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Help with deck ID

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Hi!  I saw a briefly saw tarot deck that I really liked on the Netflix original series "You," second season, episode 5.  A character is sitting on a bed and reading a deck that has such beautiful vibrant colors and designs (on the card back). It also seems like a substantially sized deck as well. I tried to take a photo, which turned out horrible, but I will post anyway.  Any of you Netflix subscribers and want to help me with my quest to ID this deck??  Thank you!




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I had no memory of anyone doing Tarot on this show so I went and looked. They barely show it at all. I tried to get a couple more screenshots for you. First picture is back of cards, second is - I think - the only part where they show anything of the front.

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 8.09.10 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 8.08.40 PM.png

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That's almost for sure the deck sold at Spencer's Spirit around Halloween:






The back's different than shown here, but, this deck's been around for a long time and also tends to be available as a digital download you can print. They may have just put one together for the show.


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ok I want it 🙂 and those stores are closed now. Someone remind us next halloween! I'll get an armload and ship them around 🙂

That said. 

Hair done, check

makeup on, check,

jewelry on, check. 

summer dress on, check. 

OK, time to go back to the unmade bed and do a reading. check. 


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Sadly it's usually hard to find outside Halloween, but during Halloween in the States it'll pop up on eBay or etsy regularly. 


...it turns out Spirit has a website. Who knew??




Sold out atm, but might be worth keeping an eye on.


A review:



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...wow really, it's region-locked?? Well I guess that's one way to get around international sales. 🤨 

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@KimWelcome to the forum! 🙂 Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules: https://www.thetarotforum.com/rules/

Selling/Trading/Gifting of decks is only permitted in the Tarot Trading section, only open to forum subscribers.  I recommend you make an introduction and let us formally welcome you in!

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