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2021 update,

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hi guys


I haven't done any tarot readings in months.. 

I was feeling the panendemic, i am sure other empaths, lightworkers felt it as well. 

but it was also my health. 

I was having a drink when i sang karoake every weekend on saturday, so over did it and stopped a month ago. 

last spring they saw an heart beating fast,, I rested during the ekg but they said it was an anomoly i must of moved and left it at that. 


i had a test at beginning of feb and my sugar was high (i am still 506 pounds, but wen down a bit from 525). 

my blood pressure was good, so as i was leaving, i said well guess my heart is good, so if i have a stroke they can't you didn't check it (used reverse psychology ). 

so they gave me a test.. i rested but i could feel my heart beating fast.. 

so they looked at my heart ekg, and gave me heart medicine. 


for years my heart was beating fast , but it was kind of pupzah by the people checking it.. my blood pressure was good 

it turns out my heart was beating at 127 rates.. 

after a week with heart medicine it was back down to the 82.

so i agreed also to take a once weekly needle for diabetes.  


emotionally we lost a lot of people last year on the reserve,, close to me, i can say none of them were covid releated but even without that, must of known at least 11 people who passed away last year. 


so i am updating to say i am still here to old atf friends and old tarot tea friends.  

i do look at the my tarot books , and tarot cards with sadness,, just don' have the energy to read currently and in the past year. 

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Hope you find a way to be healthy so that you aren't at risk with high blood pressure, diabetes or having a bad heart etc.


Have you considered what is out there that might work for you.


Other than that - at least you are looking at your tarot books even if not using the tarot cards. Maybe at some point this will change when you least expect it.


Would be good to see you being active on here again someday.





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thank you for the update Holmes, I think of you often, probably many of us do. You have been a special part of the forum. 


What you are doing re: tarot might be likened to refilling the well. I know I've certainly let some of my passions fall to the wayside this year, but renewed another old one as a way to stay awake and relevant during these strange times. 

I'm so sorry for the loss of your reservation family. I've lost 3 family members to covid. 

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Another update

I went to the doctor today as follow up, we did another ekg where the graph showed i had erractic heart beat and he explain the small valve that pumps to the rest of the heart is not regular. 

So he said it might cause a blood clot which cause a stroke. 

So he advised blood thinners. 

Interesting when i used to try psychic surgery before learning reiki, i always used blood thinners. 

Anyhow i am starting them on friday or sooner. 

My part of ontario is in lockdown currently.

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Not that type with the stomach , though i did read a book on it never tried it


The type i refer was etheric surgery, or astral surgery, kind of an early precursor to barbara ann brennen book hands of light, and my studies in pranic healing. The channeled healing type drained me til i got into reiki

Even reflexology drained my fellow reflexologists so can't do more then 3 a day, my mentor theorized at one point since we use the thumbs so much we stimulate our pituary gland and hypothmulus. 

Somethings just never worked. The art of spiritual healing by keith sherwood required a lot of breathing back then that i just couldnt get into empathic healing. 

I havent did a reflexology session since christmas.


Must of help eh, 

The medicine must be helping,( before i didnt take it long term ) now getting back into lenormand. 

Thanks for caring gregory


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On 3/6/2021 at 6:33 PM, HOLMES said:

so i am updating to say i am still here to old atf friends and old tarot tea friends.  

i do look at the my tarot books , and tarot cards with sadness,, just don' have the energy to read currently and in the past year. 

@HOLMES!!!  It is wonderful to see you again!!  I recently returned also so I guess this is still the meeting place to be for us 'old timers'!  Don't feel bad about not having the energy to read, that will come back to you as you get settled on  your meds.  I have been taking heart medicine and blood thinner for years now and am still kicking so just take your meds and you'll be fine!  I stopped reading cards for almost a year myself so I know it's not easy to get back in the habit but it IS like riding a bike--you never forget.  Please stop by when you can, it's really great to see you, friend. :bubble_blovekiss:

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Page of Ghosts

HOLMES, I remember you from the early days here on the forum, though I don't remember if we spoke much. I haven't been here regularly since late 2018 or early 2019 so it's nice to see a familiar name! Anyway, I can relate to not reaching for the cards for a long time. I've been lucky so far during the pandemic, with regards to not losing anyone I know from the illness and my country not doing too bad at managing the pandemic, but it still takes its toll with the restrictions, uncertainty and general uneasy atmosphere. It sounds like you have a lot to deal with, with all the loss of 2020 and your personal health struggles. Good luck with everything ❤️ I'm sure you eventually will feel replenished and energized to get back into reading cards again.

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I am trying page of ghosts, and saturn celesete, 

I made an lenormand offer

Got all my lenormand books and decks ready for study. 

I been treating tarot tea like my old days,hitting all activity with constant intervels. 


I dont know if these mats with ethetic surgery and pyshic healing are available as most of the books are put of print. 

I should google and see what is what on amazon. 

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We upped the dosage of ozempic from .25 to .5

The side effects are diahera and adbomible pain. 

So i watched justice league snyder cut, legacies as i suffered through it. 

Guess i needed the clearing 

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I am lucky and recieve the moderna vaccine yesterday

I slept 9 hours when i did sleep. 

My side effect was a shooting pain in the left temple 3 times over last night eve. 

I seem to be normal today with no side effects. 

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Met with family healthy family team on the reserve today. 

My sugur was 6.7, my blood pressure good. 

My heart still flapping.

My hands are going numb a lot.at night. 

I weigh 4.99 from 506. 

So overall improving , more energy to post and read with 

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