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An Election Season podcast reading from Burning Tarot


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Is this where we post stuff such as our podcasts? I have a teeny-tiny mini-podcast that is basically for my clients and a few friends. I started it in response to Covid. Burning Tarot is the name (which I want to change at some point) - tiffanyleebrown.com/burning-tarot . It may also be in the iTunes podcast list.


We draw a card every week or so, sometimes do breathing or visualizations or meditations together, we walk in the woods. It's very personal. It doesn't have a music intro or fancy production values -- just me and the ol' iPhone and a handful of listeners.


Having spent some time here on the forum tonight, I feel safe (if that's the right word) inviting you guys to come take a listen. I'm sure some of you would have far more sophisticated takes on the cards I draw, so I'm always up for hearing your feedback!




There's a short election night post (15 mins) called "Renewing Our Emotions" (Ace of Cups) and a much longer one on the whole of November and Election Season, i think it's called "Aces & Devils."


My approach is intuitive, which I don't always mention in the readings. In other words, the Two of Swords might be read to mean something that we normally don't associate with the Two of Swords. I just roll with that. Sometimes I do try to contextualize. I've been reading for 30 years now, so I trust myself at least to some degree. 🙂


Anyway, come on by if you're interested.

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