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Greetings from Australia

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Found this forum yesterday, after looking online for experiences of others with the 'Tarot of Shadows' deck.

Twoscore and ten revolutions around the sun and looking forward to many more 😄  

  • Collecting too many decks.
  • Slowly working on creating a personal deck via photoshop and MakePlayingCards.com
  • Meet daily with friends on Zoom for an hour to explore readings and share insights
  • Enjoying this time of enforced seclusion and retreat

all the best

Antipodean 🦁

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Welcome! Fellow Aussie here (Melbourne). 
I'm sure you will enjoy it here. Lots of great people and ways to play and learn.

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Hi @Nishe I'm putting together a deck based on images from UnSplash. I have eleven approved images at the moment.


By 'approved', I mean, these are people I have contacted and asked for permission to use their image in a tarot deck I'm creating. According to UnSplash's License, and also what the user agrees to when they sign up and upload photos, is these are freely available to anyone at all who wants to use them for any reason including commercial. Technically, however it's a different story (you only need to google unsplash legal issue).


I'm only using those photos where I get clear permission to use them. Preferably enthusiastic! There are a number of enthusiastic people in that group of 11 so far.  I also explain this is not a commercial venture in any way for me. I'm uploading to playingcards.com, setting up the parameters I want (gilt-edging, size, stock etc). Anyone else with the link will be able to decide for themselves if they're only looking or if they want to get a deck for themselves. The end. I'm certainly going to grab a deck or two for myself.


There's a running update on my Instagram (link below in signature) and occasional updates on my Twitter. Viewing on a mobile device, you'll be able to see the commentary showing which card it will signify. On a desktop computer, I think you need to click into the photo.


The images are based on my personal aesthetic and connection to the card, symbology, meaning, my experience with the card etc. For example, the 3 of Swords is an image of three beautiful Lily's of the Valley held by a young woman. This UnSplash user was extremely enthusiastic when I asked her permission and it turns out she is a tarot user and reader herself.

This has happened a number of times 🙂



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