Weird Sisters (from Wyrd, the Saxon Fate-goddess). Three wands represent creation, invention, fortune, commercial activity, reward or punishment, the power of karma.


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