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It's common for businesses to offer a 20% off sale, but I'm going to turn it upside down and offer a 20% sale that's different. Instead of saving 20%, you pay just 20% for a Sacred Seven relationship reading.  That means you get a Sacred Seven spread for $10 which is 80% off my regular price of $50 per reading.  This won't be a stripped down reading.  You'll get the full magilla that any Sacred Seven would entail. 


My Sacred Seven spread is one that I made for myself over the years and it's extremely comprehensive.  It can involve a good many more cards than seven, so don't let the title fool you.


You may be asking "what does Griz mean by a relationship reading?" so I'll explain.  We have relationships with many people in our lives, not just romantic relationships. Any interpersonal dealings we have are relationships.  Bosses, employees, spouses, children, friends, teachers, students---anyone we deal with more than once constitutes some sort of relationship and that's what I'm referring to.  Whatever relationship you're enquiring about will be read upon. I'll keep the readings strictly private, not posted openly.  They're all confidential.  I'll carry on conversations in the sign-up thread, but the contents and topics of readings will remain private.


I took about a year away from doing readings and then I got covid . There were a couple of deaths in my close circle of family and extended family but now I've gotten back to myself.  Even better, hopefully.  I'm anxious to get going on readings again.  The death of my sister at Easter really threw me into a spin for a few months but I'm back on my feet from that now, too.  Her passing affected me very deeply I was especially not able to do readings for awhile.


Send me a private message with your question and some background info and when I've finished your reading, I'll send you the payment information as to how to pay at the end of your reading.  🙂


Incidentally, there's a real-time chat feature on my website so I can do your reading in real time by appointment if you'd like that.  Just let me know so I can know when to meet you there.  I'm on the upper west coast of the US but I'm a night owl. I stay up till about 3am my time most nights, which may help me to accommodate those in other time zones.  At any rate, I can always stay up if need be as well, if that meets your schedule better.

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