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Studying hand reflexology course


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I been ok for funding. 

We will do it by zoom, on 21, 24 25. 

With written exam i think in august? 


It will be easier to study as i can massage my own hand. My feet couldn't be easily reached. 


I got 2 weeks in advance to read the manual so here i go. 

Plus got a video demostration coming in the mail. 


The place where an earlier book said was spine , it is thymus  curious i say. 

So soon as i post this ,i go read a chapter!


More meridians based i like that !. I can learn 

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Well it starts via skype in one hour


Alas i only slept from 10 to 2 this morning,  so i am just going to strive to make it to end of day. 

The beauty is studying at home yay !.

Well best go shower.

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I have completed the hand course. 

I got 81 on the written 


There is still 50 cases to do. 

And a mini exam to correct anymistakes before the final. Got 8 months to do it.


It is bit more indepth due to 6 meridians on the hand. However they are not actively worked.you do a bit more forarm work. 


It is nice to know and gives more options.

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