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2 Numerologies?


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I'm not sure where to ask this but I ran across this website and if you scroll to the right on the colorful charts it says Numerology and Count of each major arcana for RWS and another chart for Thoth and others.




Can anyone please explain their numerology and count? I thought numerology was literally the number on the card and when I've searched each cards numerology it comes up as the number on the card. So I don't understand this websites Numerology and Count.


Thank you very much,

Tarot Learner Lonely

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Hi @Lonely I've moved this post from the technical support section to Tarot Talk & Technique where this discussion has a better home 😀


I use numerology for my tarot readings but not this method. This seems to explain their method.....




For the Majors I just use their number, eg Magician is 1! I can't quite work out their system, it seems more complicated than the numbers on the cards 😀 These are Qabalistic numberological references.

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The Numerology is just giving the alternate numbers for each card. Number 1, the Magician, is 10 and 19, so...
1 + 0 = 1

1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1.

And so forth. I'm not sure what they do with that, it's probably explained on the site someplace.

The Counting Values seem a little convoluted, and, well, more trouble than they're worth. I've used counting but never with separate values for each card that have to be memorized. Maybe someone who is heavily into GD style reading would benefit from them. Me, no.

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@DanielJUK @katrinka thank you both! I just wanted to make sure my using the numbers on the card themselves was the common practice and that their way wasn't over just my head alone lol it seemed a little too crazy to me so I'm happy you guys thought it was as well since you guys know loads more than me! Thank you gurus!

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With numerology there are different methods and adding up the cards also has different methods. You might see someone doing it totally differently to you sometimes 😀 you have to work out the best method for you and stick to it! Try out the different ways of doing things for sure but you have to find your own way ultimately :thumbsup:

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