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Deck of The Weeek: Sign-up Thread: Week 176 : November 21- November 27


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This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks.  Each week we will be picking a deck (or decks) to work with for the week.


All are welcome. Please join us!      The only rules we have are the Tarot Tea & Me rules; be respectful to each other.    


You can drop in and out,  time and real life permitting.   New to tarot?  Long time reader?   Come on in.  


1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week.


2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc., or NOT - it's all up to you.  




1.  VGimlet - (da brigh) Black Tarot

2. Amberjune - Omegaland Tarot and the OH cards

3. AJ-ish/Sharyn - I Ching Tarot

4. Bodhiseed - Badger's Forest Tarot paired with the Gemstone Oracle

5. Mi-Shell - Bosch Tarot

6. vulprix - Ellis Tarot

7. Gardener - Mystical Shaman Oracle




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The temperature has dropped considerably  where I live...time to get used to the cold again...


My decks for the week are the Omegaland Tarot and the OH cards.


Wishing you all a great week ahead, this year is slowly and unbelievably heading towards its conclusion 🙂

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Oh VG...it's the elves you are supposed to feed...what the heck are you leaving out, that the gremlins are coming?? I take it the remodel, clear out isn't going well? I once had a customer whose kitchen remodel ground to a halt, she lived without kitchen cupboards for 5 years. They finally sold the house at a steep loss just to get away from it 🙂 We are on basic lock down again, for every sentence you write, get up and move something, fix something. That is how I'm getting through October and November. And probably December. And maybe January. What a ****storm America is right now. And I can see the changes I'm doing by now and enjoying the teeth clenching efforts. Sheer force of will. ((((VG))) and thank you for keeping up the thread. 


I bought I Ching Tarot on a whim. knowing there was no such thing. Knowing it was a publishers marketing trick. But I have Really enjoyed it and am going to use it a second week. It is no doubt a sacrilege to true believers in hueing to the ancient translations, but it is lighter and brighter, and while I'm using it with a grain of salt, I respect the Tao...but this deck might just become one of those secret indulgences. 

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This week I'll be using the Badgers Forest Tarot, a deck created and self-published by Nakisha VanderHoeven. Along with it, I'll be using my Gemstone Oracle (with actual stones). The meanings for the stones have loosely been chosen from the book Crystal and Gemstone Divination by Gail Butler (I added quotations with the keywords). Today's draws are the Six of Crows (Pentacles) and Labradorite:

          It appears someone has left the crows and other animals some extra food - perhaps a thanksgiving feast just for them. On the topic of generosity, it has been disheartening to watch Trump obsess about election recounts while completely ignoring the health and well-being of the people he is supposed to serve. Yet yesterday I was out gathering some items for a library display and stopped to stick a dollar in the United Way kettle. The bell-ringer gleefully said that it was the second kettle she was filling up today. When I came back out, I made a point to stick another bill in there as well. While the news may focus on everything that is wrong, there are regular people engaging in simple acts of kindness that go largely unseen. They are who I need to focus on as I find small ways to be of service too. Labradorite's keywords are 'news flash' and 'facts about a situation.' Its assigned quote is by Margaret Mead: "I was brought up to believe that the only thing worth doing was to add to the sum of accurate information in the world." I will take her advice and spread the word that goodwill exists, it just doesn't usually make the nightly news.

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I so enjoy reading this thread every week.  So many, many decks I've never heard of - the DOWers are true collectors.  And I love how much we all want to work with our beloved decks.  This week I have been spending time with the Mystical Shaman Oracle.  Lots of women with bird wings in their hair, but there's something lovely about the deck even so.  I've been wondering what makes a deck "mystical" and I think, like poetry, it's a dance between the artist and the reader.  It's true that a talented reader can make a mystical experience out of a deck of playing cards, but there is something pleasurable about working with original art.  I was part of a discussion last week about the Salvador Dali tarot, and how it doesn't seem to provide an integrated spiritual experience for most readers.  It is a collection of images that somehow does not gel.  Whereas the Mystical Shaman Oracle has the cohesion of a deck created as one embodied project.


The funny thing, though, is that there can be cohesive decks make with photo collage.  It would seem contradictory, but some of my favorite decks are photo collage, and they each have a distinctive flavor.  I'm thinking of the Artists' Inner Vision and the Blue Rose in particular, also the Victoria Regina.  I'm curious what other people might think of the Voyager, which I find to be fabulous for readings, but I'm not sure I'd call it cohesive.


Just my musings on a Thursday afternoon...

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100's and 100's of decks have passed through my hands, but the Voyager, no. Not a fan of collage decks I guess. Perhaps based on my experience with Kat Black's Golden back in the sands of time. I've done a lot of collage projects of my own though, I have a 16"x18" piece under glass here on my desks. I only realized yesterday it was a collage... If I had access to a trunk full of magazines, I'd love to restart my set of Soul Collage cards. here is a link to the first one I made in class. 


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Well, turns out, I did not "read" with the Bosch.

I re- sorted it and went through all imagery with the LWB. It has quite different, more archaic meanings listed. Interesting and thought provoking...

My daily draws however were Greenwood.....

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Love your collage piece @AJ-ish/Sharyn. It really draws me in, makes me think of Persephone.

I don't have the Voyager either, but would be open to play with it. Not sure I have many collage decks to think of it, but one I do have and love dearly is the Lioness Goddess Oracle Tarot.

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