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Liminal/New Liminal Tarot - Sun


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19 – Sun


Two children, dressed in bear and fox costumes, enjoy a sunny day playing in a garden.


Having spent a mind-bending evening with the Moon, the Fool wakes to find himself in a garden. As he enjoys the warmth of the Sun, he considers the question, “What makes a life well-lived?” He reflects on what he has learned and experienced – the power of the mind and emotions, the importance of relationships, the natural laws of change and impermanence, and the need for balance and moderation in all things. He realizes his intentions are as important as his actions, and that he doesn’t have to believe everything he thinks. In this moment of clarity, he hears the laughter of children playing. He suddenly knows he is no longer the naive Fool, but a Wise Child. He’s gained a deeper understanding of life and how to effectively navigate it, yet he hasn’t lost his trust or sense of wonder along the way. He laughs out loud, feeling confident, energetic, and full of joy.


“The suffering and happiness each of us experiences is a reflection of the distortion or clarity with which we view ourselves and the world. “ —Dalai Lama

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