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Closure of the Tarot and Global Current Events Section + New Rule

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Due to various reasons, including not following rules set into place for the specific section, we are closing down the Tarot and Global Current Events chatter section.  It was created in the past with optimistic hopes, but with the current political climate, it's slowly devolving into bashing and moderation reports, in which our staff would be better useful on the rest of the forum rather than policing one tiny section. 

Forum is temporarily archived before deletion so you may retrieve your readings for posting elsewhere.


Political opinions easily cause stress and drama, so a new rule is being instated:

12. Politics will not be discussed on TT&M.

If you wish to do a reading on the current political climate, it's best to do so on your own social media or blogs.  Too often political discussions devolve into arguments and bashing, and it's not the kind of atmosphere we want here.


Thank you for understanding!



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