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We have a Grand Earth Trine happening today! Third decans, water dwads




Tarot decan associations

Taurus; Saturn - Seven of Pentacles (May 11-20)
Virgo; Mercury - Ten of Pentacles (Sep 12-22)
Capricorn; Sun - Four of Pentacles (Jan 10-19)



For those who follow Sabian Symbols (or other degree symbol sets), try looking up the 27th degree. 😀


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I'm looking at various things related to 9.






nonagram ~ aka Star of Goliath



9 regular polyhedra: five Platonic solids (gamer’s dice!) and four Kepler-Poinsot stellated


David Wells notes that 9 is
• the 3rd square
• the 1st odd prime power
• the 4th lucky number

Conway & Guy call attention to words like
• nonagenarian (lived for 9 decades)
• enneagon (nine-sided figure)
• nones (prayers originally said at the 9th hour [3pm] but drifted to midday “noon”)
• novenna (devotional period of 9 days)


Also, these photos of book pages showed up when browsing on Pinterest. They are in Spanish. I wonder if anyone can identify the title or author ...




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This is the last single-digit number week, so I thought I’d gather resources about how numerology analyzes & uses multiple-digit numbers. Master Numbers (as in the repeated double-digit numbers) and whether they should be reduced is an interesting topic. I can’t remember where I read it, but a site mentioned that English did not have enough letters to reach 33+. GaneshaSpeaks website says


The numbers which are considered as master numbers in numerology are first and foremost master number 11 and master number 22. The others which are also considered in this category are 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99. All master numbers are further divided into two sub sects, as per the master number calculator, namely the ‘As Above’ group which encompasses 11, 33, 55, 77 and 99 and the ‘So Below’ which comprises 22, 44, 66 and 88.


Most of what comes up when searching for Angel Numbers are the repeated three-digit numbers. However, this site gives an example for any three-digit number:

Essence, Agency, Domain ~ three-digit numbers



Sometimes I like to use planetary or element assignments to the single digits to see what kind of energy/feel that might give.


Sherrill & Chu give a table of numerological symbolism of the Horary Branches associated with the Ho map (Chinese) on page 22 of An Anthology of I Ching

1, 6 water
5, 10 earth
3, 8 wood
2, 7 fire
4, 9 metal


0 Pluto; spirit
1 Sun; fire
2 Moon; water
3 Jupiter; air
4 Uranus (Sun); earth
5 Mercury; air
6 Venus; air
7 Neptune (Jupiter); water
8 Saturn; earth
9 Mars; fire (or all)

Richard Andrew King gives
Fire = 1,5
Water = 2,6
Air = 3, 7
Earth = 4,8
*All = 9

for d6 pips, Stephen Ball suggests
1 air
2 fire
3 water
4 earth
5 sun
6 moon






Joanne Walmsley




W. Wynn Westcott



Since the Marseille(s) and any playing card decks are featuring pip arrangements, I thought I’d drop this index link too:



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yod ~ the number 10
a consonantal vowel; palatal
• a single letter; Elul/Virgo
action, rectification
Body Part: left hand
hand, hand & arm outstretched
deed, work, to make (space), throw, worship

on the wheel, Y (25) is opposite to L (12)
> 25 is one-quarter of 100; 12 is the divisions of the zodiac circle
> Y is associated with the letters i and j; Sacks references Latin & German - Y form only in English after 1200 AD

English Sumerian cipher values
Y = 150 ~ aspect: inconjunct/quincunx
L = 72 (Names of God triplets)
I = 54 (Universal Spread in Cards system)
openlibrary.org/books/OL6621790M/The_mystic_test_book ~ read - page 66 of 348
J = 60 (sexagesimal; Babylonian & Chinese)


10 sefirot; minyan (prayers/songs)
> interesting to note the references to how Reformed Judaism is implementing changes to include women & possibly under-13 (children)
• full spelling: yud [point] - vav [line/spectrum] - dalet [surface/figure]



Mary K. Greer’s Table shows yod assigned to the Wheel of Fortune, the Hermit, and The Lovers
> all of these ‘make sense’ when piecing together bits from various places
• Sacks talks about the choice between vice & virtue
• Lesesne refers to Elul being an acronym for Song of Solomon 6:3 ~ I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.
• Schurbon mentions that the area of healing for Elul is rejection, isolation, spiritual vision
• Hungerford states that Elul is the twelfth month (last) where we should develop visions/hopes for the coming year

Seidman notes that yud means to thrust; a cosmic letter
> creates “The World to Come” ~ hei creates “This World”
movement & change; an exodus
Shadow: ungrounded; spacing out; excessive & frenetic motion

the Phoenician Oracle ~ “arm”
Action, initiative, enterprise, adventure
Associated Plant: Cedrus libani - cedars of Lebanon; used to build temples and ships
Associated deity: Melqart - god of rulership, seafaring, commerce
> Cippi of Melqart (two marble votive pillars) were a “Rosetta stone” featuring Greek & Phoenician inscriptions
main cult city: Tyre
> murex sea snail; legend that Melqart’s dog broke the shell & was stained purple ~ “Tyrian purple” dye


search for “yod/yud Judaica art”







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Today, I am looking at mandalas & Sacred Geometry symbols and how they might overlay.









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I found a site that shows various tarot cards & pics related to the Hebrew letters; also spells out the letter with other letters. Quite interesting to read through ...






Tetractys and Elements










An old "favorite" reference on various Elements sets











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Since I’m wandering through elemental info, I thought I would mention part of what I looked at during my week with aleph ~ the vowels as elements (not numerical values)


The Sacred Power in Your Name by Ted Andrews
• Using your name for personal empowerment and healing
The Wisdom of Sound and Number by Leeya Brooke Thompson
• Phonetic Chaldean numerology - reclaiming an ancient oracle
Mystical Numerology: The Creative Power of Sounds and Numbers by John B. Pehrson


Note: Pehrson associates consonants with the 20 Mayan day seal/signs & groups Y as a vowel.


AC 3: Cards & Letters - Trees & Tribes

by Iain McLaren-Owens [pdf]


I found a really cool art poster by Corona_Luci



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The Hidden Truth of Your Name

by The Nomenology Project (1999)

> analyzes first names using numerology, Hebrew letters and runes

https://www.randomhouse.com/rhpg/promos/hiddentruth/about.html *gives some of the author team's names



Acrophonology associates astrology signs & planets with the letters of the alphabet. As always, various authors tweak the correspondences.


Personal Power Is In Your Name

by Shirlee Kiley and Rochelle Gordon

pp. 42-44

> UK edition titled Your Name Is Your Destiny




Discover the Power of the Letters in your Name

by Laurie A. Baum

p. 60


example: p. 115

Y is the 25th letter


pyramid shape




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kaf ~ the number 20
palm, open hand, wing; to cover, allow; crown, kingdom
• a “double” letter; planet Jupiter, Sun/Leo
force, strength
• Life/Death, the left eye
> Eye of Horus (Moon-related)
~ Thoth restores but keeps 1/64 for himself - question: ‘start codon’ in DNA?
Healing: laying on of hands; Ki/Qi power (Pennick)
11th letter in both Hebrew & English
> opposite to X (24) on the wheel ...  meridians?

*also mentions ‘spoon’


Pennick mentions the crucifixion wounds in the palms are to destroy his ability to send the healing energy.


Gal Einai refers to the Modeh Ani prayer.
> also, clouds - potential



The earlier form greatly resembles a rotated variant of the astrological aspect symbols for the semi-sextile (30/330) & the quincunx/inconjunct (150/210)
> Iain McLaren-Owens’ Queen pattern in the playing cards! (along with the square aspect)



Seidman notes the final form is written by crossing below the line - brings back penmanship lessons where they group lowercase letters that have the drop
g j p q y
kavanah - strong & focused intention
tai chi, aikido
Shadow: corruption of power; will to do evil
tyranny, arrogance

the Phoenician Oracle ~ “hand/palm”
Nurturing, love, devotion, welcoming
Associated Plant: Commiphora myrrha - incense, baths, weddings, embalming
Associated deity: Yarikh (god of the Moon- crescent/sickle); nightly dew on the desert
> love for the goddess of trees/orchards Nikkal
Main cult city: Beth Yerah





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Today I am thinking of anything related to the Twenties numbers - since the Hebrew values jump by tens at this point.


20 itself is, of course, the d20 in gamer's dice; Dungeons & Dragons, etc. ~ icosahedron



20 Aztec/Maya day signs (solar seals)





21 {7 x 3} - legal age of adulthood
22 Major Arcana
24 hours per day
26 English letters

27 nakshatras (mansions of the moon) - 13 degrees 20 minutes each


28 {7 x 4} - lunar month/ 29 for cycle of phases






- perpetual 13 moon calendar used by Dreamspell/Law of Time






I like to set one up beginning on the December solstice; I assign the playing cards in a Descending order, similar to the way the Cardology/Magi Cards of Destiny system does. I'm toying with the idea of running an Ascending order version starting at the March equinox.

~ Marthy Jones' book It's in the Cards has a calendar table that appears to follow this idea/design. (use Amazon's Look Inside feature to see)



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Thoughts about the Mayan Tzolkin
13 tones (numbers) x 20 seals = 260 kin


www.mayanmajix.com/wp/a-primer-of-mayan-astrology/ (Kenneth Johnson)

I ran across a pic that showed the 26 English letters mapped (vertically) on the grid; it repeats 10 times.
The letters K E Y lined up horizontally 9 times.

There are 20 wavespells, also known as a trecena, of 13 days each.

This site calculates a given day under both count assignments: the Dreamspell & the actual Mayan

John B. Pehrson says K is number 8 ~ Leader love, power; faith, miracle - guide, defender
> his version of numerology has 22 distinct ‘base’ numbers that you do not reduce to a single digit; the vowels in a name have no numerical value in the calculation
• K’iche Mayan Tijax - knife (obsidian)
Etznab - mirror
• Aztec tecpatl - stone knife
> Day Calculator

Pehrson says X is number 19 ~ Guru augury, decree; creed, agenda; urge, voice
• K’iche Mayan Toj - offering/payment
Muluc - moon/water
• Aztec atl - water

There was a Kickstarter project for 5 decks of playing cards featuring 52 kin in each “castle” (by the people at Space Station Plaza) - I'm not sure if it ever made it past the Red Deck first set. It shouldn't be hard to mock up one's own set using fonts for the playing cards and the Maya symbols.



Maya Day Names font



Playing Cards font & I Ching font



~ books I have ~

• How to Practice Mayan Astrology - Bruce Scofield & Barry C. Orr

• Mayan Calendar Astrology - Kenneth Johnson

> also pp 389-391, 1998 Llewellyn’s Sun Sign Book

• The Book of Destiny - Carlos Barrios

• Mayan Calendar and Conversion Codex - MayanMajix; Ian Xel Lungold (foldout card)

• Mayan Astrology - Aluna Joy Yaxk’in (spiral-bound)


~ oracles in my collection ~
• The Mayan Oracle: Galactic Language of Light (Revised ed. orange cover)
• The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars (1st ed. blue cover) - Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner

• The Toltec Oracle - Victor Sanchez

• Aztec Circle of Destiny - Bruce Scofield

www.onereed.com/articles/calendar.html (correlation)

research.famsi.org/date_mayaLC.php (calculator)



Tzolkin & I Ching

Note: Iain McLaren-Owens says the playing cards can be mapped to the 64 hexagrams because the Court Cards are dual representing numbers (11,12,13) as well as the zodiac sign archetypes. 52 + 12 = 64

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Since the Hebrew alphabet has no equivalent to the English letter X, I will comment on it here. David Sacks begins his chapter on X with it being something unknown or forbidden; an indicator of ultimate restrictions in content ratings. When used as a beginning letter, it is usually pronounced with the sound of “z” - Xena {Warrior Princess}, xylophone, xanthine (yellow), the xiphoid process (anatomy).
• xanthene dyes are fluorescent - yellow to pink to bluish red
• sword-like; base of the sternum ~ “The cartilage becomes hard and bony anytime between an individual’s 15 and 29 years of age.

In the Middle Ages & even to the present day, a person who cannot read/write makes their X on a contract and witnesses sign it. He says the individual would kiss the mark; kissing the signet ring of the king or religious figure?
> this is where the association when signing off in a card or letter comes from
XOXOXO ~ kisses & hugs

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Last night I did my pre-study jaunt through image search





Ancient Greek Concordance - 12 Olympian gods
* for when that set of letters comes up




Hebrew letters on the Magen David


*Justice card - a US Games deck - dancing? lamed is the last letter in the Hebrew word for dance

> gregory ID'ed this as the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick by Lon Milo DuQuette!

* 36 righteous

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lamed ~ the number 30
goad, prod, staff, tongue
• a single letter; Tishrei/Libra
Lesesne talks about the civil New Year, Rosh Hashanah - eating apples dipped in honey
> 12th letter of the English alphabet; opposite Y (25) on the wheel
wisdom, purpose, teach, yoke, bind

> the only letter that rises/reaches above the line
lev ~ Hebrew word for heart

Pennick says the direction is SouthWest; the ability to work


Schurbon talks about the tribe of Levi; flag has bands of red, white & black (sardonyx)
- start of the school year; assessment of best place in company to use talents; promotion

Seidman recounts a story about the Seer of Lublin being asked THE universal way to serve God:
“Everyone should carefully observe what way their heart draws them to, and then choose this way with all their strength.”
> Rumi writing about spiritual window-shoppers
> Frederick Buechner: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
> machol - Hebrew word for dance
Shadow - workaholic, narrow bookishness, grandiosity


Mary K. Greer’s table lists the tarot cards
Hanged Man


Judith Anodea graphic from Wheels of Life has Libra & Taurus at the 4th chakra ~ Heart; pink & green
the Phoenician Oracle ~ "goad"
Guidance, lesson, improvement, correction
Associated Plant: white weeping broom
shade; fire/charcoal
> no associated deity
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David Sacks notes that L is a “liquid” consonant like R. He talks about how poets & writers comment on how beautiful & soothing the sounds are; phrases like ‘cellar door’ - ‘hill and dale’ - ‘tolls the knell’
lotus, lull, lullaby
* This makes me think of comic book character naming conventions for repeated sounds! Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Clark Kent

> lowercase l is the cause of most confusion when reading; is it a letter or number ~ serif fonts are best for clear differentiation
> the Latin libra was the weight of a pound; modern abbreviation lb
• 1280, England: pound weight of silver (240 silver pennies)
> new value using 100 copper pennies
* US debates & proposals for eliminating the penny because it costs more to produce than its monetary value

Libra: The Scales
length, latitude, longitude
i.pinimg.com/originals/f4/82/4b/f4824b6c84af7e60651ddf7f3615dacb.jpg Masonic medallion

~ the 30’s ~
30/31 - number of days in a calendar month
30 degrees per zodiac sign (x 12 = 360)
32 cards in a piquet deck (fortune-telling)
33, Master Number (some consider the final one for calculation); Masonic degree
36 decans/faces of astrology; cards in a Lenormand deck

Since L is the 12th letter, I looked at David Wells’ entry in The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers (Revised Edition):
• 12 is the first Abundant number (less than the sum of its factors, excluding itself)
• the duodecimal system allows thirds, quarters & sixths
• 12 inches in a foot
• 12 pence in 1 shilling (pre-1971 decimalization)
• the cube & the octahedron have 12 edges
* the dodecahedron has 12 faces, 20 vertices and 30 edges - its dual form is the icosahedron


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I was browsing the site of Eugene Vinitski and saw this


Hebrew alphabet with Tarot Attributions and Astrological Correspondences



*Passover 2021 (5781) begins at sundown on March 27 and ends Sunday evening, April 4.


• shows Mar 25 as starting ...


Year 5782 starts Sep 7, 2021 ... It is customary to designate the year by discarding the thousands ... (Gal Einai)

700 + 80 + 2

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mem ~ the number 40
a Mother letter; element of water
•13th letter, opposite to Z (26) on the wheel
primal/primordial water, chaos; womb, blood; mighty
body part: abdomen/stomach


Fountain of Wisdom
• open form - flowing stream
• closed form (sofit) - underground stream


gematria with sofit



Mary K. Greer’s table says
Hanged Man

English Sumerian cipher value: 78

Seidman notes that many languages begin their words for mother & sea/ocean with the M.
> 13 attributes of mercy
> 40 days (cycle) - waiting, cleansing/purification
Shadow: “evil waters” that are destructive; overwhelming passions or grief

the Phoenician Oracle ~ “water”
Reflection, self-awareness, intuition, retreat
Associated Plant: Nymphaea caerulea - blue lotus

Associated deity: Atargatis - fertility/prosperity & protection
> natural rhythms of life, sensuality
? water as a natural mirror

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Considering the Forties ... I found a math sites that gives a colorful graphic for each number you search!


the number 42 (!)



Since the main site page here is notifying us about World Tarot (& Towel) Day, I thought I’d link this article as well.



A great bow to Nisaba ...





* a personal remembrance



Many oracle decks have 44 or 45 cards included. It is interesting to look at the possible factors as a guide if you wanted to design your own deck someday.


4 x 11

2 x 22



5 x 9

3 x 15



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nun ~ the number 50
fish, gaffing hook; seed, life; to move, continue; kingdom, heir/son
> Cheshvan/Scorpio - 8th month
Sense/Talent: smell/sensitivity
Body Part: intestines
sofit form value: 700


Pennick associates nun with the SouthWest & says it is ‘reversibility’ - as salvation & evil (sea is hostile to human life)


> Lesesne notes that the month of Cheshvan is the only one with no holidays (feasts or fasts) - cleansing, revelation, root/inner healing work
> Schurbon talks about the down time being used to reflect & regroup; that the Messiah is supposed to rebuild his temple - constellations: Scorpio & Ophiuchus
> Hungerford uses the imagery of a dormant seed; the loss of leaves allowing the root system to grow - pull out the unhealthy

Mary K. Greer’s table says


Seidman recalls the Great Fish that swallows Jonah; the Jubilee year; Joshua (son of Nun) & the walls of Jericho; Martin Luther King Jr’s Free at last!
Shadow: cold, elusive; the Deep dark (unseen)

English Sumerian value: 84
> 14th letter; opposite to A (1) on the wheel
My personal experiment placed the letters A & N in the center

the Phoenician Oracle ~ “serpent”
Chaos, the unexpected, misfortune, setback
Associated Plant: coriander
Associated deity: Yamm, god of the Sea
> the forces of nature that require us to see what is truly within us


Added note: Pennick mentioned the rune nyd and this makes me think of the Voenix illustration naudhiz


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