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I love to research & compile things from many systems & compare viewpoints. This is a sample of how my “day” starts:


Cards for today are Ten of Wands and Qclub.gif
Color is #738F89 (turquoisish gray) **hue value 167
ColorHexa says ‘dark grayish cyan’

**Sabian symbol: Virgo 17 ~ Explosion
A volcanic eruption bringing dust clouds, flowing lava, earth rumblings. - Lynda Hill
catharsis, purification - Dane Rudhyar
body point: abdominal muscles
crystal: Apache Tear (smoky obsidian) - Marina Costelloe
note: 2nd decan ~ The Professor - experience (Bernice Prill Grebner)

Queen of Clubs ~ With Teaching, I Develop Minds
*as the zodiac archetype Leo: I Organize and Will Lead

(Iain McLaren-Owens)
Moon in Earth; I Receive To Learn The Reactions (instructional)
Earth Mother, intelligence, inspiration, verbally reactive, physically receptive
Aspect patterns: King
Sextile (30) - Harmony
Opposition (180) - Extremes / Balanced
Sextile (300) - Support
notice how she sits at the Center of the Grand Solar Spread?
Jupiter column; Jupiter row

Ten of Wands is assigned to the 3rd decan of Sagittarius (fire) ~ The Ambassador, illumination, enlightenment
associated rulers are Saturn & the Sun


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Hello, @AJ-ish/Sharyn!

Sorry it took me a while to come back to this thread. Between my regular Daily and the Sacred Days of Yule, I am going to have a busy end of the year!


I have followed my plans for going through the use of all decks in my collection (took 3 years). For 2021, I am going to focus on “alphabets” as oracular. Lunaria Gold’s decks will play a large part as I hope to spend a week per letter/symbol of Phoenician/Hebrew (22) & Greek (24) which will leave me 6 weeks for ogham and/or runes. Perhaps the various assignments of numerology ciphers, such as those featured in the Gematrinator, will be used to play with meanings for names and words as I go along.


> click on Ciphers to see


LOL! I have even gathered pics of Scrabble tile value-variants.


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Today starts my week with gimel!




I am also inspired to use the beautiful Phoenician Oracle cards to lay out the sets for the 72 names.





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Book references:

Language Visible by David Sacks
• Unraveling the Mystery of the Alphabet from A to Z

Magical Alphabets by Nigel Pennick
• The Secrets and Significance of Ancient Scripts - including Runes, Greek, Ogham, Hebrew and Alchemical Alphabets

A New Oracle of Kabbalah, 2nd Edition by Richard Seidman
• Mystical Teachings of the Hebrew Letters

Healing in the Hebrew Months series

(book 3) by Del Hungerford
• Exploring Hebrew Letters, Gematria, and their Musical Frequencies
(book 2) by Seneca Schurbon

• Prophetic Strategies Hidden in the Tribes, Constellations, Gates, and Gems

(book 1) by Leah Lesesne

• A Biblical Understanding of Each Season's Emotional Healing

The Phoenician Oracle companion book by Lunaria Gold

Card decks:

Aleph-Bet Flash Cards by JET (Jewish Educational Toys, Inc)
> note: extra card variants are numbered 2, 12, 22, 30, 31
> vowels are numbered 33-42 (ten)
> final forms are numbered 14, 17, 19, 24, 26

The Phoenician Oracle by Lunaria Gold

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Human Design Mandala



Four Quarters of the mandala



a great spreadsheet style compilation!



Look to the right of the page & download their free Synthesis Index



Totem Codex (animals)



Mineral (Gemstone) Codex



*time* for Rave New Year! gate 41 ~ I Ching hexagram


~ scroll down to see Gate/Hexagram assigned to the calendar day period





https://www.ichingmeditations.com/ching-hexagrams/hexagram-41-decrease-sun/ *pics of card art



since each hexagram is covering ~5.5 day/degrees, today would focus on line 1 (bottom) & refer up to its correlate counterpart line 4
•marshy lake at the foot of a mountain
•flow is upward; evaporating, dew on the hill
• Compensating Sacrifice, the Empty Cauldron
•unravel threads
•parable: the widow’s mite
line 1 titles: inner work, investigation, loner, creator, investigator, anchor
> wound of repression
line 4 titles: being of service, conviction, politician, server, opportunist, nurturer
> wound of rejection


In a contrasting system, hexagram 41 is assigned to 06-12 Aries

Fu Hsi (Early Heaven sequence) www.iching-hexagrams.com/hexagrams/the-hexagram-sequence/


*... Calendar:……….Northern Hemisphere: Mar 26 to Apr 1 approx
………………………Southern Hemisphere: Sep 29 to Oct 5 approx


*... Calendar:……..Northern Hemisphere: Jan 21 to Jan 26 approx

……………….Southern Hemisphere: Jul 23 to Jul 29 approx

-> complete list: https://www.iching-hexagrams.com/










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2021 ~ Weekly start dates (Fridays)

~ - ~ - ~ Hebrew letters
Jan 1 *aleph [1] - first
Jan 8 *beth [2] - second
Jan 15 *gimel [3] - third
Jan 22 *dalet [4] - fourth
Jan 29 *hey [5] - fifth
Feb 5 *vau [6] - sixth
Feb 12 *zayin [7] - seventh
Feb 19 *chet(h) [8] - eighth
Feb 26 *tet(h) [9] - ninth
Mar 5 *yod [10] - tenth
Mar 12 *kaf [20] - eleventh
Mar 19 *lamed [30] - twelfth
Mar 26 *mem [40] - thirteenth
Apr 2 *nun [50] - fourteenth
Apr 9 *samekh [60] - fifteenth
Apr 16 *ayin [70] - sixteenth
Apr 23
Apr 30
May 7
May 14
May 21
May 28
~ - ~ - ~ Greek letters
Jun 4
Jun 11
Jun 18
Jun 25
Jul 2
Jul 9
Jul 16
Jul 23
Jul 30
Aug 6
Aug 13
Aug 20
Aug 27
Sep 3
Sep 10
Sep 17
Sep 24
Oct 1
Oct 8
Oct 15
Oct 22
Oct 29
Nov 5
Nov 12
~ - ~ - ~ misc: ogham/runes
Nov 19
Nov 26
Dec 3
Dec 10
Dec 17
Dec 24

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I tend to ramble all over the place with what catches my attention on any given day (sometimes not related) so I hadn't been posting it here on TT&M.


vau ~ the number 6
tent peg, nail, hook, secure, add, conjunction- “and”
• a consonantal vowel (like the yod) U, V, W
a single letter; Iyar/Taurus, hearing
~ musical note G
1.5, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 384, 768, 1536, 3072, 6144, 12288
Note: 64 hexagrams (I Ching) x6 = 384 lines ~ 9th octave


Sacks writes that the Romans' phonetic sound was the “w” and that V & J are the youngest letters in English. J was born from I.
• on the wheel, V (22) is opposite I (9th); W (23) is opposite J (10th)





Pennick mentions the bright head of a nail reflecting daylight; that the nail is the pivot for the circling heavens (time, 24/12). He also mentions the meaning “liberty” and the association of a doorknob ... open & see the white light!

> Lesesne notes that Iyar is the 2nd month, the Lord your healer Jehovah Rapha. It has also been called Ziv, radiance.
• right kidney, active meridian: 5-7pm
• Exodus, waters of Marah ~ Moses is instructed to throw a tree into it which made it sweet (purified?)
She emphasizes that bitterness extends to the emotional pain & crushed spirit after a trauma; the story of Naomi changing her name because she felt her very identity had changed. (Jesus as the Oak; redeems the worst part of our stories)

> Schurbon notes the astrological & astronomical associations of Orion & the Pleaides/Hyades.
> Hungerford reminds us to watch what comes out of our mouths because it creates a frequency ... (Pollyanna’s ‘Glad Game’)

Seidman writes that vav embraces opposites, inspires us to become agents of connection who help repair the “broken vessels” and restore Shechinah, the Divine Bride (story of Hosea)
Shadow: addiction, codependence

~ the Phoenician Oracle - hook waw
Attachment, commitment, habit, obligation
Plant: terebinth tree; earliest source of turpentine (preservative/sealant)
No associated deity

6 trees ~ i.pinimg.com/originals/71/ab/a4/71aba4752c18df5fc667ba123843c3fd.png

types of hexagram representations






- - - -


image search for "cube rotate hexagon"
solids on fruit of life
Seed of Life ~ Nature/Nurture

Star of David symbolism


Colors & Elements



6 Directions

Planets (on the Tree of Life)

12 Tribes/Signs


**a tarot/oracle spread**

~ 6 seasons ~


qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-006f8f8c29469127740c6314d2e25800 - Hindi

Sacred Geometry and Letters

~ 6 personality types Holland & Billings ~




www.colorspersonality.com/ - scroll down to see “wedges” with 3 levels

i.pinimg.com/originals/81/e1/16/81e116eb0ff1c2746bff0270037c2ee5.jpg - what to “give up” to be happy



- - - -

Use the Gematrinator’s cipher English Sumerian to analyze words.
Calculate the values of the initials of a full name.

love = 324 / 9

L 72
M 78
C 18
A 6

174 / 12 / 3


- - - -

Spelling of words related to/including 6
- six
- sex

Obviously, various numbers & counting uses:
six, sixteen, sixty, sixteenth, sixtieth

sixpence - money; exchanging value

sextant - device measuring distance/degrees of arc - celestial; latitude/longitude

sexton - person employed doing work on church grounds (physical requirements & duties)

Numerology: reducing the values of the multiplication table/skip counting
6 _ 3 _ 9 ...... / 6 + 3 + 9 = 18, The Moon (XVIII)
VI The Lovers
III The High Priestess
IX The Hermit

Chinese astrology cycles ~ 60
ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches


Feng Shui date for New Year is Feb 4 (fixed)
2021 New Year date is Feb 12

Venus - Jupiter - Mars
*Venus orbit/cycle ~ 5; the seeds inside an apple

18 ~ solar value of 5club.gif
AstroCards/Iain: Jupiter in Earth
cartomancy: in air or fire










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7 hours ago, WildWoman71 said:

@legendaryelement  where are you studying the Hebrew letters - I'm interested from  Tarot and Qabalah perspective

This was the first website I found to reference (many years ago)




Some others:









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This site is in Spanish, but the design illustrations are awesome! Love the wheels for the Spanish alphabet* & the Runes!



*thinking the 2nd “N” is the one with the tilde - Interpretacion Suenos

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Browsing suggestions on Amazon ...


God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World ~ by Stephen Prothero


Spiritual Guidance Across Religions: A Sourcebook for Spiritual Directors and Other Professionals Providing Counsel to People of Differing Faith Traditions ~ by Rev. John R. Mabry PhD (ed.)


The World’s Wisdom: Sacred Texts of the World’s Religions ~ by Philip Novak


Doorways to the Soul: 52 Wisdom Tales from Around the World ~ by Elisa Davy Pearman


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zayin ~ the number 7
"Z" voiced sibilant; mostly heard, more rarely seen (in spelling)
weapon: sword/spear, tool: mattock/plow/adze, ornament: staff or crown
> cut, cut off; food, nourish
> left leg; walking, progress
• a single letter; Gemini/Sivan - meridian 9-11am

on the wheel of harmony, the Z (26) is opposite to M (13)
mem is Water, a Mother letter

Pennick associates zain with the East direction; the ruler's sword at rest in its scabbard, European chivalry, ornamented staff

Sacks notes all the words written with an 's' while the pronunciation is 'z' (rose, etc) and the differentiation between British & American spellings of words.
• expanded usage by creative types, advertisers, pre-teens/teens, pop culture, tech, audio:sound
• Victor Hugo's memoir notes the Z as lightning/God

Lesesne: month of Sivan's themes are generosity, mercy, alignment
Hungerford: inheritance & new revelation; personal "Mt Sinai" meeting & covenant with God
*musical note: B-flat (concepts of theme and variation)
Schurbon: setting boundaries, internal conflict, hearing/listening
* Old Gate of Jerusalem - where the elders gathered to help solve problems
* tribe of Benjamin's banner features a wolf - the Native American proverb about 2 wolves fighting within (the winner is the one you feed)

Seidman uses the spelling re-member when noting the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy
• holy: blessed, consecrated (set apart for a specified purpose), blissful, right-minded
> joyous decisiveness; the word No
vigilance to protect what is precious

Gal Einai notes Spiritual Struggle and Spiritual Sustenance
• various sets of 7 things


~ the Phoenician Oracle - weapon
Struggle, constraint, endurance, illness
Associated Plant: mint - cleansing, hospitality
Associated Deity: Resheph, god of war, pestilence/fever, lightning
> guardian & gatekeeper of the Sun goddess Shapash
main cult city: Ebla

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the Faery Star

the Faerie Star


MorganaMagickSpell / Rowan Morgana

Parksville, Canada (etsy)



Note: there are various pictures showing different planets assigned to the top point (& changing around)



*a tarot spread delineation

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I woke to an insistent mental voice saying “3, line 5” that kept repeating until I got up and started grabbing all my books & decks related to I Ching and Human Design. Took pics of the Hexagram/Gate cards (& the two Trigrams that make it). Chose color card ‘bookmarks’ in shades used in each book’s cover to mark the place.



Difficulty in the Beginning
Birth Pangs

Gene Keys keynotes & Dream Arc totems:

Chaos - Innovation - Innocence
Adder - Coyote - Puffin

victim of chaotic mind
wound of Guilt

Interpreting: detaching from anticipated results when implementing a new order
• possibility of your intentions being misinterpreted






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Today starts my week with chet(h) ~ which has no English letter equivalent for its sound. However, two of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life start with the sound (although spelling transliterations vary: ch, h, etc). I intend to look at variations of the Etz Chaim and the letter placements on the paths between them.




Chochmah - Wisdom, insight

Chesed - Mercy, grace/lovingkindness


*Hierophant or Pope ~ does your/my/our response to this card bode well for whether the truest role has been expressed?


chupah (wedding canopy)


8 vertices of a cube







8 festivals on the Wheel of Year










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Some notes and links ...




chet(h) ~ the number 8
fence, wall, ladder; hedge, chamber
> no English equivalent, but two sephiroth begin with it
chochma - Wisdom; insight
chesed - Mercy; grace, lovingkindness
... Hierophant/Pope joins them
to separate, divide, half
• a single letter; Cancer/Tammuz
body part: right hand
Gift of sight, perception
... 17th day was the smashing of the golden calf (after Moses spent 40 days on Mt Sinai & received the 10 commandments) - note: it is currently Lent!
• component value is vau (6) + zayin (7) = 13
bridge/thin line connecting represents God joining/covering/hovering (chupah - wedding canopy) - doorway, but not the door itself

> vau on right is male; zayin on left is female

the Phoenician Oracle ~ “courtyard”
Security, peace, wealth, prosperity
Associated Plant: pomegranate
Associated Deity: Ba’alat Gebal (Lady)
> a two-feathered headdress
main cult city: Gebal, aka Byblos
> gifts of openness, exotic fashions & customs, discovering the many treasures of the world
cedars of Lebanon, Egyptian papyrus, gemstones, oils & wines

Chain of 4 worlds

the Ari Tree

the GRA tree

a Tree of Life


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Today I am going through my book references on numerology & numbers! There are so many ways to analyze & develop associations and correspondences for things. At the moment, I am focused on the strokes used & any angles formed by the physical writing/drawing of a letter or number.

• It takes 3 strokes to write the capital H. Which order do you make them?

• The number 8 can be written in a continuous line (infinity) or as two circles (above & below)

• Look at how a digital display forms the 8 [squared away, but with 7 components]


https://www.mrgori.com/images/Numbers font.jpg




H is the 8th letter of the English alphabet. If your first language is not English, look at your alphabet’s order. What is the 8th there?


Shirley Blackwell Lawrence has two books that reference tarot and the Hebrew letters/Tree of Life framework:

• Behind Numerology (1989) Newcastle Publishing Co

• Numerology and the English Cabalah (1993) Newcastle Publishing Co


The “eight” pips of the Minor Arcana are in Hod, Mercury.


Numbers in general (math)

• The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers, Revised Edition

by David Wells, 1997

• The Book of Numbers

by John H. Conway & Richard K. Guy, 1996 - Copernicus (imprint of Springer-Verlag)

• The Magic of Numbers

by Eric Temple Bell, Dover Publications edition 1991

~ this is a fascinating “history” of the people & views on what number(s) is/are

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hole ~ fall in, sucked through

• Pythagorean: 40 (4)

• Chaldean: 20 (2)


whole ~ all of it; I ate the whole thing! (swallowed)

• Pythagorean: 63 (9)

• Chaldean: 26 (8)


holistic ~ worldview, healing


• Pythagorean: 95 (5)

• Chaldean: 27 (9)

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Today is the Pisces Adiamond.gif in the 6spade10.gif year
Pure Spread: diagonal Mars link/energy > see upper cards (black & red)
Life Spread: rectangular Jupiter link/energy > see lower cards (gray)

Pisces is ruled by Neptune ~ 5diamond.gif
Wednesday is associated with Mercury ~ Qdiamond.gif

Sabian Symbol: Pisces 7 ~ A cross lying on rocks Conscience

Gene Keys Pulse entered the 1st line of Gate 37
Dream Arc Totems: jellyfish, dog, sparrow (3 levels in Spectrum of Consciousness)
Mineral Totem: chalcedony (specifically heliotrope, aka bloodstone)
* this is one of the assignments where each line/day gets a specified type from the broad mineral group


> possible Crosses of Planning, Bargains, Progressive Community (Migration)

-> an example of appropriate use of ‘conscience’ against a community-affecting stance

Wind over Fire (trigrams)

While looking up traditional I Ching hexagram descriptions, I found this site’s entry:


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Since this is my last day with chet(h), I am browsing deck pics to see The Chariot. It is interesting to see the canopy of stars represented; four animals pulling it on the Thoth - but there are very few that feature water in the imagery.



Edited to add: I pulled out my copy of Tarot Constellations by Mary K. Greer and looked at her correspondences table on pp. 206-207

Golden Dawn/Case/BOTA/Waite/Thoth assign it as Chariot

Levi/Papus/Wirth/Zain, etc assign it as Justice or Balance


Andy's Playing Cards - The Tarot and other Early Cards page III Trump Card Arrangements


*ordinal numbering, not number itself (as in numerology)?


I am also thinking about how astrology signs are not the physical/actual constellations (even 30 degrees each vs very different sizes) and fixed stars or asteroids in a chart.








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Oh, this is too great not to share!

I play DragonVale on my phone and the current event theme is Valentine's with Gardenia



I just received the Scarab dragon egg!

Cancer has been associated with a crab, turtle, and scarab beetle



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Before reading any of my source books, I was thinking about the simple keywords for tet - snake, coil, basket
• women weaving baskets
• potter’s wheel
• clay coil to shape a bowl








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tet(h) ~ the number 9
snake, basket, mud, staff; to twist, to surround, secret
• a single letter, Leo/Av
Hearing; Understanding
body part: left kidney
nine months of pregnancy
-> related to yesod Foundation ~ Truth
breastplate of the high priest (12 stones/tribes)
* Urim & Thummim - judge properly
“goodness” as defined by the Creator not man(kind)




T is the 20th letter in the English alphabet; opposite G (7th) on the wheel

Mary K. Greer’s table of correspondences lists the Hermit as well as Strength/Lust

Pennick mentions Aaron’s Rod & the brazen serpent (healing of those bitten)
direction: North
• universal flow of energy - serpent, dragon (Nwyvre & Orm)
www.thewhitegoddess.co.uk/the_goddess/arianrhod_-_goddess_of_the_silver_wheel.asp - consort
wintergrovecoven.tripod.com/deities.html - god of sky; astrology & astronomy

• Lesesne notes the keyword Discernment; story of the spies returning with a bad report of the conditions in the Promised Land
• Hungerford talks about weaving creating a vortex or spiral; musical note: D
• Schurbon notes the tribe of Judah, blue chalcedony; the Dung (or Potsherd) Gate - take out the trash!
various Biblical time periods: 20 years of waiting
~ all 3 mention the “Good Father” who comforts & protects
Psalm 23 items/imagery: rod, staff, cup

George Michael’s Father Figure
Chris Tomlin’s Good Good Father

Amy Grant’s Who To Listen To

Seidman mentions that before it was a symbol for evil, the serpent was the Divine Feminine; the mud (clay?) we are formed from & return to
- death (in German, tot/tod)
- shedding
• story of Zen Master Yun-Men saying “give me a word about after the fifteenth” [day]
15th day is the Full moon/enlightenment ~ Where do you go? What to do next?
Note: Full Moon in Virgo 2021 February 27 3:17 AM EST
• Shadow: toxic positivity; allowing darkness/evil to rise & grow because we wouldn’t listen/see/act

the Phoenician Oracle ~ “wheel”
Progress, movement, wholeness, development
Associated Plant: Olive (tree, fruit, oil)
no associated deity

Olive oil is used in cooking as well as the annointing of the sick or a king, prophet/priest
* today is Purim! ~ the story of Esther

Gematrinator has a cipher called English Sumerian where each letter value is a multiple of 6; the letter T is assigned 120 - trine (astrological aspect)


good = 3; 246 = 12, 1+2 = 3
g - 42
o - 90
o - 90
d - 24
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