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the Fifties

52 weeks

*one of the numbers in a Card of the Day formula

*playing card deck (w/ 2 jokers)

*a Master Number; also a number in a Card of the Day formula

*the number of cards in the Minor Arcana


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

55 - (2m + d)

You multiply the 1-12 of the month by 2. Next add to the day value 1-31. Then subtract from 55.

~ or ~

53 - (m + d)

Month values:

JAN 0, FEB 2, MAR 4, APR 6, MAY 8, JUN 10
JUL 12, AUG 14, SEP 16, OCT 18, NOV 20, DEC 22

**It is the Solar Values assigned to the cards that give you the Sun/Birth Card for that specific day.

Ahttp://www.tarotforum.net/images/smilies/suits/heart.gif = 1 ...................... Khttp://www.tarotforum.net/images/smilies/suits/heart.gif = 13
Ahttp://www.tarotforum.net/images/smilies/suits/club.gif = 14 ...................... Khttp://www.tarotforum.net/images/smilies/suits/club.gif = 26
Ahttp://www.tarotforum.net/images/smilies/suits/diamond.gif = 27 ...................... Khttp://www.tarotforum.net/images/smilies/suits/diamond.gif = 39
Ahttp://www.tarotforum.net/images/smilies/suits/spade.gif = 40 ....................... Khttp://www.tarotforum.net/images/smilies/suits/spade.gif = 52
*Joker = 53 or 0


Example: April 7


4 x 2 = 8; 8 + 7 = 15

55 - 15 = 40, the Ahttp://www.tarotforum.net/images/smilies/suits/spade.gif




6 + 7 = 13

53 - 13 = 40, the Ahttp://www.tarotforum.net/images/smilies/suits/spade.gif




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Posted (edited)

samekh ~ the number 60
prop, peg, trellis, vine, circle, spiral; support, protect, turn; memory
• month of Kislev/Sagittarius > 15th letter
Sense/Talent: sleep, dreaming
Body Part: lower stomach




In English, the letter S (19) is opposite to F (6) on the wheel.





Pennick speaks of interdependence between the support & what rests upon it.
Direction: West



Lesesne - shortest daylight hours
> hope; where do you have trouble ‘dreaming’ for the future?
Schurbon - East Gate (double doors) ~ double blessing
Hungerford - Chanukah miracle; oil in the menorah
> thorn or staff; grab or take hold
> ladder

Seidman writes about the 60 bodyguards of Solomon; sleeping protected
Shadow: blockage, shut down of energy flow; imbalance of support that keeps enclosed/secluded

the Phoenician Oracle ~ “pillar”
Support, reliability, stability, foundation
Associated Plant: acacia tree
> Ark of the Covenant, the tabernacle
Associated deity: Adad, god of rain/storms (brother of Yamm)

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image search


*there is a pink “nested” one that I can’t get a clean link for - artist shop: alephbet, on redbubble





Since this week's number invites me to look at numbers with 60s, I am back at the 64 Gene Keys & I Ching.



April 5 thru 10 was Gene Key 51 ~ Agitation, Initiative, Awakening * moldavite


April 11 - 15 is Gene Key 42 (skips Line 1) ~ Expectation, Detachment, Celebration * sodalite



*last night: Sun ~ 21 Aries 16' 28"

RASA correlation assigns

Level 1: hexagram 61, line 4

Level 2: hexagram 18, line 2





Sabian Symbol


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ayin ~ the number 70
eye, wellspring; to see, know, experience; to part
• a single letter; Capricorn/Tevet
Sense/Talent: anger, indignation
Body Part: liver
> mirth/humor ? ... how does this relate to the assignment of Devil or Tower
* Fulminated - exploded or condemned


O is the 15th letter in English; opposite to B (2) on the wheel

Gal Einai mentions that each eye has 5 Divine powers
• 3 levels of Providence = 3 stages of service
to will and to do ...


Pennick lists ayin in the West; constellation of Ophiucus & Scorpio

> Lesesne: authority, the crowning of Esther
break free from bondage; avoid pride & revenge
> Schurbon: healing of anger, victimization, judgment
• chrysoprase - joy, forgiveness, self-acceptance ~ “let your good eye see”
the Miphkad Gate - appointment, mandate
aka the Inspection Gate
> Hungerford: mercy; fasting to “sweeten” God’s anger
release words of life when evil is seen
• cleansing, purification
70 as walking the 10 levels per 7 emotional characteristics

The Neverending Story II where Bastian wishes her to have a heart

Seidman mentions the 70 elders who helped Moses hear/judge the people’s complaints as the model for the Sanhedrin
> close observation, reading, etc
Nazuna - the shepherd’s purse
• “Without a spirit of compassion, the Ayin of insight can turn into ayin hara, the Evil Eye.”
> examples of physical blindness: Tiresias (Greek drama), the Seer of Lublin
> the Third Eye of the Eastern view - where the tefillin is worn during morning prayers
> the divining rod (forked stick) used to find source of water
Shadow: unaware of our own darkness; abuses of power/sex by those in leadership; greed

the Phoenician Oracle ~ “eye”
Observation, discovery, curiosity, perception
Associated plant: mullein - used to make wicks; ward off spells

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