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Who has good eyes?! The Magician Mystery


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I'm doing a little early study on The Magician and pulled out the LWB for my Hermetic Deck to see what it had to say. I noticed there was an error in their description of the card, where a Star of David has been mistaken for a Pentagram. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has picked up on this, but I felt pretty pleased with myself regardless. Wonder why the LWB hasn't been corrected. 

Anyway... here is another little mystery.... what do you suppose the writing on the spine says? Anyone with better eyes than me (and maybe a good grasp of Hebrew) care to weigh in? Doesn't look like English.
I did my best to take a clear photo. 


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Whatever it is, it's not Hebrew. Some of the characters aren't much more than straight lines.
It looks like some kind of magical script. I have no idea which, but that would make sense on a grimoire.


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I assumed Hebrew because of the Star, but it could be something else. Aramaic perhaps? 
Or else they are just some squiggly lines part of the greater illustration - and mean absolutely nothing! 🤣

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WOW @katrinka! That looks pretty good. I couldn't begin to figure out what it could be though.
Maybe some special codex like the Golden Dawn cipher ....  - Dr Seuss is definitely in contention! 😜

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